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Read the instructions!

Arrggghhh!!! I just spent an hour coming up with my cinquains for Pensieve’s Poetic Licence, trouble is, it doesn’t start until next Monday! Talk about cornfusing. Well screw it! I don’t spend more than an hour on any post so I’m just going to =have a quick squizz at the interwebs and see if I can find something funny.

Ok, how about these….

There’s a lot more of these if you have the time.

And finally, this is funny but may be offensive to some (NSFW)…


25 Responses

  1. What was the “underlying medical condition” you spoke of in my comments? Just curious because I don’t want to end up paralyzed!

  2. Hiya,
    Thanks for feed-back 🙂
    I will be back after Lucia to check out Your videos.

  3. OMG. I think I died laughing.

  4. Yeah, yeah…I’m workin’ on it…

    But, hey, those videos are hilarious (at the beginning of the second one I laughed out loud), so I’m happy to have given you reason to post ’em.

  5. Those were funny. My favorite was ‘miners and hoes’.

  6. They were great I’m sure I would give equally stunning answers under pressure!
    BTW I referred lots of people to your Dr Laura letter post and someone sent me a youtube clip of the West Wing doing the same thing – it’s great.

  7. Funny stuff. Bengay LOL

  8. Gee, Danny doesn’t like me to put BenGay on his weiner either. So strange. There was another one that really made me laugh, but I can’t remember after that last video. I had to wait forever for Na to go out to feed the horses because I knew if it was a Bob and Tom thing, she probably shouldn’t see it. We try to listen to them in the car sometimes, but their radio show is usually a little much for her. That video is a masterpiece, though. Very funny *and* a valuable public service announcement. I think I’d better show it to Danny now before Na gets back.

  9. And the hubby concurs. Very funny stuff. He says he hears the song on the radio quite a bit, but the visual really added something.

  10. I LOVE when you take the lazy way out! These are hysterical! I’m gonna go masticate now but thanks….

  11. Just what I needed in the morning…yeck.

    Though the game show clips were funny – wonder if that cross-dressing man is still married to that woman?

  12. Oh, god those were funny. I suppose I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at the last one, but oh well. And at the risk of another lecture on looking things up myself, what is NSFW?

    I’m having computer issues. Be nice to me.

  13. I’d leave a funny comment, but I’m too busy laughing so hard I’m crying.

  14. I can’t believe you’re taking the easy way out of poetry writing. Shocking.

  15. The easy way out surely not!
    These are hilarious. I nearly split my….sides laughing!!

  16. rotten correspodent, Invite your boss over to have a look at that last video and you’ll find out what NSFW means quickly, without having to look it up.

  17. Hilarious….I can’t stop laughing…especially at the dinosaur one…can’t believe she spelled it!! The camel toe one…hmph…kind of reminded me of my high school days!!

  18. Thanks for making my day here in cold and snowy North Dakota!!

  19. Seven! We need to get that guy to play the Trivia Challenge.

  20. I’m guessing that these shouldn’t be played with kids around, so I’ll just assume they are funny, and start laughing accordingly.

    Then they’ll ask “What’s so funny?” and I’ll have to make something up. You’re making me lie to my kids; what a bad influence you are! 😉

    P.S. I’m glad you were awake in time to answer my email. After I sent it, I thought, darn, it’s early morning there, he’s probably sleeping!

  21. Love those game shows…and some of the funny answers. Like Hollywood Squares 🙂

    And there is nothing wrong with a good camel toe to get you through the day….and night 🙂

  22. You’ve been tagged!!

  23. You’ve been tagged!!

  24. You’ve been tagged!!!!

  25. Alison – It doesn’t matter how many times you tag me, I don’t do memes (or at least I rarely do them). But I don’t hate you either.

    My reasons for not doing memes are well known, though obviously not to everyone 😉

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