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They’re just misunderstood.

The other day I was reading an article about Donald ‘Roadkill Rug’ Trump and his efforts to inflict himself on the unsuspecting rural folk of Scotland by building what, in his own humble words, would have been "the world’s greatest golf course".

It seems that the good folk of Aberdeen, for some unfathomable reason, didn’t see the benefit of nearly 1000 holiday homes and 500 private houses being built on their rare and vulnerable stretch of sand dunes. Initially the planning development was approved (pause here for snickering at the thought of local government corruption). On hearing of the approval, Trump’s personal arse licker (that’s arse kicker to everyone else) hailed the decision as vindication of the
care and thought the Trump Organisation had given to the planning

However that didn’t last long. The application then had to be approved by those who mattered, and here’s where the wheels fell off. The following is directly from the Sydney Morning Herald article, and I think it’s a pretty good explanation of why most sane folk think Trump and his sycophants are a bunch of cocksuckers.

On Thursday night, a bitterly disappointed Mr Sorial said Mr
Trump was "very shocked" by the decision. "It’s not just a loss for
us but for the people of Aberdeen and the shire. The members of the
council’s infrastructure committee have chosen to protect a pile of

Mr Sorial rejected accusations the Trump team had been "arrogant
and patronising" in its approach. "There’s a view we are arrogant.
We are not arrogant. We set certain standards. It may be
incomprehensible to smaller minds, but we have always set high
standards. We presented them with a plan and hoped they could open
their minds, but it was too much for them."

Get fucked you morons!

Apropos the article, here’s an interesting segue, I have no idea what the hell this thing is all about.  However, it’s obviously been done by a bunch of puerile, bloody minded knuckleheads with too much time on their hands (ah, that’s why you included it in a post about the Trump gang, now I get it!). It is interesting though.


26 Responses

  1. Hey Willowtree. Have you ever considered yoga? tee hee

  2. Well I can see the point of the Aberdenee’s they spent all that time down sizing. Sending folks down here etc. And now we are trying to send them back? I feel their pain. My Nan was born and bred in Aberdeen. My opinion? Up yours Mr Trump! Triumphant you shall not be!

  3. No-one with hair like that will ever rule the world, or even just Aberdeen.
    Mr Trump? You’re FIRED!

  4. Okay, WT, here’s a whinge … this Australian blog is operating on American time! Now, I know that 98.1243546% of your blog buddies are American, but this New Zealander down at the bottom of the world is BUGGERED by the time you put your post up, so she has to read it 60 times before anything sinks in, especially if it’s a non-Barbie, thinking post; PLUS the new trivia game to which I am now addicted starts after my brain has wound down for the night so it takes me 200 seconds and I get 3/10!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I feel better now. As you were. Resume life as normal.

    I’m off to bed. Yawn.

  5. Amanda – Why? Will that help get rid of those fuckwits?

    Karisma – I know they came here, and they all live about 25 miles from me at Aberdeen (where every year there is a gathering of the clans and the highland games)

    MelinNZ – You have 24 hours to do the quiz, pick your best time.

  6. Oh ALRIGHT!

    I’ll have to go without it for over 24 hours then, and do my next one on Sunday morning. Sigh.

    Lucky for you there aren’t so many of we nerds about …

  7. i hadn’t heard that about trump. so the final word was, “no deal, howie!”? that’s good news. scotland kinda already has a lot of good golf courses…having invented the sport, and all.

  8. Trump sucks sweaty donkey balls.

  9. Good onya Aberdeen, the Donald’s of this world already get too much attention.

  10. But we try so hard to get rid of him! It’s not like we tried to send him to Australia or anything…

  11. kick his ass out!

  12. A pile of sand? A PILE OF SAND???

    I guess it’s inconceivable that the pile of sand might be as valuable to the people of Aberdeen just the way it is, as it would be to the grasping megalomaniac once he’d built his hideous (and exclusive, likely barred to anyone actually from Aberdeen) little conclave and it is showing how much I hate the man?

  13. Geez… they ought to take that opportunity while it lasts. Pretty soon that pile of sand will be underwater when the Global Warmings is done and the penguins don’t have anywhere to have their orgies anymore. I’ll be right back, need to start up the Humvee to warm up for a good half hour.

  14. I’m trying to figure out his reasoning on this one:
    Outbuild the most famous golf course in the world?
    Maybe his ideas come from the doofus who styles his hair?

  15. I’m so glad. Donald Trump is a poor excuse for a human if you ask me.

  16. Looking at the Empire State Tower took my mind off of golf. It really helps to have a teen-ager to identify some of those references.

  17. Even MY small mind has to wonder why an asswipe like Trump would think he could improve something to do with golf – IN SCOTLAND!

  18. I saw this story on tv a few weeks ago. Donald Trump is such an egotistical prick.

    Hi min!

  19. “There’s a view we are arrogant. We are not arrogant… It may be incomprehensible to smaller minds, but…”
    No, we aren’t arrogant! Or perhaps we just don’t know what arrogant means.

    Poor dim-witted shire folk. They just don’t know what’s best for them. Everyone needs a new golf course in their backyard.

  20. Yeah to Aberdeen for sticking up for their rights, their sand, and against Corporation!!!

    Too many places in this world have been spoiled for the enjoyment of the rich$famous when it was perfectly beautiful the way it was.

  21. Laurie – That’s what I thought too.

    Nikki – Yep, he sure does.

    Lene – I had exactly the same thought, no-one from Aberdeen would have been welcome.

    Mark – You are such a Greenie! Go hug a tree will ya.

    witchypoo – There is no reasoning with Trump.

    Min – I think you need to a gamer too.

    Melissa – Yes, even his prick has an ego!

    Jenni – Bingo!! That’s precisely what sparked this post. I’m glad to know for sure that someone got it.

  22. Donald Trump has no connection with reality. Period. Because the world he lives in has no correlation to ours.

    That graphic is really interesting. I don’t get 90% of it, but it sure does grab you.

  23. Trump is an arrogant SOB. He’s exactly like most arrogant SOBs, except he has a lot of money to fund his stupid ideas. Thank God that ALL the world’s arrogant SOBs aren’t rich.

  24. A Spot of T sent me to see what the fuss was about …

    Thank heavens Aberdeen City Council listened to their tax payers! Aberdonians Unite!

  25. I saw this story on the news last week, and laughed when I heard Trump wasn’t getting his way. He just doesn’t strike me as a terribly considerate human being.

  26. I am so glad this man got shot down. He hardly ever hears the word no so I think this is good for him!

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