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The saga of Bobby (i)

So let’s begin…

A year ago we were in the grip of a devastating drought, and many of my neighbours had reduced the their stock numbers to match the available food, which was extremely limited. My nearest neighbour, Brett, the guy I bought my place off, has a paddock that borders my place. This paddock had enough ground cover to keep his five bulls going for a while, but with the creek completely dried up he couldn’t put them there unless he got some water from somewhere. That somewhere was me.

Brett had called me the day before to ask if he could use my bore to fill a stock trough for his bulls (these things work on a float valve so he didn’t mean he just wanted to fill it once, it’s an ongoing thing). Seeing has Brett has a nice big tractor and lots of meat, and the water doesn’t cost me anything anyway (except the electricity for the pump), hmm did I just write that? What I meant to say was…being the fine, charitable neighbour that I am, I said "Sure why not".

While we were out the back of my place talking about getting the water hooked up two dogs appeared out of nowhere, and began sniffing around my feed shed which was about 100 yards away. One was a Border Collie, a fairly common breed around here (although Kelpies are even more common as they seem to be more hardy, plus they are good with cattle too), and the other one, much to my surprise, was Beagle. I was surprised because most dogs around here are working dogs, either Border Collies and Kelpies as I just said, or Heelers and Pig Dogs. That link to the pig dogs is interesting (I found it through google), he actually lives not far from me, and he does most of his hunting in this area, scroll to the bottom to see what they hunt. So to see a Beagle, which isn’t good for much of anything really, was quite a shock.

I called them, but while the Collie came straight to me, the Beagle was was more wary, and wouldn’t come anywhere near us. We tried for a while to coax the beagle but it would have none of it, eventually trotting off across an adjoining paddock. As I was just about to leave to do my monthly shopping, I put the stray in the yard with Bentley and Buddy. When I returned home about five hours later (it’s an hour’s drive each way), I found that Bentley had yet again managed to make a hole in the fence and had escaped with Buddy, and there was no sign of either of them. The stray however was just sitting there on the front porch.

He had the sweetest nature, despite being filthy and apparently on the brink of starvation. It looked like he’d been on he road for some time, although in truth it’s hard to tell, as most dogs where I live are working dogs and tend to be both very dirty and very skinny, unlike my guys who are companion dogs. So I called him Bobby and gave him something to eat. The next day I gave him a bath…


He scrubbed up pretty well, and he fit right in, though as you can see from the photo, Bentley wasn’t all that impressed with the turn of events! If fact his initial standoffishness eventually developed into an all out hostility, which was more humorous than dangerous, plus Bobby didn’t even seem to mind anyway. He did get on pretty well with Buddy though. Actually Buddy gets on with everyone, which is strange becasue he always barks and growls at dogs  on TV.


31 Responses

  1. what a kind soul you are, taking in the scrawny starving border collie.

    i love that line, “beagles aren’t good for much of anything.”

    1/16th of Riley would disagree.

  2. Congratulations on the newest member of your household. That’s a real Noah’s Ark you’ve got going there.
    Good on ya, matey!
    Mal 🙂

  3. Yeah…so then what happened?

  4. He cleaned up very nicely. I can’t wait to hear what happened.

  5. So is this your version of how to keep an idiot in suspense?

    What happened next?

  6. I’m surprised you haven’t posted this picture before now….

    staying tuned…

  7. I remember when this all went down last year. For those who can’t wait for the next installment hit the archives, but I’m enjoying the fresh treatment of the story and the pet pics. (Pet Pic Post #483)

  8. I love a good animal story!! Poor little guy looked so pitiful in the first story! Can’t wait to hear the next part!

  9. Aww, he looked much better after his bath. His coat was actually quite glossy.

    Beagles ARE good for something, Charlie Brown!! Shame on you!

  10. Melissa – They’re no good for anything around here! They don’t respond to voice commands, an essential criteria for working with stock.

    They smell things and chase rabbits, that’s all they do…oh, and they make great family pets.

  11. After seeing that last photo on the pig dog link I’ll stick with the collie they are much sweeter natured!

  12. He definitely scrubbed up pretty well.

    The look on Bentley’s face says a lot, lol.

  13. What? No Australian shepherds?

    That was very interesting about all the different breeds, especially the pig dogs. Them’s some big pigs! I hear people hunt wild boars some places here, but we don’t have them in Kansas–at least not to my knowledge. Now I’ve got to go look it up.

    Bobby doesn’t look all that skinny in that photo. Were his ribs visible? Our Aussie has always been more of a slender build than a lot of Aussies. We fed him well trying to fatten him up and gave him all the proper veterinary care, but he never filled out much until he was about three. He’s still not as stocky as a lot of the Aussies I see.

    Anyway, you’re a good person to take all these animals in. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.

  14. Who’s taking who in WT? I think the animals are winning.

  15. speaking of skinny, did you notice how thin a few of those boar dogs appear? I suppose it is healthy to show ribs. (mine disappeared eons ago)

    I need to go back to the archives. I must have suggested a different name and then been pleasantly surprised when you chose Bobby. Much has happened in a year. (Just yesterday I see the handsome Aussie, Heath Ledger, has passed away. Much much too young.)

  16. Dogs that bark at other dogs on the TV crack me up. Do they not realize how silly they look?

  17. Wow. The bath sure helped. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    p.s. that’s a really big pig in that link.

  18. I remember when all of this happened!!! Do you still see Bobby around at all?

    The Kelpie reminds me of a Doberman Pinscher crossed with a Mallinois. and those pig dogs – they look way too tough. I’ll stick with my sweet slobbery dogs.

  19. I have not been able to watch a dog show on TV in years! Not since the day Duck knocked the TV off the entertainment center trying to get at that beagle…lol.

  20. That was mighty neighborly of you.

  21. Did that person up there give it away when he or she said “Do you still see Bobby around at all?” Waiting for next installment.

  22. Did you see the beagle again?

  23. I just LOVE stories where strays find a home! Keep up the good work, WT.

  24. your such a good hearted sort.. ohh did i say that out loud?

    I mean for shame

    i like to see you telling stories again WT;)

  25. I am loving this tale already.
    Can’t wait to read the next part.

    I just finished Robert Kaleski’s Australian Barkers & Biters It’s a re-print (and pricey!). Did you ever read it? It’s got some rather amusing ideas, as it was written in 1914 and alot of it is, by what we know today, WAY OFF BASE! but hysterical! He’s got some interesting views on female dogs (and women in general), but he discusses at length the types of dogs used in Australia at that time, and why, and what he thinks of them. The beagle amongst them.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, was enlightened and delighted and it’s the best $30 I’ve ever spent on a book!

  26. He did scrub up nice, didn’t he? I think he fits in quite well. So did he not have a microchip? These days most dogs do seem to have them. I wonder where the Beagle has gone, useless or not I hope its okay.

  27. Jenni – There are very few Australian Shepherds in Oz, in fact I don’t know if there are any, I’ve never seen one, that’s probably because they are an American breed.

  28. Yay, a new serial! I enjoyed Part One. We didn’t hear all these details last year.

    A guy will do anything to get some meat.

  29. Yes, he does clean up well – what a nice, shiny black coat! And a nice, shiny red Yamaha keyboard, thing, too! Is it a keyboard or some sort of accordian?

  30. LOL @ Mark and Kila!!! So glad he’s still keeping count!!

    Bobby,I keep hearing Bobby Bucher saying “She showed me her boobies and I liked them too!” Is that how Bella came to be?

    I wonder if Bobby didn’t stick around because you don’t have “high quality H2O”!!!

  31. I might be cheating reading both part 1 and part 2 on the same day. And now to read more about Bobby.

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