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Donkey Diner



28 Responses

  1. Would it have been punnier if you used the word “pane” instead? No matter what words go with these gems, looks like you’re having FUN in the process!

  2. No, because the actual expression is ‘pain in the ass’, the pun is the image, not the text. Her thought is in response to the complaint not the window in the donkey. It was a similar thing with the attack on the pepper, which was titled ‘assault and battery’, not ‘a salt and battery’.

    But hey, they’re just for fun, and like most jokes they don’t stand up to rigorous analysis.

    But then the other way would have worked too. Thank you and good night.

  3. so i would be wrong to ask why he’s standing on a table?

  4. And it would be wrong to ask why the hell he has a window in his side?

  5. Ah, I miss you Pete. 🙂

  6. oh my favorite fast food joint: Jack-Ass in a Box!

  7. Kaycie – Not wrong, just dumb. Anyone want to explain it to her?

    Melissa – Me too.

    Pamela – Boom tish!

  8. Kaycie – window = pane in the ass

    and obviously his ass is too big to fit in the booth!

    Thanks, WT

  9. Collapsed laughing over an image of a donkey facing runny eggs …
    V.v clever!

  10. Okay this one made me laugh.

  11. Hahahaha! that is really funny! Hey, I see you now have the little signing WT logo on your photos now. The lawyer has been teaching you something hey?

  12. Hahahaha! that is really funny! Hey, I see you now have the little signing WT logo on your photos now. The lawyer has been teaching you something hey? Oh Oh, I don’t remember if I pushed the post button, so this might show up twice.

  13. Hahahahahaha you are priceless. Nice copyright logo!!

  14. Ok, I admit it. I didn’t get it. Just looked goofy to me.

    I bet you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you this is not the first time I’ve had to have a joke explained to me. And no, not blonde and not dumb. Just pun challenged.

  15. Took me a while to get the window in the donkey but then I could never come up with anything like this!

  16. your pics crack me up everyday i need a giggle i’ll know there’ll be something new…

    hey how did i get kicked off the blog friends list? POUT POUT ;P

  17. I’m glad your place is starting to look like it used to, it gives me hope. I miss you.

    MELISSA~ You are missed too!!The next time Grey’s is on I hope to see you here with a recap!

  18. WT, things must be slow at work or something. Otherwise, I can’t understand how you’d have the time to think these things up. Thank you for continuing to post even though it’s clear you’d rather make things on Photoshop.

  19. too funny Peter! 🙂 Thanks for the cheer!

  20. Agg, you said ‘runny’ and eggs in the same sentence. I hate runny eggs. They remind me of snot lingering in the back of your throat during a bad cold. I think I might hurl a little bit.

  21. Poor donkey, I think he has a legitimate complaint…”runny eggs and cold coffee”…Ewww (((Shudder))) even if he is a pane in the ass.

  22. Very funny, and copyrighted too yet! (My 5 yr old has started doing that on everything he creates, LOL.)

  23. I think I caught your blahs. I’ve got nothing lately. No desire to write. And you know how long-winded I usually am 😉

  24. DONKEY (in Shrek’s voice)

  25. Hello friend! I have new digs, did I tell you that already?

    I’ve been asked to host Fun Monday b/c it’s the Anniversary. Won’t be the same unless you play along since it was you who encouraged me to request for everyone to post “Your View”. Remember? I gave a history lesson today of how it all began. Go on over and read to see if I’ve got it right.

  26. Can’t she see right through him?

  27. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I see you are having a lot of fun with Photoshop. Enjoy!!

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