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Saucey pickup lines…



31 Responses

  1. groan….

  2. lmao!!! 🙂

  3. sorry that was me with Aaralyn’s help!

  4. omg, that’s too punny!

  5. You are almost out of Tobasco. In case you hadn’t noticed.

  6. Hahahaha … this is even better than yesterday’s! There’s clearly a whole world in my pantry I was unaware of.

    The way you’ve sorted the mustard … if you look at it long enough … the hotdog is actually quite well placed then.

  7. love the hats.

    and usually i don’t like puns. but this one made me laugh.

  8. Melissa is hilarious!

    You’ve fallen into a wickedly delicious pun black hole, haven’t you? Or a cornfield ;).

  9. Hahaha!

    You could’ve been a big hit in marketing.

  10. oh. my. gawd.

    yer killin’ me….

  11. I have to laugh WT…or I may cry!

  12. As long as she doesn’t take it as a condom.

    Get it?


    Hmm…on second thought…maybe…..


  13. At first, I am thinking, “Where did you get those teeny, tiny hats?”; then, I remember the software…duh. Very funny, I love puns.

  14. This is a serious question: How does your darling wife feel about all of your fans? Knowing me and how petty I am, if my hubby had a blog with all of these commenters, I would be extremely jealous…

  15. I can haz condiments. 🙂

    Love all the plays you’re putting on.

  16. first I groaned, then I laughed

    that makes it a perfect pun

  17. Thank goodness you used Tabasco rather than a Trojan…”Thank you, I’ll take that as a condom.”
    Are you practicing for the part in an advertising company, or what?
    Don’t know if you’re visiting lately, but there’s a sign at my place today with your name all over it…has to do with BGP.

  18. didn’t your mama teach you not to play with your food?

  19. Oh dear ~ so clever~ can I employ you to write my Witty weds!!

  20. LOL.. Good day. Aaralyn wanted to see your puppy and kitty pictures again. She laughs every time she sees the one of Buddy!

  21. You are having way too much fun with this:o)

  22. Oh my, you are very clever and disturbed.

    I like how you are categorizing these as Non Blogging.

  23. Mild American mustard? You’ve got to be kidding me. And to think that our mild American mustard is called “French’s”

  24. I’m with Karmyn-Mild American Mustard?? whaaaat?? I thought you were saucier than that willow!!

  25. Very Witty!

  26. I just stumbled across this blog. You are a hoot!

  27. Alright! Enough already. Speak to us dear man. Even if you do want to be nasty or just whinge. This silence is driving me nutty!

    Oh hang on! I am nutty anyway! Oh well, shit happens! Now speak to us. Pullleessse!

  28. karisma – please don’t encourage him to get all snarky – puh-leez?

    I like the photos – short, to the point, and his humor is still present.

  29. Hmmm. Well at least you didn’t do one about the peanuts at the bar being complimentary.

  30. I like the new colours and the byline under the masthead!

  31. Glad to see you have finally been able to ketchup with your life.

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