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The saga of Bobby (iii)

In the first two weeks that Bobby was with us, I tried my best to find his owners. I asked at the little (actually only) store in Willow Tree. I told them that I would hang on to him as long a possible so that if the owners showed up they could just give me a call (the only pound around here seems to have a 100% kill policy, which is not unusual in rural areas). I also took him to the vet to check for a microchip, but there was none, this is not unusual in rural areas either, despite the ‘Companion Animals Act’ stating that all dogs must be chipped (most dogs around her are considered plant and equipment rather than companions). I went to the neighbouring properties and asked if anyone lost a dog; zip, nada, zilch. So I had I assumed that he wasn’t a local and had probably fallen off the back of a ute (this is common in both rural and urban areas).

About three days after he went out for a piss, Bobby showed up looking for a bite to eat. Normally I would be a bit put out by this, I mean shit! I’ve got three cats that totally ignore me and then expect me to
feed them, why would I need a dog to do that? But there was just something about Bobby that was truly endearing, like the way he would come over once he finished eating, and put his head on my lap. And the fact that he seemed to be house trained (which was even more amazing since, as I found out later, he was not a house dog).

So for the time being, it was back to business as usual, as if he had never took off in the first place, and he really did fit in quite well, so much so that I decided if no-one claimed him, he was welcome to stay here. But then roughly a week after he came back he disappeared again, this time it was for about four days I think. Then just as before he showed up again. This happened couple more times before the light finally came on! I eventually came to the conclusion that he must live around her somewhere, even though I found it strange that I’d never seen him before. There was a house being built about 2 miles from my place, so thinking that he could belong to one of the tradesmen, I took him to the site, but no-one knew him.

I decided to put a note in his collar asking the owners to call me. I was getting a bit sick of feeding someone else’s dog! But before I could do it, he disappeared for the final time (the final time from my place, not the final time as in never to be seen again).

In case you didn’t believe me the other day when I said there were heaps of Pig Dogs around here, here’s a stray that I had for about 3 days before I located his owner.

And here’s Bentley trying to pork a pig dog (sorry, I couldn’t’ help myself).

The funny thing about this picture, is that between the three of them, there were only two testicles, and neither belonged to my guys!

Stay tuned, tomorrow you get to meet Bob and Julie (think Ma and Pa Kettle, but without the class)…

31 Responses

  1. “Trying to pork a pig dog” – pants-wettingly funny!!!

    You really really ought to write a book on living in rural Australia. These posts have ‘bestseller’ written all over them.

    I’m glad he wasn’t never to be seen again …

  2. I see things are getting back to normal around here – balls and animal fornication. I was just wondering today whether or not your puppy porn site was still in the works – clearly it is.

    PP (Pet Post) #493

  3. he looks like a brindle pit bull.

  4. I do like “the most dogs around here are considered plant and equipment”, that’s funny/sad/and true. Slightly better chance of being looked after than if you’re a humble ‘production unit’.

  5. Pamela – That’s pretty much what they are.

  6. You make an otherwise average story, hilarious, WT. lmao

    I posted doggie photos post-before-last…..just for you. They were just ANY dogs – they were cute wittle puppies.

  7. i love that they named the town after you.

    i like this story.

  8. I had to look up pig dog. These are dogs used for hunting pigs? I am looking forward to meeting Ma Julie Kettle and Pa Bob Kettle…or maybe not?

    Melissa in NZ does have a good suggestion; you could write a book about rural Australia. You could make millions.

  9. Pig dog? Why? I’ve never seen a brindled pig with that long of a tail.
    See that hose-thing-ama-jig? I’ve never been able to figure out how to get my hose on it.
    And yes, as for your comment at my place…there are STILL letters out of order on that post, but I gave up tryingn to get them all in odrer.

  10. I can see the local dogs know where to come for all kinds of freebies!

  11. I am wondering how you got Belle from this story. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  12. Can’t wait for the last installment…I hate serial posts. This is why I don’t watch soap operas. Well, because I’m impatient AND because they’re mind numbingly stupid!

  13. enidd loves these shaggy (well, smooth) dog stories.

  14. My Duck is 1/2 Catahoula Leopard dog. They are bred in Louisiana as pig dogs. Awesome dogs and very loyal. It is amazing to me, having grown up in “civilization” to now be a dog owner in a rural area. It truly is an entirely different mind set. This is a great story, Peter. Thank you.

  15. *snicker, snicker* “pork a pig dog”…. love it!
    Good one!

  16. The sad thing is I know who Ma and Pa Kettle are. You are dating yourself…again.

    Best line in this post: pork a pig dog.

  17. It seems to me that Bentley has an inferiority complex. First he tries to keep Bobby (bigger) on the other side of the fence and then he tries to hump another male (also bigger). Must be a short thing.

  18. porking dogs.. that should bring about some interesting internet surfing…

  19. Lol, I love the way you tell it as you see it!

  20. Well there is one thing you can say about Bentley – he has high aspirations.

  21. You are such a nice guy WT!! Hmmm..I wonder if we called pit bulls Pig Dogs they would get a better rap?? Looking forward to the next installment!!

  22. LOL @ Robinella!! I don’t want this series to end, as I am afraid that it means you will stop gracing us with your stories. I love your stories!!

  23. did belle get any of his good manners??

  24. Patiently awaiting next installment. I sometimes do serial posts. I now see why people get all antsy about them. Please post soon. Thank you.

  25. I have enjoyed the dog talk here. Along with the story of course. Willi tells tales about his Catahoula hound named Hank Williams and the various other hunting dogs his family had along the way including Blue Tick Heelers. Good stories. And WT, you do have a way of pulling a story along. Can’t wait for the next part.

  26. That last picture reminds me of the first dog my family had. He was the son of two wild dogs from the Canary Islands (my parents’ friends had adopted them and brought them home to Denmark). Beautiful dog, just gorgeous. The friends wanted to breed him, but he was very decidedly gay. Didn’t go for female dogs at all, but show him a good-looking male dog and you’d be in for something X-rated…

  27. lol.. the pig dog in your picture looked pitt but I followed the link and they look more massive.

    Thanks for the tale of tails! 🙂

  28. Shame on you, Bobby. What a two-timer! 😉

    I remember you being worried about him when he would disappear.

    Most likely all the cats and dogs in a 50-mile radius have heard about you and your hotel.

    Looking forward to iiii!

  29. Never heard of a pig dog. Of course we don’t have wild pigs here. Their balls would fall off in the winter and there would be no more breeding and thus would become like the Dodo here in Canada.

    Funny about the dog mounting effort!! Look forward to Part IV.

  30. I’m not sure what’s funnier, Bentley trying to pork the pig dog…or you grabbing your camera and taking a picture of it!

  31. you say pork a pig dog?

    why do they call pits a pig dog?

    do i want to know?

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