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Cat lovers



20 Responses

  1. hairball….hairball…. there’s got to be a hairball joke in there somewhere.

  2. I don’t get the punchline on this one. Must be an Aussieism.

  3. I do believe you interrupted them….l

  4. Hahahaha – excellent … I also like the title, v. good!

  5. Too clever LOL.

  6. Uh oh, kitty porn. Be careful.

  7. Um, why are they wearing their glasses? Don’t you usually take them off for that?

  8. Hairball or kitty porn?
    I’m confused, but still laughing at the ‘art’.

  9. This looks like a cry for help to me. If a woman who dresses her cats and has tea parties with them is considered not quite right, what will folks say about a man who dresses his pets and creates kitty porn? It just ain’t right. Please tell us you’re going to be okay, WT!

  10. and there you have it – catus interruptus!

  11. This is getting dodgy!

  12. Cat porn? Don’t tell me you’ve digressed to this.

  13. Why do all your pets look like hookers now?

    Can’t wait for your hit and puns…:)

  14. your not right in a right kind of way

    I added you for Monday’s Fun. So please play along. =)

  15. The one with the red lipstick is having some sort of personality/sexuality conflict – it has red lipstick and men’s unders on…. I’m just sayin’.

    Your gonna do Fun Monday? I read that in comments so it must be true!

  16. Hmmm, kitty porn…hair trigger, catus interruptus…very interesting.

  17. Kitty porn?

    Oh dear.

    If Booey only knew, LOL.

  18. your pics crack me up to funny for words

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