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A Belle Update

I promised earlier that I would give you a quick Belle update, so in the manner of a business document… 

Overview. Bell is on the mend. She is walking pretty much normally and, after spending several hundred dollars and many hours driving back and forth to the Veterinary Clinic (see picture below), the risk of necrosis is now negligible.


Background: Several weeks ago Bell escaped with Bentley and was caught in a severe
thunderstorm. While Bentley made it back, Belle didn’t. She had somehow
managed to get tangled up in some wire and it was almost four days
before she was discovered under a neighbouring farmhouse. One of her
rear paws, while not looking too bad, had been severely
injured by the wire.



Initially the paw didn’t appear too bad, and pressure could be applied to it without her reacting at all. However there was significant swelling (Fig A). After waiting several days for the swelling to go down, I began to be concerned that there seemed to be no improvement, so I took her to the vet where she was given a general aesthetic to allow the wound to be cleaned and the damaged tissue to be cut away. The paw was bandaged and she came home that night (Fig B).

5          4

For the next two weeks I’ve had to make the 35 mile round trip every other day to hold her down while Vet cuts off the old bandage and inspects the paw, cleaning it when necessary (Fig C), if you look closely you can see the damage caused by the wire as well as where some of the skin was cut away by the Vet. There is additional damage between the toes and on the pads. Once the wounds have been cleaned a new bandage is applied (Fig D).

Present Position: She is walking and running pretty much normally, ironically as I write this, she has escaped once again with Bentley and has been off in search of wabbits for the past two hours. Oh wait, someone is scratching on the door… I’m back..grrrr, she has been swimming and the new $25 bandage that has to stay on until Friday is not only saturated but is caked with mud as well!

I had another picture planned for here, but I might as well use one I just took. In what can only be described as the ultimate irony, after spending the last three years in total drought, we’ve had torrential rain on and off for the past two weeks, meaning it has been virtually impossible to keep the damn bandage dry!


In case you’re wondering what that thing on her foot is, it’s a sunglasses’ case and it works well for keeping the moisture out when she runs around on the grass, but it does bugger all when she plays in the creek!

Conclusion: Belle is a fuckwit! (I’m not even going to proofread this, I’ve had enough of that stupid dog).


44 Responses

  1. Poor Belle! She looks sorry, she really does.

  2. Belle is sorry. She promises to only escape every other day from now on. I can tell, my dog has the same look when she comes in from an exciting escape escapade.

  3. I don’t give a rat’s arse how Belle feels, she’s not the one who has to listen to the Vet carry on about me letting her get the bandage wet.

  4. Glad she’s on the mend … I like your glasses’ case waterproof boot, it’s very smart. Your number plate really does say it all!

  5. Sorry, Willowtree, your hissy fit has me giggling (and Belle shivering and lookin’ all “I’m sorry, I’m really, REALLY sorry!” is just stinkin’ precious).

  6. Robin – She’s not shivering, she’s quaking in fear (seriously) because I hit the roof and yelled at her when I saw the state of her bandage, the one that just cost me another $25 thirty minutes before she escaped. Now I have to either try to get it dry, or pay another $25 to get a fresh one put on, but that means another 30 mile round trip and I don’t feel like doing that again today.

  7. 24 karat parasite, she is
    You may have to tie me kangaroo down, mate.

  8. I don’t know what everyone is going on about that she looks sorry. HA!! She doesn’t look sorry at all!! She’s smiling for chrissakes!! That looks says it all…”Daaaadddy….dontcha love me? of course ya do!! ya gonna let me out, right???” Sorry she ain’t!! but she is awfully cute!!

  9. Kids! Geesh! Totally sounds like something that would happen around here.

    Looks like she’s in the corner for time out.

    At least she IS ABLE to run around and get muddy–that’s better than the alternative, right?

    Just duct tape a sock and a rubber around it.

  10. Poor Belle.

    Did you ever hear about our dog Freebea who got hit by a car? – Her front legs were bandaged up and when the snows came we had to put plastic wraps around them. Then, she’d hobble all the way across the yard, do her business, and then stand there and cry until one of us (MOM) would go out and bring her back in. She was part lab – so no easy thing to carry her back.

  11. AAhhh…Bless her Little Heart (that is what I say whenever someone is annoying me!!) She does look pretty pitiful in the last photo!! I feel your pain also. One of our cats has an abcess on his tail…came home from the vet with a $250 bill and cat with a shaved tail and a drain in the abcess…he pulled the drain out tonight….Bless His Little Heart!

  12. Poor Belle…she looks like a sweetheart…a very WET one though. Brilliant to think of using a sunglass case! Hope she is on the mend real soon and you both are pain free. Love your license plate!

  13. Poor little thing but I sympathise about the vet bill (remember my tortoise bill!) That last picture reminds me of a dog (called Breezy for some reason that escapes me!) we had when I was a child. He used to escape and got knocked over buy a car. He survived but had to have part of one leg amputated and my mother used to sew him a little leather boot, which he frequently wore out.

  14. It would help if I could spell ‘by’!!

  15. I know that look all too well. She’s not sorry at all. She’s totally smug. Maybe a little sheepish, but she had a realllllllllly good time and thinks it was soooooo worth it – she’s totally putting up with the telling off.

    I feel for ya WT. l-ing-mao, but I do feel for ya.

  16. You’re a good person to take care of her so well. Treat yourself to a doggie snack!

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, come on. Belle is so worth every ounce of effort you’ve put into her recovery! You ol’ nasty man you. She’s adorable. And costly too. rofl. Love the idea of the sunglass case. Clever. Torrential rains now huh? Just when you WANT dry weather for her foot…cast, here come the rains. Go figure.

    Anyway, Willowtree, I’m here to update you on my ‘cock sock’. Take a look now if you find time.

    Click here and scroll down I even had to mention your name I so enjoyed your previous comment. :o)

    Take care and hug that precious dog of yours. And Bentley too!!!!

  18. Aw, you’re a good doggy daddy. (Ew! Did I just say that?) Can’t you do the bandages yourself though? It seems it would be cheaper and less time consuming without that 35 mile drive.

  19. Laughing with you, not at you! All of us dog owners (and who the hell decided we own them?) are with you in spirit, if not in monetary outlay. Want me to start a “Fuckwit Fund”?

  20. well, i don’t think she looks remorseful at all. i think she looks thoughtful, as though she’s planning her next excursion.

    how long til no bandage? maybe you could just keep her away from the creek for a few weeks? don’t let her run free?

    the sunglass case was an excellent idea.

  21. You’ll laugh at this. Someday. I promise.

    p.s. so glad she’s well enough to get in trouble.

  22. Wow! I feel for you. I do so much of my own vet tech work. Belle is a cutie though… and you know you love her!

  23. Poor Belle. I hope she sticks close to home for your sanity.

  24. Poor little baby! She looks so sad.

  25. Sweet dog – and four days is a long time to be tangled up all alone! I am glad she has someone willing to drive her back and forth for all those vet visits. Sweet dog, sweet owner. 🙂

  26. Hey, Willowtree, did you notice Laurie didn’t tell you to box her up and send her over today?

  27. aw but you have to forgive her when she is just so cute. The sunglasses case is inspired!

  28. She is very cute!
    (I had Marley-like from the book Marley and me? I feel your pain.)

  29. Stop complaining old man, or one of us will fly over and take her.

  30. She’s worth it!

  31. I hope your little friend has a full recovery.

  32. ach. not easy. but – how can you stay angry at that pretty face? Any chance of keeping her tied for a few days? I’m sure it won’t make her happy, but it might be good for her health and your wallet…

    good on you for doing such a good job of taking care of her!

  33. Oh you poor thing . . .!

    The glasses case is a great idea, though keeping her in might be the trick for a couple of days?

    I had a similar situation with my lab who ended up cutting the pads of both her front paws and had to have them bandaged daily – it does add up $$$ so I went out and bought the supplies myself and played vet to her. It was a pain but saved me $. We used plastic grocery sacks and doubled them up, taped them on and cut off the excess to keep the water out. What a pain!
    At least you have your girl save and sound, though!

  34. Wait. You have pink walls? You have pink walls?

    Now this is a side to you I would never have imagined.

  35. Exhibit B reminded me of RePete’s hot pink cast this past summer. Poor babies.

    And that sunglass case is almost as funny those “lampshade” contraptions. haha

  36. Glad she is on the mend. What trouble these lovebugs can cause! Love the sunglasses case bandage protector!!

  37. kaycie: it’s a given.

  38. First thing? That license plate is too funny.

    Secondly, Belle looks pretty sad in that last picture. Maybe you could take her for a nice long car ride or something to cheer her up…hee!

  39. You are SO not a Dog Whisperer.

    But the sunglasses case is brilliant! Much better than my mother’s tactic of duct tape wrapped around a maxi-pad (the OLD kind).

  40. I’m so fixated on the pink wall, the pink wall, the pink wall…
    Belle looks like she’s sincerely sorry.
    Glad she is better and she’s lucky to have a caring, compassionate owner…now stop yelling at her. How would you like to walk around with trash bags on your feet?

  41. Dammit, Belle! Stop making your daddy’s life difficult!

    Ain’t that just like them, though? All of our efforts so quickly wasted. That sunglass case is a great idea- reminds me of the kid I used to babysit: when she broke her arm, her mom would tie a plastic shopping bag around it whenever the rest of the kids wanted to go swimming.

  42. Thank God for suckers….er….I mean concerned pet owners such as yourselves who keep the veterinary business profitable for my husband and his cronies!!
    Seriously, I am glad you found her and I am glad her foot is on the mend. Love the sunglasses case; thought it was a pair of Crocs at first. Hmmm, crocs for dogs, now there’s a thought!

  43. I didn’t read all the comments, but you are cracking me up!! Or Belle is I guess. My BFF is from Wales and she uses the term Fuckwit as well so I’m sitting her giggling at the sunglass case and then you called her that I just lost it. Coworkers are pretty sure I’m completely daft now.

  44. Glad to see Belle is getting better. If you didn’t love her you wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble….you big softy!! 🙂

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