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Woohoo! Goodies!!!

I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the fact that a box full of fun stuff arrived from Wisconsin, or that I actually have something to blog about (if you want to see how desperate I am, read yesterday’s post on something I don’t even give a shit about).
Anyway focus, this is about me…ok it’s about Kila sending me something, same difference.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Let’s just get a shot of the treasure in all it’s glory first…

It’s hard to take it all in at once, and trust me there’s is a bunch of stuff there. Apart from the literature (there are three magazines but it’s hard to tell from the way I arranged them), and Packer stuff (I’m trying to force a smile here because I’m a Niner’s fan), there are some brilliant fridge magnets from both Wisconsin and Chicago as well as some neat key rings.

Okay, as much as this galls me, I’m putting this in to show how much I appreciate the thought and effort that went into this surprise package (I guess I could adopt them as my second team)…

While we’re on the subject of Packers’ fans, I’ve always suspected that they had dirty mouths, seems I was right, why else would they make something like this?…

That’s enough of the Packers, let’s move on to the more cultured aspects of where Kila lives. This must be one of the great cultural icons.  Actually I’m really looking forward to trying this baby….

Just to finish things off, there’s even something to go under the tree, score!! (there’s actually more stuff, but if I put in too many pictures it will
take too long to load the page, I’m considerate like that)…

Kila, thanks a million! You really made my weekend (unlike Marnie, who wants to make my end weak). It’s such a buzz to get something like this, particularly when you’re not expecting it, when the notice that I had to go and sign for the package arrived yesterday I thought it was from my no good, waste of space best friend trying to make up for not ever calling when it’s his turn! (deep breaths).

I also appreciate the note, I don’t think I’ve ever received a note that said "Don’t worry – the Cow Pie is fresh" before. I’ve taken out the personal stuff, it’s mostly just about how she wants to have sex with me anyway, and if I posted about every request for sex, there’d never be room for any other kind posts, unless of course the post was about the dogs wanting sex (that should get some google traffic!).

Seriously, thanks very much Kila.

Hey, has anyone seen my new testimonials in the sidebar?