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Well blow me down!


25 Responses

  1. First? Now that’s a first for me!

    Lol, so tell me WT how do come up with pun after pun? That’s a mighty special talent you have there!

  2. Btw, I miss all your witty comments on other blogs. I used to freqently find myself typing ‘laughing at WT’ not so anymore :-(.

  3. lordy, how do you sleep at night, with all your household goodies conversing and duelling all the time!?

  4. Oh golly… that cartoon really blows! [rolls eyes and groans loudly].
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
    Mal 🙂

  5. You are getting far to good at this!! keep them coming.

  6. Like Sister E. said in her comment for the last picture, you have a lot of fans. He, he

  7. Okay, Willowtree. You’ve officially found your niche.

    Please keep going.

  8. King of Pun?

    It’s good to be king of something ;).

  9. It must be hard to blow and rock at the same time! That looks like such fun. Thanks.

  10. I love how the smaller fans look like they have mustaches! I miss your wit in others comment sections.

  11. Bwhahahahahahahaha!! Oh, this is great!!

  12. Ack – you are blowing me away.

  13. I like the cartoon picture posts…I’m not big on reading. You should take that as a “condiment.”


  14. Yes, indeed….I miss your funny comments on everyone else’s blogs!! But you do have a talent for these things!!

  15. That’s some good cheese, buddy. lol

    Dude – come check out my update on my awesome (if I do say so myself) handiwork.

  16. they’re just blowing air up your skirt..

  17. once more with the hats…. love the hats.

  18. Hahahaha, another good one!

    Speaking of games, the Packers won today against the Seahawks, woohoo! Do you follow that over there?

  19. I’m blown away.

  20. :::groans:::

  21. FANtastic. *snicker*

  22. *smile* I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting for the next one. But I think you’re running out of appliances and other household items. You may have to start photoshopping other people’s household goods.

  23. This is me, in love with you.

  24. Is that a penis? What is that?

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