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Woohoo! Goodies!!!

I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the fact that a box full of fun stuff arrived from Wisconsin, or that I actually have something to blog about (if you want to see how desperate I am, read yesterday’s post on something I don’t even give a shit about).
Anyway focus, this is about me…ok it’s about Kila sending me something, same difference.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Let’s just get a shot of the treasure in all it’s glory first…

It’s hard to take it all in at once, and trust me there’s is a bunch of stuff there. Apart from the literature (there are three magazines but it’s hard to tell from the way I arranged them), and Packer stuff (I’m trying to force a smile here because I’m a Niner’s fan), there are some brilliant fridge magnets from both Wisconsin and Chicago as well as some neat key rings.

Okay, as much as this galls me, I’m putting this in to show how much I appreciate the thought and effort that went into this surprise package (I guess I could adopt them as my second team)…

While we’re on the subject of Packers’ fans, I’ve always suspected that they had dirty mouths, seems I was right, why else would they make something like this?…

That’s enough of the Packers, let’s move on to the more cultured aspects of where Kila lives. This must be one of the great cultural icons.  Actually I’m really looking forward to trying this baby….

Just to finish things off, there’s even something to go under the tree, score!! (there’s actually more stuff, but if I put in too many pictures it will
take too long to load the page, I’m considerate like that)…

Kila, thanks a million! You really made my weekend (unlike Marnie, who wants to make my end weak). It’s such a buzz to get something like this, particularly when you’re not expecting it, when the notice that I had to go and sign for the package arrived yesterday I thought it was from my no good, waste of space best friend trying to make up for not ever calling when it’s his turn! (deep breaths).

I also appreciate the note, I don’t think I’ve ever received a note that said "Don’t worry – the Cow Pie is fresh" before. I’ve taken out the personal stuff, it’s mostly just about how she wants to have sex with me anyway, and if I posted about every request for sex, there’d never be room for any other kind posts, unless of course the post was about the dogs wanting sex (that should get some google traffic!).

Seriously, thanks very much Kila.

Hey, has anyone seen my new testimonials in the sidebar?


42 Responses

  1. I love that wrapping paper! I want some!

  2. Wait. I just left a comment. Where’d it go?

  3. Now I’m annoyed. No comments showing. This is my third one. And I should be the first comment on the blog–a first for me. What is going on?

  4. Heather – If I can paraphrase one of the great lines from relationship movies “It’s not you, it’s TypePad”

  5. Oh bugger, I just played the English version in the presence of mother in law. She now thinks I am completely depraved. In my panic to find the volume dial on this infernal machine, I succeeded in turning it up instead of down.

    Them’s very nice prezzies in your box, WT – you must wear the cap anyway because it’s lovely. And the toothbrush?? It’s awesome!

  6. guess I’ll settle for 4th…lol. There is nothing better than an unexpected package! What fun!

  7. omg, I should always check everything out before I comment…that is frickin’a hilarious!

  8. MelinNZ – ROFLMAO! That’s not the first time something like this has happened to someone reading the Dingo! That makes it all worthwhile.

  9. Awesome package!

    Umm… I’m referring to the one that came in the mail, not the one referred to in the testimonials (my favourite is the first – the combination of the robotic voice and what it’s saying had me giggling for a while)

  10. There’s nothing like fresh Cow Pie!

  11. mmmmm, cow pie!

  12. Well, it’s no surprise that Kila outdid me…dang it.

    Going to rip some more teeth out of my dog…

  13. Glad it arrived safely!

    The toothbrush is included because minty fresh breath is so important while blogging, since we’re face to face and all. Who wants comments posted with morning breath?

    Actually it was so you can brush your teeth after eating the Wisconsin-made chocolates. I’m looking out for you!

    There aren’t many Wisconsin households that don’t own a Packers hat. It also doesn’t occur to us that some folks aren’t Packers fans. (Would you have preferred a Milwaukee Brewers cap? Those are hard to find though–it’s Packers, Packers everywhere. Most Wisconsinites don’t give a darn about the Brewers.) In these parts, Packers hats are even worn to church, along with Packers jerseys and camo/blaze orange. Then folks are ready for the Sunday game/Packer party after the morning church service. Your home has been Wisconsin-ized πŸ™‚

    As for the rest of the note, you Australians must speak a different form of English than we do πŸ˜‰

  14. cowpies! those are terrific.

    kila, need my address???

  15. Kila – I’ll pass on the Brewers cap (I’m a Giants fan), but I’ve got a friend who would kill for one (he actually is a Brewers fan). Not that I’m asking for one, he can get his own damn cap!

    Oh, I had no idea about the Wisconsin Dells (I thought they were computers made in Wisconsin), that’s just amazing!

  16. Those testimonials are, uh, something else. The man meat one gave me quite a case of the vapors.

    I hear cowpies are really good. I’m sure you’ll let us know.

  17. Nice stash…I suspect it won’t be the last package you receive from one of your b-sphere buddies before the end of the year…

    a sneaky suspicion ;).

  18. That was a pretty nice surprise….especailly the Packer thing. You could send her back some Wallabies stuff…show her what real footie is all about!! (if the Wallabies are not your footie team of choice…feel free to substitute)

  19. cow pies… The ones I remember used to look hard after a few days in the sun, but if you kicked the tops off, they were nice and gooey stinky in the center. gag.

  20. Okay! Im curious! What did the rest of the note say. The whole fact that you browned it all out, took away from everything else. I totally lost interest and am obsessing about the “real” contents????????? C’mon tell me! Go on! Go on! (Okay, Im pretending I’m Bella right now! Begging, paw through the fence thing!) Tell Me! Tell Me!

  21. What a cool thing for Kila to do for you. I still think you’re sending some kind of subliminal message to get free stuff. That’s the only explanation I can think of for all the presents you get.

    Oh, and the testimonials? Confirmation that you are one sick dude. In a good way.

  22. What is a cow pie?

  23. When we drove cross-country we stopped in Wisconsin (it reeked of cow manure in May) and bought a souvenir cutting board with cheese for my Mom.

    I love cheese, so all she got was the cutting board. Hope that Cow Pie is in tact.

  24. Cool presents, can we see the cow pie in more detail – very mysterious!
    I like you new banner – sorry if it has been there for a while I am not very observant!

  25. Looks like you have some great goodies. πŸ˜€

    Cow Pie is so funny. I wish I had some here to give as gifts to my family. Yes I have a sick family.

  26. What a great package!

    and in my best robot voice I’ll add “That Willowtree sure is one lucky hot dog”

  27. Kila is making me feel horrible about taking ever so long to send you the one and only Innagural Waking Up “Guess What I Found In My Street” Prizeβ„’. I’m going to hang my head in shame now. I know exactly what I’m sending you, honest. As soon as I can get out there and sell some blood for the postage.

  28. Oh yeah, and I would totally go gay for Willowtree. Wait….

  29. giggling at testimonials… πŸ™‚

    Lovely gifts Peter! Fabulous to get surprises in the mail! Although… lol.. having just moved I decided not to leave a forwarding address on purpose. Having one old school mate track me down was enough!


  30. Do you deserve surprise pressie!- I guess you do and those are great, especially the cow pie it goes with the mud bath!
    I like the testimonials!!!!! All your talk about sex nearly made me write testicles he he.

  31. So, I click on the testimonials and my 10 yr old son is now asking what the heck sweaty goat balls are.

    I told him they were a Greek delicacy; goat’s cheese rolled in nuts. A kinda cheese log — seeing as it’s the holidays…..

    I thought you’d appreciate the way I slipped nuts in there like that.

  32. Don’t corfuse the Cow Pie with Vegemite…I would imagine the Cow Pie tastes better, as I’ve never tasted a Cow Pie but I have tasted Vegemite.

  33. What a kick ass package to get in the mail!

  34. Hey – and when the hell did you let Stephen Hawking gawk at your pecker?

  35. Oooh, nice colours, WT. And snow?? Very nice masthead.

  36. Sorry, can’t read the hi-lighted parts of the interesting personal letter. Do I need a special pair of goggles?


  37. Thanks for the cultural “description” πŸ˜€

  38. WT, The Dells are fabulous. If you do make it to Wisconsin to see Kila and the Dells, drop down to Indiana for a visit. We live on the the southern end of Lake Michigan.

    Isn’t Kila the best?

  39. I like your new color! Reminds me of islands.

    Melissa, don’t feel bad. It took me 3 months to get around to mailing that package!

  40. Wow…nobody ever cared about me enough to send a cow pie before. And it’s a fresh one!

  41. Saaaaaaweet!

  42. I love it! Gosh, getting presents is awesome, how does one hop in on this present exchange:) ?

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