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What a let down!

Okay, here’s where everyone does a collective "WTF?! We’ve been gypped!"

There are several reasons I left so abruptly, none of which are exciting in any way, shape or form (which in itself is one of the reasons I did a Bilbo Baggins). The simple truth is that I just ran out of steam; no manic depression, no alien abduction, no hot and sweaty sex with a silicon implanted, bottle blonde nymphomaniac with a fetish for old cranky Aussie guys, it was just a lack of motivation to write posts and leave comments. Now don’t you think the scenario you came up with is much more interesting?

The Christmas blogging break was actually much more enjoyable than I had anticipated, not having to spend time reading everyone’s posts was a lot more relaxing than I could have imagined. During the break, a thought popped into my head… "Hey, why not just quit?" and when I though about it, I had no compelling argument not to. Granted, I have lots of blog buddies out there, and I certainly appreciate all the kind (and not so kind) words, but in the end, it’s the three dimensional world that you have to live in.

None of this was done as a ploy to attract comments (while the comment count for the New Year post looks high, if I had posted daily since then, there would have been a higher aggregate total anyway), and it wasn’t done with any planning, as my TypePad account is paid until next November. I just had nothing to say, and I didn’t want to write a post saying I was quitting, because that alway looks like you’re trying to get people to ask you to stay.

I could have said that I would blog occasionally, but I don’t do moderation very good. So in the end I just jumped ship. However, who knows what will happen in the future, so just to be on the safe side, maybe you should wait a while before you unsubscribe the Dingo’s feed (the reason I say this is that I bought a new toy the other day, so I will be doing some graphic stuff, and if they are funny enough I’ll post them).

So for everyone who was concerned for me, don’t be. If you really want to know why we’re breaking up, "It’s not me, it’s you."


43 Responses

  1. Thank you. I’m glad you’re okay.

  2. Hey……..that’s MY line ;).

  3. But you see, the thing is – we’re all bloggers in some way, shape or form; and most people who enjoy writing have active imaginations …
    So your sudden disappearance was always likely to incite some troublesome mental images!

    A post like this one is kind, because it tells us you and yours are alive and well, and we need that because as well as imaginative, we’re also fairly caring. Well most of us anyway! Hahahaha.

    So now we won’t plague you, we’ll just pop back now ‘n then in the hope of a glimpse of your new toy. And maybe the odd Pet Pic, because we like your Posse too.

  4. Thanks for posting that – like Melissa said, there’re some active imaginations out there and I appreciate being able to move you out of the worry zone in my brain (sorry ’bout the alien abduction, though – that would’ve been good for a few posts once you came back to earth). I’ll miss your words (and pictures/video, especially of the posse), but understand. I’ll keep popping by, though, and not just for the trivia competition. 😉

    Hope you won’t be gone for good.

  5. Thank you. I’m so glad you put an end to all the sobbing please and comments that you MUST continue to blog, or we will all wither and DIE.

    Sheesh. It was getting way too sappy for the Tig all up in here.

    I’m actually even more relieve that melissa appears to be going thru a major blog redesign, and hasn’t fallen off the planet – or succumbed to the wiles of the in-laws.

  6. Thank you. I’m so glad you put an end to all the sobbing please and comments that you MUST continue to blog, or we will all wither and DIE.

    Sheesh. It was getting way too sappy for the Tig all up in here.

    I’m actually even more relieved that melissa appears to be going thru a major blog redesign, and hasn’t fallen off the planet – or succumbed to the wiles of the in-laws.

  7. Oh, dammit. Now I can’t come down there and kick you. sigh..I guess…Please do stay in touch occasionally, ok?

  8. We all need breaks occasionally.
    Did I tell you I’m coming to Willowtree for mine.


    Made ya look! heh heh.

  9. Thanks for letting us in the whole thing. Now we all feel better! Everyone needs a break now and then. We’re all friends here in the blogworld….I’m sure people will continue to pop in and out! And your pet pics are SOOOO cute!

  10. No you’re wrong. It’s definitely you. Glad to see you back, I wasn’t worried for a second. Excuse me while I call off the search party. I won’t be unsubscribing and look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

  11. I won’t get on your case about it. I barely blog at all, so who am I, right?? Glad you are alive and well and enjoying your break. Happy new year to you and yours, Willow! I hope 08 is an amazing year for you.

  12. Well, I had thought you were not at your house and probably fed up with the dial up and everyone was panicking for nothing. And of course having a break is good for you.(Well I suppose that depends on what you are doing instead?)

    Have a great weekend anyway!

  13. Usage of the past tense is encouraging.

    Welcome to the Hotel California.


    But seriously I find that reading other people’s blogs, while I do it–obviously, doesn’t really help me on my own. I read one piece of good advice over the Xmas period, (not on a blog), one we all know and all ignore–Do not compare yourself to others. God, what a relief it was again.

  14. Aint it always the way? I stumbled across your great blog very late into the whole process – and now you’re moving on.

    Oh… bugger! hahahahaaa!

    Mal 🙂

  15. Glad you finally posted what’s going on about what’s not going on.

    That last line cracked me up. All guys say that.

    I won’t unsubscribe. You’ll take a break. The sun will break through the clouds soon. Leaves on trees will sprout again. You’ll be back when you’ve recharged your batteries. Maybe literally. Maybe figuratively. But one way or another, I kinda think this won’t be the last we see of the Dingo.

    No pressures, hey. Post at your leisure. Many of us do;).

  16. I was so excited when you popped up with a new post in my bloglines. So glad you’re ok and I can really appreciate how good a break from blogging is for the soul. It’s good to read that you’re ok and I’ll be looking forward to another post when the time is right for you.

  17. heh heh heh. now you’re gonna get a hundred more posts of relief!

  18. Well, it’s good to know you’re alive. I can relate to the running out of steam thing. I’ll pop back in from time to time, and if you’re around come by and see me. Otherwise, have a good one, Peter. It’s been fun.

  19. Thanks for this. Enjoy your break and have fun playing with the new toy.

  20. Glad you’re okay. Of course I’ll miss reading your blog every morning, but I hope you do what is best for you whether that’s posting every day, irregularly, or not at all. See, even if you are breaking up with us, we just want you to be happy. (I think I’m going to throw now.) And now I’d like to dedicate the most annoying Tim McGraw song ever to you done with even more annoying anime http://youtube.com/watch?v=pjb2DhYsWyo (And now I definitely need to puke.) Enjoy your break and/or the rest of your life wihtout us–if you can:oP

  21. So, you’re ok. Good to know. However, it is most definitely you, not us.

    You’re in my bloglines, buddy. Looking forward to seeing what your new toy brings. Pics and video of the posse would be nice, too. Words not necessary.

    Take care, Willow.

  22. Glad you haven’t been capture and whisked off by aliens. Go one and have your break. For everyone, I hope you find your blogging mojo again.

  23. I don’t comment very often but I do read and I am subscribed. Good luck with your decision and your new toy. We will miss you.

  24. Willow, everyone goes through that. I call it “bloggers block”. Just post when you feel like it and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. I took a break myself and when I started back, I was able to crank out two posts in a row. That might be it for a while, but still…!! Happy New Year!!

  25. Although it actually IS me, since every time I add someone to my blogroll, they quit blogging. This is the THIRD *@#^$*#^$* TIME!!!!

  26. Do what you have to do! Glad you are OK! It’s only a blog and I guess people become like family even if most of us have never met. That’s why we care so much!

    Take care and enjoy your new toys.

  27. Thank you for letting us all know you are ok. I am glad to hear that you just ran out of steam and nothing more than that! I am also quite relived, I was starting to get worried.

    Having you sporadically is better than not at all. 🙂 XOXO

  28. This is the first time today that I have checked my bloglines so you may have posted this before I emailed you this morning.
    Now we have something to look forward to ~ new toy graphic stuff!!~ hmm…the mind boggles!!!

  29. Missed ya and glad you are back!!! Hugs!!!!

  30. Graphic????


    There once was an Aussie blogger
    Who really loved his cold lager
    Saw strange lights in the sky
    And thought he could fly
    Was only a passing jogger.

  31. I knew you’d fall off the wagon..even just to clarify. We’ll wait, Peter.

  32. Well ok,,,,will you at least send an email every so often to give me news of the world down under?

  33. I just assumed you and Melissa ran away together.

  34. Thank you, Peter, for letting us know you are all right. While you have been away, I have been reading some of your old entries that you wrote before I started visiting you at here at A Dingo’s Got My Barbie. I want to thank you for all you have done for us and for me personally. You have taught me, supported me, bewildered me, but most of all entertained me. I wish you well in your life outside the box. I look forward to any graphics that you post in the future. I never did look into subscribing to any feed so I will make regular visits until you shut us down completely. Besides I am addicted to your Triva contest even if I never win.
    Take care.

  35. a-HA! Now you know how I felt, WT!!!! The break was actually very nice for me, but I did miss my bluddies.

    I won’t be unsubscribing just yet.

    Enjoy your break. (*sniff*)

    Why is Auld Lang Syne in my head right now? …

  36. I’m a little disappointed…I just recently found your blog, and had looked forward to getting to know a little about life in Australia and more about your dogs…but on the flip side I completely understand burn-out and can understand why you said “enough”. Enjoy your free time! Thanks for at least explaining…

  37. Yippee! I knew you loved us 🙂 Everything in my world is aligned again, whew! Seriously, it really threw me, like being hit by a truck, when you up and walked out on us.

    Can’t wait to see what your graphic toy can do. “Willowtree”, “graphic” and “toy” seem like words that should not be together at the same party, hehe.

  38. Let me get this straight. You throw this blog s#$t out on the net. You get us strung out on the happenings in Willowtree Austrailia and then you propose to cut back on the supply? Now listen here Chico you’re going to have to answer for this decision. Maybe one day you’ll walk out your front door and SPLAT–you’ll be wearing a lemon meringue jumpsuit. Or maybe you’ll turn on the ignition of your car and KAZAAM–you’ll be fighting for your life in a cloud of banana cream. Or, worse yet, you’ll be driving down a quiet road and find your whole car drifting downward in a pit of chocolate pudding. Get right with the program, Aldo, or you’ll be snarfing so much angel’s food that you’ll think you’ve grown wings.

    Get back to blogging or else.


    The Improvised Explosive Dessert Gang.

    Viva Pavlova!!!!

  39. I totally get it. I had the same bliss when I took a break during holidays. I am definitely backing waaaaaay off. And really, who cares????

  40. Hi WT, sorry to hear that you are quitting (kinda maybe sorta), I recently have lost my “bloglust” too.

    I know we have had our disagreements in the past, but I wish you well and have no hard feelings towards you( anymore 😛 ).

    Good luck- even though you don’t need it.

    Catch ya later,


    PS- I love all the furkids you have added to your clan, they are all so sweet looking!

  41. I thought about quiting blogging a few times too in the past. One day it has to end…but for now, I’ll stick with it. Hope you do too.

  42. enidd knows how you feel. she thinks. maybe.

  43. Glad you’re ok. It’s a bugger to find time sometimes isn’t it. Glad you’re back though. Love the new toy.

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