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Assault and Battery


26 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA … I like it!

    If that poor pepper had been in an aerosol he could’ve sprayed them in the eyes.

    Do you think the battery charged him?
    And the salt looks like a seasoned criminal.

    Ok, I’ll stop now …

  2. hahahahahaha! You’re worse than me!

  3. Hahahahahahahaha, we get it! My 10 yr old is laughing–he “got it” before I did!

  4. you truly are the oddest man….

    you gotta change the color of the battery’s arm. it gets a little lost.

  5. whew. now that’s better.

    The first time the page “loaded” it came up completely blank.

    but then, saying that’s better, well….
    never mind.

  6. What kind of salt picks on the pepper. And what is WRONG with that battery?

  7. My daughter loved this one!!

  8. Wow! Just wow. and Melissa’s comments? Perfectly perfect!

  9. You might wanna check that title, big guy….

    Regardless, pretty daggum punny!

  10. Bwahahah!! you’re killing me!!

  11. whatever happened to positive table manners.

  12. Ha ha, I think Melissa made me laugh as much as you did.

  13. Thanks to you and Melissa for getting my day off to a good start!

  14. Hilarious and so is Melissa’a comment~ the pair of you really make me laugh!

  15. Are you growing “your own” again?

  16. Waaaaay too much time on your hands, dude?


  17. WT and Melissa are both puntastic. Nice to see your hobby is progressing at a startling rate, sir.

  18. Stepped into your second childhood have we?

  19. Hey WT, thanks for showing me how I met Melissa- that’s one heck of a memory you have. Also? I did NOT understand this post for a DAY. I think I’m mentally challanged.

  20. LOL, keep the laughs coming!

  21. As Julie would ask, “Are you smokin’ pencil shavings again?”

  22. Oh he,he…I just noticed the title, “Assault and Battery.’ The picture is funny anyway, but assault and battery is very clever.

  23. Hee hee. Snort.

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