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The saga of Bobby (ii)

For those of you who seem to only look at the pictures, I must remind you that all this happened a year ago…

Bobby spent a glorious two weeks with us, running along the beach holding hands, enjoying picnics in the forest amongst the quaint woodland creatures and spending idyllic nights sipping French champagne and eating beluga caviar. He was proving himself to be a better pet than either of the two ungrateful, unresponsive and downright dumb bastards that actually were my pets.

He was way more affectionate than either Buddy or Bentley, because he would come and hangout with me even if there was no promise of food. And as for responding to commands, well let’s just say that he did and the other pricks didn’t. Without even realising it, I was starting to favour Bobby over the others. Ha! of course I realised it, do you think I’m stupid? This eventually led to some ill will between Bentley and Bobby. Buddy was ok with it though, he’s used to being the low dog on the hydrant.

This period was not without it’s laughs, you see, Bobby was a Border Collie, so the fence that kept the other guys in, except for when they made holes in it like this (which is pretty often, I’ll tell you about it in detail one day)…


As I was saying, the fence is only waist height, and while that’s fine for beagles and pugs, border collies just laugh at it, in fact Bobby could jump it without even touching it. So I had no way of keeping him in, which didn’t seem to matter as he would always come back anyway, which is where things got really funny.

Whenever Bobby would jump the fence, Bentley would do is darnedest to keep him out. He’d go to wherever Bobby was about to jump back in and position himself roughly where he was expecting Bobby to land, and just bark at him. Bobby would counter this by running to another spot on the fence-line, but  Bentley would try to block that entry as well. This could go on for an hour or more, and it probably would have been a good idea to get a picture… d’oh! The closest I got was this one…


This is an actual photo of what I just described, unfortunately they were too quick and Bobby was out of frame to the left. Sometimes they run the entire perimeter many times, and other times they just go back and forth along about 50 feet of fence. They’d do this until one of them gave up. It if was Bentley who gave up, Bobby  would just go a few feet down the fence and jump back in, if it was Bobby who gave up, he’d just wait until Bentley came inside, then he jump back in.

Everything was fine, until one day Bobby simply didn’t show up after I let him out at around 4:00am to have a pee…

25 Responses

  1. Oh No! Was bobby hit by a train? Was he crushed by a plane? Maybe smashed by a crane? Fall down a drain?

    On a separate note, you should photoshop, ahem, use paint to give Bentley a cape in that action shot. I swear he’s wonder dog.

  2. There has to be more. Tell me there’s more to this story, WT.

  3. I know the ending, but it is still a good story!!!

  4. you would think that mesh would yank their toenails out.

  5. The “running along the beach holding hands” really cracked me up – I was picturing it all in slow motion. To the tune of Chariots of Fire or something equally stirring.
    Looking fwd to pt iii.

  6. Omg, like Melissa I had the tune to Chariots of Fire running through my head when reading the beachy-holding-hands bit.

    I can’t remember how it all turned out, so I wait with baited breath.

  7. Hey – come have a look at my latest post. There’s something there for you.

  8. Must have been hard work to get the chicken wire dug in under the ground like that.

  9. This jumping the fence reminds me of a rescue dog we had when I was a kid who used to jump a wall that was over 6ft. I may have mentioned this before, but I must do a post on it sometime!

  10. Okay in my defense! I don’t just look at the pictures but sometimes I do kind of skim the writing when Im in a hurry! My bad! But when half a dozen people are nagging at you, when you are blogging as opposed to just hiding and cutting off their hair (I know which one I would prefer) I sometimes skip bits. I therefore hang my head in shame for about 2 seconds for missing the “about a year ago”.

    Well we are still in a drought down here WT! So the council keep telling us anyway! Its been raining a lot lately though! And also I was still in shock yesterday after shopping for the motor cylcle gear. I hate this sport already, its far too expensive.

  11. Good story! The plot thickens!
    Mal 🙂

  12. this is hilarious. poor bentley. i can just picture it.

    odd, though, i didn’t know border collies jumped. boscoe has never jumped once in his life, and has to gather himself and kind of sigh and steel his nerves before jumping on the bed.

    riley, on the other hand, is an incredible jumper, and he has beagle in him. he has cleared Lo’s six-foot-fence more than once. but for some reason he has never once tried to escape from our yard, and our fence is only about four feet.

    weird ass dogs.

  13. So, how many installments do you expect to get out of this? I’m on the edge of my seat here.

  14. What kind of creature would leave “idyllic nights sipping French champagne and eating Beluga Whale eggs?” I just hope Bobby is ‘ok’ but for Bentley’s emotional well-being, maybe he found a better home that feeds him steak and potatoes and beer.

  15. It’s nice to see you writing. I’m guessing something tragic happened to Bobby, but I hope I’m wrong. The whole “Belle’s father” thing sounds somewhat…soap opera. But I’m loving it.

  16. My husband used to have a German Shepherd who could jump the fence out of the yard and then sat and whimpered on the other side till someone opened the gate so he could come back in. Flat ground. No hill, no slope, no incline. No brain.

  17. I told you yesterday he left due to the lack of “high quality H20”, and I’m sticking to it!

    I’m really enjoying reading your words,and seeing your photos!

  18. Your critters crack me up… and who says they don’t have personality.. my mean mans best friend. All the pups I have had or known had more personaltiy then some folks 😉

  19. So funny imaging that scenario in my head. Dogs are too cute and so conniving. One of my Mom’s dogs will hide the annoying squeaky toys that she dislikes from the dog who thinks they are so great.

    I don’t think I can bear hearing something bad happened to Bobby. You should put a disclaimer in the first line tomorrow to warn those of us who cry for no reason at all.

  20. I missed Bobby.

  21. I ain’t never see-ed Bentley move that fast!

  22. I swear if Bobby gets hit by a car in this story I’m never coming back. Ok that’s such a lie but I sure won’t be happy!

  23. This segment about Bobby starts off so happy with beaches and idyllic nights; and then, there is the unhappy turn of events. What is going to happened next?

  24. Oh…a cliff hanger eh? 🙂

    Great story. Funny how dogs just end up in your care. Dawn’s parents get dogs like that too. People just drop them off and take off. Eventually the dog comes into the yard with the other dogs. It just happened a few weeks ago…again. But they are keeping this one…

    Look forward to part 3.

  25. Great job on chapter two!

    I’m laughing, picturing the chasing and barking at the fence!

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