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Cinquain’s World

Mid-month Every Month at PENSIEVE

This month’s challenge is to produce a Cinquain whose subject; is ‘Celebration’, I think the real challenge is to find the definition of cinquain. It seems there are a million of them. I think I’ll try a couple and see how I go. All, however, will be about celebration although not necessarily called ‘Celebration’.

1. Word count.(1-2-3-4-1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Awaited, anticipated.
Rumbling, echoing, satisfying.
Momentous occasion for seniors!


Consumerism, overindulgence.
Visiting, partying, celebrating.
No family, sad time.

2. Syllable count.(2-4-6-8-2)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Speak up
Express your doubts
about this unjust war
Call our leaders to account now.
Do it!


Best time of year.
Food, drink, friends, family.
Are we not forgetting something?

3. Rhyme Scheme. (a-b-a-b-b)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At this time of year
when all the lights are up,
Christmas Day is very near.
So put some eggnog in your cup,
and thank god you don’t have dialup!


I just want to sing and shout
because my life is such a dream.
My girlfriend no longer smells like trout
thanks to some prescription cream.
I wish she wouldn’t swim upstream*.

If you couldn’t figure out that clicking the graphic will take to to where you’re supposed to be, try this.

Thank you and good night (*oh, and thanks to Marnie for the last line)…


24 Responses

  1. Have I told you how good looking you are today? ‘Cause I really shoulda ;).

    Love these entries…my favorites? “Yuletide” and Dial-up. Of course, I’m cryin’ a river over the other Christmas one :/…..

  2. Brilliant = you have really outdone yourself here! I love the “stool” one – it epitomises my mother-in-law’s entire visit. But they’re all great!


    It was almost impossible to read all of them through the tears of laughter I had in my eyes after reading the first one!

    Riotous! Hysterical! You’ve really outdone yourself…LITERALLY outdone yourself – not only in content but in quantity.

    (*sigh*) Stool. That was good. REALLY good.

  4. I sit in awe! You have a wonderful mastery of the English language and a wry wit indeed.

  5. Hahaha! Thanks, and you know what? These were all produce without the aid of dictionaries or thesauruses. However I did try to use a book of logarithms for the stool one, but in the end I worked it out with a pencil.

  6. Wow – awesome, you made two of each style. I picked one and stuck with it! (2,4,6,8 – I hope mine is really great). hahaha

    I love the dial-up one. Very clever you are.

  7. Truly inspired!! Hallmark will be knocking on your door any day now, begging for your talent!!!

  8. I really enjoyed reading these Peter! I also loved the me me Monday..seeing and reading about your house, your area. Thank you! 🙂

  9. Oh, my. That first one is so, so funny. I’m still laughing. I think I’ve said this before, but you are one twisted dude. I really like twisted.

  10. You’re the most talented Australian I know. And I know three.

  11. man you’re gross, you’re gross (just read the “worked it out with a pencil” response), you have absurd audio tributes in your sidebar, and yet-and yet–somehow–for some reason–there’s an award for you at my place.

  12. stool. oh yes. That is worth a daily cinquain.

  13. um. lovely.

  14. Stool!


    Do it!

    Love ’em!

  15. Hey Willowtree! Just jumped over for a visit from Swampy’s place. Loved your last post about your house and where you live! I lived next door to Swampy for a while, but am back home in Montana now. Enjoyed visiting your place!

  16. Good job!

    The last one? Eh… LOL

    Too bad you’re so far away, or I’d invite you over for Christmas!

  17. cool!
    Ps. I have our winner post up!

  18. Excellent expressions!

  19. Jesus? I thought you were Agnostic…or did I miss read that to mean you were in need of some Angostura aromatic bitters?

  20. I had no idea you were so talented…I especially liked the first one!!

  21. now THAT was really fun! good stuff and you outdid yourself. Way to go!

  22. Interesting. I like the rhyming ones the best. Very clever.

  23. *bowing down* I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.

    Great Job!

  24. i am still laughing at “stool”… you certainly covered a wide spectrum of thought on this… loved all of them!!!!!

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