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Fun Monday #45

This week Kaytabug has gotten all Christmassy and wants to see our favourite Christmas ornament. I never cut and paste the instructions, but I think it can be any kind of ornament, not just one for a tree, I could be mistaken but eh, so what.

It was very difficult to choose my favourite ornament because I’ve got two (seriously, I’ve only got two ornaments up here, all the rest are on the Coast). In the end I couldn’t decide between them so I’m showing both of them. We got these ling before we got Belle…


Now, you know me, one photo is never enough, so here’s what you can do if you decide not to take a slice off the earth’s lungs…


The one on the left was in Oz and is a Norfolk Pine, the one on the
right was in the US and is some sort of Conifer, in either case you get
the smell of a real tree and several years use before they get too
big. The Conifer looks a little undressed because we left all the ornaments in Oz.

And finally, some Christmas candles, and this plastic thing that you stick on your fridge (I love this guy!)…


Well that’s it for me, I hope you have Fun Monday.