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Fun Monday – the Anniversary edition

I’m breaking my self imposed blogging exile temporarily to take part in the Anniversary edition of Fun Monday (come on, you don’t seriously think I consider what I’m doing now to be blogging do you?). Since I was one of the founding members, I guess it’s the right thing to do (whether I spend the day commenting though, is another question).

As near as I can figure, I’m supposed to link to my first Fun Monday post (called ‘Your View’ at the time), and then link to my very first post. Seems easy enough…

Here’s my First FM post: Fun Monday #1

And here’s my very first post: My very first post

But I can’t leave you without a couple of photos, hell if I have to  write a post I may as well do it properly. I thought it would be a good idea to post a few current pictures, so I took these this morning. The main difference is that last year we were in the grip of the worst drought in our recorded history, things have changed recently…


and this is what greeted me at the door when I opened it to get a picture…

I took pictures of all the holes that Belle has dug in the past few weeks too, but I’ll leave that for another day. In case you don’t already know, this FM is being hosted by the the person who started it all, that horny redneck Christian woman herself…Vicki, so that’s where you need to go for the full list.

Have a Fun Monday!

50 Responses

  1. A whole year gone by already? It’s flown by.

    Your view does look a got greener this year mine would be pretty much the same old wet, grey and dull view that meets me daily.

  2. What a difference a year makes…. glad you decided to join in this week it wouldn’t have seemed right without you!

  3. Well, Im glad to see you are alive and kicking. I missed those pupplies. LOL.

  4. Well Im glad to see you are alive and kicking, not fried after all? The children are looking a bit put out there! Im glad to see them though.

  5. The best view from any front door always has puppies in it. Belle looks good. I think her place in life may be to make the other dogs just shine, you know?

  6. Things are greening up nicely there. It looks like a beautifully foggy morning and rather WARM compared to here. I think the high is supposed to be in the 20s again today. Brrrr!

    If I opened my front door at any given moment, I’d find a pile of cats. They all huddle under the front porch right next to the door hoping to get any heat that’s leaking out, and then they practically fall inside when the door is opened. They have the barn with the stacks of hay to burrow in, but for some reason they prefer this.

  7. 1) I thought we might see you today.

    2) I KNEW we’d see you today.

    3) That was kind of weird seeing my comment on your first post. I felt kind of naked reading it…especially since comments are closed and it’s just me and Swampy.

    4) Your title was really “cleaver”.

    5) It was clever, too.

    6) Glad you’re out of the drought so you can take a shower now.

    7) Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  8. This reminds me of the scene in the movie Hook where Lost Boys don’t believe Peter Banning is Peter Pan, but Pockets touches his face and finally recognizes him and says “Oh, there you are, Peter!” It’s my favorite.

    Happy Anniversary to you WT. It’s nice to see you this Sunday morning. Our temperatures are below zero and everything is a dull shade of gray. Glad you are doing well. I’ve missed you.

  9. You put the fun in my monday WT!!

  10. So, I finally meet the famous Willowtree. Love your posse and am wondering how much you had to pay the dingo to eat your Barbie.

  11. I really thought I’d read everything there was to read around here, but I hadn’t read those two posts or the ones around them, so it’s been educational. (Specially the parts about what you’ve had tied and what you haven’t). WHat happened to the collie?

  12. It was nice to read your first post…I hadn’t gone back that far yet. And as much as I love the ‘Shopping of various foods and household goods, it’s still nice to read your writing once in a while.

  13. Yay, real sentences from WT! 🙂 Happy Fun Monday Anniversary!

    Hi, Doggies! Now we know where you’ve been banned to while the kitties have been making their recent naughty films.

    Has it been gray and rainy there for long? If so, no wonder you haven’t been yourself lately. (It’s sunny here today! But it’s also zero degrees.)

  14. I am so glad that you decided to post for this Fun Monday. I was not actively blogging at the time of the first Fun Monday. Even if you and Vicki are not regularly active in the Fun Monday tasks, you started an event that has grown quite a bit since last January. Look at all the joy that is spread every Monday by this. Great picture of the dogs…

    Take care, Peter, I hope that this Monday is indeed fun for you.

  15. Beccy – My place hasn’t changed at all either, except for the weather.

    Chris – That’s what I was thinking.

    Karisma – Interesting…

    Sandy – Ahh, sort of…

    Jenni – Sometimes I get cats when I open the door too.

    Robin – Well of course my title is ‘cleaver’ it was written in June!

    Gawilli – I’ve missed me a bit too.

    Pamela – And you put the pun in pundit.

    Faye – You are indeed fortunate, I haven’t been granting audiences for some time now.

    Melissa – That Border Collie is Belle’s father. I’ll write a post about it for you.

    Jen – I agree, but I’m still having trouble snapping out of it.

    Kila – That may be the cause, I’m not really quite sure what the deal is.

    Molly – I think I still hold the record for the most number of Fun Mondays hosted.

  16. “That Border Collie is Belle’s father. I’ll write a post about it for you.”

    Willowtree, I can’t wait.

  17. you’ve made my heart happy.

    I’m so glad you posted this. I thank you.

    you linked to your posts, better than I what I have set up, I was going to copy and paste my post all in one. I like your idea better and if I were not at home on FLIPPIN dial up I’d change it. As it is now I do not have the patience.

  18. i would love to have that kind of space around my house, instead of traffic and cars and neighbors.

    now i’m going to read your inaugural post.

  19. hmmm. charmingly insecure and awkward.

  20. Kaycie – I have to assemble my thoughts as there’s actually two stories involved, and it’s a bit of a jumble.

    HRC/Vicki – Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Including the whole post means that people don’t have to follow links.

    Laurie I – Space, the final frontier…

    Laurie II – A good psychopath never reveals his true identity too early.

  21. Nice to “see” you again. I’ve been following your creative side, but other than HarHarharing, I wouldn’t have much to say. I hope you let those babies indoors.

  22. Gosh I feel like I’ve been in the twilight zone – I didn’t realise Belle had Border Collie in the genes. Does much cat-herding occur??

  23. G’day WT, nice to hear from you again, your lovely area is still looking good.

  24. Goddammit, Peter, now you’ve made me get all weepy. Ya big dork.

    sincerely, your newest blog buddy

  25. Glad to see you participating in Fun Monday this week. I’ve missed your Fun Mondays. Does look a lot better this year.

  26. Happy Anniversary! I am just thrilled to to see your typed words! Glad you came out to play!
    Loved all of the photos on both posts. Your first was amusing.
    Have a great evening!

  27. Glad to see you received the same soaking rain we did the other day. I bet the creek/billabong is looking a lot fuller than normal too.
    Mal 🙂

  28. You have a beautiful view and also a very cute reception committee ! I didn’t know FM last year so I had to put “fresh” pictures.

  29. Good Lord, My post will be lost in the muck and mire of the rest above. You have quite a readership – maybe its the dogs, though I am not sure what a dingo is, other than myths and legends. In any case, glad you are temporarily un retired and back to the Fun Monday post. Come by and visit when you can. See ya. NLM

  30. Ah..Willowtree..it is so nice to hear from you again..I have missed you, but I am enjoying your edited photos!! I love your pictures..I would love to live in the country, but I live in the middle of suburbia..maybe one day!!!

  31. Yes – much greener this year (especially the pasture in the background).

    Glad you joined in.

  32. SO glad to see you back!! If only temporarily…have missed you and your buddies!! Happy FM Anniversary!

  33. Love the pets at the door. That’s great.

    Happy Fun Monday.

  34. It looks so warm there. Much better than this snow and 10 degree high shit.

  35. Wow, what a nice view! I am jealous.

  36. What fun views. The dogs are a fun added bonus I’m sure! I like the tree and the view that goes on and on and on. Wow…

  37. That’s a fun twist – who greets you when you look at the view from your front door! Cute puppies.

  38. What cute dogs you have. And what a difference a year makes. Nice to see you’re still blogging (or blogging and pretending not to blog).

  39. Always love your pictures when I visit! The wide open spaces are nice.

  40. hehe…it looks like they are holding you prisoner!! 🙂

  41. Seems so weird to look at a picture with green grass and leaves on the trees when we’re sitting here with three feet of snow. And I wish I had three greeters like that.

  42. happy anniversry to fun monday

    glad to see you post today

    the pups look adorable as always

    your yard looks fantastic;)

  43. what cute little faces, all so patiently waiting!

    must be great to look out and see green again. drought is demoralizing.

  44. Oh look at those sweet pups awaiting you!

    Nice to see words again!

  45. Gorgeous Tree!! I’d love to have on in my yard!!

  46. I love that tree!! You have a beautiful view!!

  47. Willowtree! Your wife is from Montebello??? I graduated from Montebello High in 1968..
    It’s a small world after all.

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