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The Money or the Box?

Update** How tacky of me! I just realised not only did I not link to her, I didn’t even properly identify her. "Who are you talking about?"…..Why, Joy T. of course! There, that’s better. I think you all know her anyway, but if not she’s worth a visit.

Blog_packages_001Without doubt, I’ll take the box every time thank you, the one on the right that is. Now if the question was "The Postage or the Box?" my answer may not have been the same. Jeezes the post office is making some money off us! Actually, it’ making more off you than me, anyone who has ever received something from ol’ WT should have noticed that the stuff I send, while not being spectacular, is always light!

But hey I didn’t pay the exorbitantly expensive postage so why should I care? But the reality is I do, (it’s just the kinda guy I am). Enough of the downers, let’s see what’s in the box…

Well that’s strange, why would she go to all the trouble of putting leaflets and forms from Australian Customs Service in a package from Canada?  I mean surely I could get those things easily enough here, considering they just contain information about Australia! Oh wait, what does this say? Hmmm, that’s not good. They seized the unidentified plant material, well there goes the attitude adjustment that I asked her to send. Dammit!

Not to worry there’s other stuff in the box…



Yumm!! Look at all that Canadiany goodness! Woohoo! Lucky I only ever wear sweatpants and wife beaters (that’s trakkie dacks and singlets, for the non-American readers). The only problem though, is those darned Canucks can’t make a simple, normal piece of food. It’s always got to be made half English and half French. Now the English half is ok, being of Scottish descent myself, I’m used to bland stodgy food (shit I hope Sam isn’t reading this!), but the French half can be a bit weird as you can see from the photo…


Now I don’t know about you guys, but there’s no way I’m eating spiders and crusty ants! Merci, mais non! n’est pas pour moi! J’ils ne mange pas! I’m a bit rusty on my French but I think that’s close (I could have used one of those translator gizmos, but where’s the fun in that?)

On the other hand you can sometimes get a benefit from the food being made in both French and English, like the Cheezies for example. In this case I lucked out as I’m a bit of a cheese lover (both cutting it as well as eating it), and there was double cheddar, there was real cheddar and vrai chedder (the vrai chedder wasn’t quite as good as the real chedder). But all in all, it wasn’t really that bad, the Oh Henry! bar was a Grand Format (that’s French for Big Bastard) so even though I had to throw away the French half, there was still plenty left.

Now this thing is going to slay you! I like to call it my Spannersaurus Rex….


He may not look like much now, but once he’s armed he’s a real nasty piece of work! I actually have mixed feelings about this guy, one the one hand it was love at first sight (and still is), but then on the other hand, having a trade background makes it hard to accept the destruction of what appears to be three perfectly good spanners (albeit imperial). But I’ll get over it, because it really is a great piece of art.

Thanks very much Joy, your generosity is really quite amazing for someone whose grumpiness can at times make me look like Mother Theresa (before she shaved her beard). Hmm, does anyone know the proper etiquette regarding insulting someone who has just done something nice for you? Never mind, I’m sure it’s okay.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you what’s in the box that the wonderful Gawilli sent me.


29 Responses

  1. You lucky bugger …

    Now Smarties are a big favourite in this house.

    And we really like your Spannersaurus – he looks ferocious, in a tooly sort of way.

  2. Hey, WV has gone! Whoo-hooo … now that’s cause for celebration!

  3. Oh bother, no it hasn’t …

  4. Customs could have just put “NO DOG TREATS FOR YOU!” instead of all the pamphlets and waste of paper like that. Sheesh. Poor Bentley, Buddy and Belle won’t get the treats Mushu wanted to share, but glad everything else made it there. As for the grumpy crack? All is ok. I am completely confident your faithful readers know who the true grump is.

  5. Once, when my husband visited Oz:
    As his plane was landing, they were told to fill out customs forms. One of the forms asked if he had a-n-y-thing with animal ‘products’ in it — or something to that effect. So, he filled in the form as thoroughly as possible.

    The customs guy wasn’t amused (not that my husband was trying to amuse him) when my husband offered up his leather belt and shoes.

    He’d been told they were *very picky* and could be arsehats if you weren’t thoroughly honest on the forms. They ended up being very pissy about his thoroughness, instead.

  6. What a great bunch of loot! I think that since the “unknown vegetable matter” didn’t get to the pooches, you should share your cheezies. I think that’s all Belle really needs…just a few cheezies!

  7. wow. i’ve gotten stuff from fellow bloggers but never from quite that distance and never in that abundance.

    that joy seems like a friend worth cultivating.

    and is it coincidence that you got boxes from two different blog friends at the same time, or did i miss something–like Requisite Suck Up to Willowtree Day, or your birthday, or something?

    (surely it can’t be christmas.)

    (i mean, it can be christmas. it is christmas! but not christmas that prompted the packages.)

  8. What a stocking full! You will not need to hang your’s on the mantel this year. You’ve already got a stash! I love Spannersaurus Rex. No one would mess with my computer with him hanging around.

    I was completely unaware of what you had to do to ship outside of the U.S. Our regular carrier wouldn’t even take the package, nor would our carrier at work. I had to fill out an itemized “invoice” in triplicate besides the shipping label. It took three people at the counter to figure it out. Not counting me. I was no help at all! And I didn’t even send doggie treats!

  9. Poor puppies, it sucks that they had to miss out because they couldn’t identify their treat.

  10. Merry Christmas!
    I didn’t send a package, but will my love and affection do?

  11. Wow – you have a great bunch of cyber friends!

    I just found your blog by way of ?….who knows now….probably RC

    You cracked me up with your comments on the french part of Canadian food….very well done. I guess we’ve gotten use to eating their shit here….as they have ours..When we get something that isn’t half french – we actually notice!! How’s that for years of conditioning?!

  12. Well Buddy was the only one deserving of a mailed treat, anyway. Bah Humdogs!

    I guess this wasn’t a Christmas Ornament Exchange…hmmsk snicker giggle bwa ha.

  13. They confiscated doggy treats and called it plant material? Weirdos! Here I was thinking she tried sneaking in some wacky tabacky!

  14. Are these items not available outside Canada? Because I live here, and, umm…are used to them.
    For a true Canadian treat, try Ganong’s chicken bones, an annual Christmas favourite.

  15. Great stash!

  16. Suddenly, I’m very glad I didn’t list “dog body parts” on my package to you.

    I wonder if “seeds” count as plant material?

  17. That Spannersauras is too cool for words. How clever is that??

    I’m going to second laurie here. Is there something we’ve missed, that everyone is sending you loot? I bet its your readers who treat you with kindness and respect and get the same back from you, right?

    So I can save my postage, eh?

  18. Does it ever get cold in Australia? Ever?

  19. Melissa – At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, I prefer M&Ms.

    Melissa again – Mulitple comments will normally get you a WV. TypePad has realised the error of their ways and now we should be getting back to normal.

    Joy T. – They may have done that on purpose. After being scarred shitless that the police would be showing up to ask why someone was sending me pot, the loss of some doggie treats seemed welcome by comparison.

    TLG – Hmmmm.

    Sandy – Didn’t happen.

    Laurie – No, it was just a coincidence.

    Gawilli – It can be a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before. ET and I have been doing for 20 years so we’re used to it.

    Brenda – It’s a dogs’ life.

    Heather – Of course it will! (but you’re just kidding about not sending a parcel, right?)

    Aims – I love it when you go to McDonalds, the French burger and fries sounds so sophisticated.

    Pamela – You got that straight! It’s funny when we first got him he didn’t make a very good impression (I just thought of a post, thanks), but for the past few years he’s been my favourite critter.

    Kaytabug – Me too, but being a crack-head, I don’t think she even uses the stuff.

    witchypoo – Smarties we have, as for the chocolate and cheezies – we do have similar, the Oh Henry! you can’t get. I must say thought, that the Cheezies are way better than our Twisties.

    Robinella – Yep.

    Tiff – Seeds are a definite no-no.

    RC- I am but a mirror.

    Nina – The photo in my masthead is my house, the white stuff on the mountains is not dandruff.

  20. I love the spannersaurus, and ‘Oh Henry’ made me laugh. What does it mean?

  21. You think the cheezies are better than twisties??? Surely not!!!

    Just to be sure, I checked with John (my canuckian husband) and he agreed with me and said twisties are better.

  22. Once, about 10 years ago, my sister came from NYC one Christmas bearing enormous bags of M&Ms (this was before they became available in South Africa) and they were filled with actual peanut butter.

    I scoffed them. Since then, I have never found ones with peanut butter in – peanuts, yes, but not the butter.

    So, I also love M&Ms dearly … but I feel incomplete without peanut butter ones.

  23. Wow all these presents, you are Mr. Popularity. Now, I feel bad that I didn’t get you anything. On the other hand, I have not bought anything for the family either. Oh well, there are a few shopping days left.

  24. So, what Joy T is saying – you can’t send dog treats overseas? bummer.

    You are one lucky sonofabeetch. I feel bad. All I sent is a boring card.

  25. Love the Spannersaurus Rex. Very Cool, Dinoboy is in love.

  26. Hey, I told you guys before, there is some subliminal message embedded in this website that compels people to send things to Willow. I am still resisting, but it keeps getting harder and harder . . .

  27. Karmyn you did better than me I didn’t even send a card! just as well as he wasn’t very complimentary about English food (even if it’s sometimes true!)

    I rather like the Spannersaurus Rex.

  28. I’m curious to know what that plant material was that she sent. I know they make apparently great plant material in BC (British Columbia, a province in Canada) but it is illegal…and surly she wouldn’t have sent any of that….

  29. Wow, the terrorists won’t sneak anything past you guys!

    If you love cheese, you’d love Wisconsin! I had some chocolate, and then some cheese, for breakfast 🙂 Now that’s healthy living.

    The Rex is adorable! Love it 🙂

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