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Don’t blame me!

This is a Public Service Announcement….

Some of you have had to pass a Word Verification  test  recently (TP calls it Captcha), consider yourselves lucky! Others have been accused of being dirty rotten spam and had their comments confiscated! I assure you, None of this is my doing, apparently TypePad has decided to help increase my comment count by alienating all my commenters.

And in case you’re wondering…yes even I had to do WV on my own blog, even though I have WV turned off. Arrgghhh!! Hopefully enough TP customers will complain and things will be rectified, but for now, please don’t abandon me. If you do get told by TP that you are nothing but spam, hit the email link on the right and just send me an email saying ‘I am not spam!!‘ or something like that; then I’ll know to go and get your comment out of the spam can. I have opened a support ticket and hopefully will get some answers.

Sorry for the inconvenience but to make it up to you, here is a bonus cute picture…

~Update~  Seems you can’t please everyone, so here…


24 Responses

  1. i wasn’t accused of being spam, but i was forced to do double word verification.

    and a cat picture does not appease.

    only dogs.

  2. I was wondering what’s up with the WV, since you’ve made it clear you don’t like it!

    Even my boys look innocent when they are sleeping 😉

  3. This will probably get me Arsecreeper of the Year award but it takes more than a bit of WV to chase us away, we like it here (for some bizarre reason!!)

    BUt if I were pee’d off, those pics would have been as valium … very nice!

  4. Awww does someone have abandonment issues?

  5. Peter, this is happening to me, too. I’ve gotten a few comments about it, then someone told me they tried SIX TIMES to post a stupid comment.

    I opened a help ticket, and I’ll letcha know if I hear anything…

    Pretty kitty in trees :).

  6. Well now I have to try it for myself obviously.

  7. I did email you about this, WV is hit and miss for me, I just left a comment on your previous post and WV needed. However I don’t think the fans will be deserting you!
    Loved all the photos.

  8. That first picture is outstanding!

  9. Delightful pics. Thanks, Cobber! [giggles happily]

  10. Okay, first the pet pictures are fabulous. Now. let’s see if I can say something spammy to elicit WV. Or maybe that is a bad idea as I do not want to be banished by Typepad for some smart alleck comment about size. I come back every single day. Some days I visit more than once or twice. Then, of course, I come back to play the Trivia Challlenge because I am faster later in the day.

  11. I have to tell you I just love your blog name. It makes me laugh everytime I visit your site!

  12. that second picture is great. i love it when dogs snuggle together.

  13. now it won’t let me comment! says i’m a spammer! grrrrrr.

  14. ok i’ll try again…. what i said was, “i love when dogs snuggle.”

    (does that sound like spam to you?)

  15. aww the babies are so cute when they sleep aren’t they;)

  16. That’s a picture of my cat Tiglet in a tree. I’ve always suspected that she had more than one clubhouse but my thoughts ran closer to up or down the road not across the globe!

  17. I love your animal photos. How could you ever deny these cuties anything?

  18. Well,alright, since you put it that way…we forgive you. I guess TypePad is giving you a stocking full of shit for Christmas.

    You’ll have to try harder than that to get rid of us.

  19. Your pups have the right idea about stuff. Naps are very important!

  20. very cute pics….

  21. Interesting.
    Keeping us on our toes, are you?
    I like the cat picture. I wonder if the captions from when you were in the tree apply…?

  22. I think the cat is a beautiful one. And the dogs . . . so cute. I love it when Jack and Maddy curl up together like that.

  23. Cute picks. I was wondering about your WV especailly after the emails we exchanged about it. But, I guess life happens and it won’t deter me from visiting.

    I did however manage to post two of the same comments on your previous post somehow…

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