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Fun Monday #45

This week Kaytabug has gotten all Christmassy and wants to see our favourite Christmas ornament. I never cut and paste the instructions, but I think it can be any kind of ornament, not just one for a tree, I could be mistaken but eh, so what.

It was very difficult to choose my favourite ornament because I’ve got two (seriously, I’ve only got two ornaments up here, all the rest are on the Coast). In the end I couldn’t decide between them so I’m showing both of them. We got these ling before we got Belle…


Now, you know me, one photo is never enough, so here’s what you can do if you decide not to take a slice off the earth’s lungs…


The one on the left was in Oz and is a Norfolk Pine, the one on the
right was in the US and is some sort of Conifer, in either case you get
the smell of a real tree and several years use before they get too
big. The Conifer looks a little undressed because we left all the ornaments in Oz.

And finally, some Christmas candles, and this plastic thing that you stick on your fridge (I love this guy!)…


Well that’s it for me, I hope you have Fun Monday.


50 Responses

  1. i’m sorry, i LOVE those dog ornaments. i love them. you can just pack them in the crate with belle.

    ok, that joke is getting old. but they are really adorable. and it’s rather endearing that a 50-something grumpy hermit would have something that cute hanging in his grumpy bachelor house.

  2. those are a.dor.a.ble.


    you’re not getting all mushy on us, are you?

  3. Awww, your two ornaments are so cute. It’s nice to see the softer side of WT:).

    I was considering getting a Christmas tree in a pot, but somehow, after years (in the Middle East) with fake trees – I feel like my kids missed out on a traditional tree they could stick their heads under to watch the lights twinkle whilst taking in the lovely fragrance. Just a couple more years and then I’ll probably get sick of the needles everywhere…and opt for a conifer in a bucket.

  4. Those are great trees. My MIL is not very traditional in the Christmas tree arena. She always had this Charlie Brown looking tree in some huge basket and it was never decorated. Now she makes these gorgeous grapevine trees that she wraps around tomato cone thingies. I’m getting one this year and I can’t wait. Pictures forthcoming.

  5. Awww, the puppies are almost as cute as your real dogs.

  6. Oh no, the word verification is back.

  7. Lovely cute ornaments

  8. ps what did you do with the norfolk island pine when it got too big for the house? ours is 14 years old and has about two more years before it hits the ceiling.

    it’s so big it has a name. (Ted.)

  9. Awwwwwww!!!

  10. Lovely post. Really.

  11. The ornaments are adorable!! Very cute…

  12. I love your first 2 ornaments!! So cute!
    Are those cat toys hanging from the tree on the left? There is a lot of them on that tree and they are gold/red/green. Inquiring minds want to know.
    If you had only posted one photo on Fun Monday I would have felt cheated! Glad you showed us more!

  13. No Barbie ornaments?!

  14. Love the ornaments – seriously cute!

    I used to buy potted Christmas trees and in the grand tradition of me killing absolutely everything (except weirdly enough my ficus and my moneytree), committed herbicide on most of ’em. Except the first one. Passed it on to my sister and her husband who have a yard. They planted it and we called it Desmond. Alas, Desmond went to the big forest in the sky after a few years and now I decorate the ficus instead.

  15. Thanks!
    I liked seeing all of that!

  16. Do you put goodies in the stockings?

  17. Robin – Yes, we normally do, but just stocking stuffers.

  18. Love the puppy stockings, we have some of those as well. I especially like your trees though. I would never chop down a real tree. We once decorated a house plant as we did not have a fake tree that year.

  19. Too cute. I wonder what the dogs think of the stockings.

  20. thought of you yesterday when I saw little stuffed “sleeping puppies” in a little bed that you can buy to decorate your house. They looked so real.

    We bought a teeny tree and will plant it after the holidays (when the ground warms)

  21. The trees and the earth thank you!! 🙂

  22. Those are some cute little ornament guys.

    My great grandmother used to always have little trees like that. She’d have one for several years, and then give it to one of her grandkids for their yard. You made me think of her. I miss her a lot, even though she’s been gone now for almost fourteen years.

  23. Your ornaments are cute! Your pets are getting spoiled for Christmas yes? No real tree for us anymore, them make me sneeze. We had to buy the fake variety, but I think it look real, and no need to water.

  24. I like the tree on the left ! It is quite interesting to see how people all over the world do their Christmas decoration !

  25. When my girls were very young we tried small trees a couple of times but I could never get them live afterwards so gave up.
    Both the trees are pretty but maybe the one on the left is my fave as it reminds me of ours.
    Those two stocking toys are cuties!

  26. Ah, they’re lovely!! They look just like Belle and Buddy.

    Trivia’s down … came for my fix and couldn’t get it. Pththththth …

    Have you ever read any Deric Longden? “The cat who came in from the cold” / “I’m a stranger here myself” ?
    I think you may be a hybrid cross between Longden and Bill Bryson.

  27. Yep, the pups in the socks are cute!!

  28. More puppies…how cute.

  29. Aw, as so many have said (and because I’m too lazy to come up with something better) how nice to see the softer side of WT, (without the nudity, of course).

    I like your living trees. Here, the trees get recycled by the city into mulch when they plant new trees. It’s almost as good.

  30. Oh my gosh….the ornaments are cute and squishy!

    I don’t think you own them. You must be lying.

  31. Very adorable ornaments! And love the trees. I used to do my Norfolk pine up like that . . .I also have a Benjamin Fig that’s fun to dress up.
    And yes my bloggie is a little girlie:)

  32. Those are great! 🙂

  33. The doggies are sweet!!!!

  34. The doggies are so sweet!

  35. Now you need to find a Belle ornament! Too cute.

    You know – we go and chop down a lung every year – just because the Christmas tree farms are everywhere around here. the tree farms replant what we’ve taken AND – we are supporting a local small family business. So – I don’t see any harm in it. We’ve thought about doing a live tree, but then we’d have too many trees in our yard. (we always compost that dead tree anyway.)

    So, I guess what I’m saying is – I don’t feel bad about chopping a live tree down to decorate my home.

  36. I’d kill a potted tree…seriously, it’s a talent. So we have a fake, it’s really hard to kill those things!

    Of course you couldn’t choose between your two ornies, you wouldn’t want one to feel left out…

  37. Love Love Love those doggie or-ma-nents. And what’s this: posting more than you’re supposed to. Lady K explicitly (sp?) said in her instructions, “NOT THE WHOLE TREE.” So, now you join the Swampy Ranks of not following the rules. How does it feel to be in the same class as I?

  38. Very sweet, I love that you have more than one tree, that is a great idea!

  39. You’re making it difficult to live with the guilt of cutting down a tree. . .perhaps we will do the pot plant idea in the future. Tried one before and it died a horrible, horrible death (I ‘ll bet it wished I had just chopped it down). Love the doggie-ments.

  40. The dogs are very cute. And I like the idea of trees in pots, though I would probably kill them.

  41. I chuckled at your comment about taking a slice off the earths lungs! My tree is artificial so I guess that would qualify as not effecting the earths lungs.

    I love the dogs.

  42. serious cute overload, there! ((sits down, fans self))

    I’m up for a new Christmas tree this year: Friday I’ll be headed out early to buy one at Half Moon Bay Nursery, and I know exactly where I’ll plant it after the season.

  43. Thanks for explaining what typepad is doing with wv. Love all the pics you showed today. Especially the pup stockings. So cute. And it’s nice to see someone else still puts out candles. I love the lighting and scent from a nice candle.

  44. I like the dog ornaments. We have a bunch of cat ornaments on our tree, but no dogs. Of course we have no live dogs either.

  45. I like the doggy stockings. Shoulda known you’d have something like that. That Santa somehow looks like a biker with a Santa hat to me. Which is cool, because most bikers I’ve met are very nice people and some even do the Toys for Tots Toy Run on their big bad motorcycles. It’s kinda funny seeing those guys ride around with giant teddy bears strapped to their bikes.

  46. Those pups are the cutest!! ANd I love the candles. I have all of my Christmas candles out too.

  47. Wow. Only two ornaments? That’s crazy, but I do love the doggies in their stockings. Your mini trees are darling. Did you plant them when they got so big?

  48. AWWWWW! The puppies in the stockings are ADORABLE!

    I never “take a slice of the earth’s lungs.” (ROFL – that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Do come up with this stuff all by yourself?) Anyway, not only is our tree artificial – it comes with the lights already on! I’m lazy.

  49. Susan, yes as far as I know that was a Willowtree original.

  50. hanging my kids on the tree may be against the law in many states….but since we live in California, a very liberal state, I am sure it is OK….just don’t tell anyone, kay??

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