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No you can’t come in the car!

Now get out of the way and let me open the door!

Even though they are all legally deaf (according to them) and cannot hear me calling them from two feet away, no matter how quiet I try to be when taking the car keys off the hook, and no matter where in the house they are sleeping (because that’s what dogs do) this is the scene that always greets me whenever I try to sneak out. Like most dogs, they love the car, but I can’t really take them shopping with me for the next few months because it’s too hot.

OK, how about his one, "NO, you can’t have my sandwich"…

What about a magic click (click on the photo to reveal the surprise)?  Now that Beep is no longer with us, Belle has decided to make use of the cat kennel…

See you Monday (my Monday that is). Sorry for the confusion, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll explain everything tomorrow.


33 Responses

  1. FIRST!!
    Sorry, WT – somehow you bring out the 5-year-old in me …

    Loved this post!! Do you know that you can’t sneak away from four-year-olds either?? They can also hear the tiny tinkle of car keys a mile off. No chance of leaving them with Dad for an hour or two!!
    I liked the magic click – I think Belle is very sensible. A tiny bit cramped but it still looks comfy.

    Off to the coast then? Have fun!

  2. Have a good time wherever you are headed. I need you personally remind me to play the trivia game. I can never remember, even when I visit. Except today, off to play now.

  3. It’s reassuring to know that dogs act the same no matter what continent they’re on.

  4. My dog and I baked cookie and made Chex Mix this weekend. She sat like this for two days, only she had her head bent down so as not to miss one crumb. I found out she likes macadamia nuts and cookie dough. The good news is that after the first day she figured out that she was going to get stepped on and moved back a few feet. I tried to send her downstairs with Willi several times but she wouldn’t have any part of it. When we put the gate up she just sat there and whined. Just like a kid.

    We keep her dog biscuits in a cookie jar, so whenever she hears glass rattle, she comes running in for a biscuit. It’s a dog’s life, I guess.

  5. Those photos made me laugh. I could just imagine them doing that every single time.

  6. Melissa NZ – I was just going shopping, if I was going to the Coast they would have been coming too. Unlike cats, you can’t leave dogs alone for a few days.

    Robinella – You need to get into a routine. The competition is so tough that if you miss a day, you can kiss being the monthly winner goodbye.

    Melissa – Yes indeed, but they speak different languages.

    Gawilli – My guys normally keep out of the way pretty good, but occasionally I end up tripping over one of them, normally if I take an unexpected step back.

    ToB – Yep, Every. Single. Time!!

  7. I’ve been on the receiving end of the sad doggy eye look – but it’s been several years. I recognized it immediately, tho.

  8. Who does the ghost foot belong to?

    Have a good time wherever you are headed off to.

    Hey, I thought you hated word verification AND typepad has flagged me as a potential risk. ME!?

  9. You’re an organized guy. I guess I’ve never really noticed that all your animals are color coordinated. Now that’s efficiency.

    My dogs do the same thing. Can’t hear me yelling at them to get off my bed but they sure do hear the rattle of the treat jar. Selective hearing in the highest degree.

  10. WTF?? Word verification??

    I never thought I’d see the day. Or are you trying to tell some of us something?

  11. oh good lord. that picture of belle in the cat bed actually brought tears to my eyes.

  12. Great pictures and how nice for Belle. Thanks.

  13. Pamela – You need a dog, or Amanda’s cat.

    Beckie – What ghost foot?

    RC – The colour coordination is not an accident (I’m serious!).

    Laurie – Come on, it’s not that uncomfortable!

    Sandy – You’re welcome.

  14. LOL!

    Buddy looks so worried!

    I wonder if Belle is missing Beep, and sleeping on Beep’s house is a way to feel connected? Or I am really over-thinking this?

    WT, you don’t see the foot? I do.

    Any word on how Beep is doing?

  15. P.S. I love your floors.

  16. Oh, no – you said “see you Monday” and since it’s Wednesday, I thought you were absconding for a few days. Blonde moment.

  17. Hey I thought along the lines of what Melissa in NZ thought. Love the photos, they are too cute!

  18. Great pet photos! I don’t have any pets to take photos of. I think I want to get me a cat. Marnie, if you read this….I will buy my own cat thank you…do not show up on Sunday with a baby cat please.

  19. Buddy looks downright forlorn in that first shot…poor babies.

    Leave the a/c running!

    (ok, ok, I’m just kidding!!)

  20. Sadly I no longer have this problem~ except from my mother who cannot hear what I’m saying when I’m in the same room but nearly always calls me just as I’m going out the back door and it’s usually to ask if I’m going out!!!

  21. I love the “take us with you” picture. Belle works the cute angle, Bentley the woeful guilt and Buddy just blocks the door. Clever gang of canines, those. How can you possible resist?

  22. p.s. the colour coordination is on purpose?? How metrosexual of you…

  23. Those dogs are too dang cute. My dogs are pretty similar, but Zoe won’t sit still – she is usually jumping by the door.

    and I haven’t had to put in WV OR be called spam. I wonder why.

  24. how can you turn them down when they give you the big eyes?

  25. I accidentally clicked on the wrong picture and a spooky foot and ankle coming out of nowhere appeared. Or maybe that’s what you meant by “I’m not going anywhere”? You only appear to be disappearing, but you’re really right there?

  26. It appears that cats really do grow on trees.

  27. What’s all this foot and ankle stuff? Is it a magic foot and ankle only visible to the worthy??

  28. I am REALLY mad that you posted that pug photo.

    Really, really, really mad. I had things to do. Things to think about. Things to plan for.

    Now it’s all I can see, that face. That face. You’re as cruel as ever, Willowtree. Who taught you to be so cruel?

  29. Ok, I swear I left a comment on this the day you posted it. I even showed my kids how Beau turned into Belle. They loved it, by the way. (I was very careful to keep control of the keyboard to keep them from seeing anything . . . well, inappropriate.

    I think typepad ate my comment. And I’ve had to do WV twice for the other comments I’ve left tonight, fyi.

  30. I seem to have missed a sentence–what happened to Beep? Inquiring minds want to know…..email me.

  31. Dogs have amazing hearing…when they want to use it. Just crinkle a treat bag….they can hear that for miles!!

  32. Dogs have amazing hearing…when they want to use it. Just crinkle a treat bag….they can hear that for miles!!

  33. I love these pictures! As a mom of 3 dogs I completely understand the need to be quiet about doing certain things. . . .like getting ANYTHING off the shelf in the coat closet . . .that’s where their leashes are kept and if I scrounge around too loud and accidentily rattle on of the chain, it sends all three dogs bounding towards me and bouncing off the walls until we either go for a walk or I distract them with a treat or yell profusely! Very cute pics!

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