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We’re in good hands.

The hands are good, it’s just a shame they are attached to a knucklehead…


34 Responses

  1. Oh good grief. Cringe-cringe-cringe.

  2. Does this require a comment!!LOL

  3. It would be funny if it wasn’t so maddening.

  4. It boggles my mind to try and figure how that idiot got in office and stayed there. Makes me wary of my fellow Americans.

  5. god, even his dog is afraid of him.

  6. ps i watched this in sort of horror three times.

    but the “terriers everywhere” made me laugh each time.

    even as i was filled with despair.

  7. I am just mortified.

    I know it’s not fashionable, but I liked it much better when we had a Rhodes Scholar in office. He rarely said things like “he and her”. Jeez.

  8. How did he get in office? Well, people like me voted for him. Twice. He seemed better than the alternatives to those who voted for him. I’m still not sure those alternatives would have done any better. Perhaps they would have done worse. We’ll never know. Am I entirely pleased with the job he’s done? Well, no. But we just can’t say if anyone else would have done better. *I* certainly can’t say what the proper course of action would have been. Maybe we need to get one of these detractors I hear on the street or on the internet who think *they* somehow know how it all should have been played out into office. Any takers here? Fact is, I wouldn’t want the job. I wouldn’t want to be followed around every moment of my life by people who are waiting for me to slip up. I’m sure they’d have many more bloopers for me.

    All that’s not to say that I don’t find these little clips funny. I laugh every time. I just don’t think it means that the man is a complete idiot and it doesn’t horrify me or frighten me to see his blunders. And I think it’s kinda funny to see him flippin’ the bird. I’d love to know the context of that.

    And finally, are there any good politicians? Perhaps the only good politician is a dead politician. We need more public servants.

  9. Yay, Jenni! Thanks for saying what I couldn’t find the words for. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a Texan!

    Yeah, they are funny. Yeah, they are goof-ups. Yeah, they are taken out of context.

    The last perfect person? They crucified Him.

  10. I agree that these are taken out of context, that most are bloopers, no public speaker is free of slip ups…but…he is an idiot and I think that for the most part he has made it so far up the political ladder by name and linage, and by being told what to do every tiny step of the way by SMART political advisor’s.
    Just like no amount of make-up is going to cover up ugly, you can’t hide stupid either.
    Where’s Marge?

  11. I can’t even watch. I just can’t. I got half way through and had to stop.

    How many days are left? Too many.

  12. Is the trivia challenge not working today?

  13. Never mind. I finally got in. It looks like I may have been the first to play, too.

  14. That did make me laugh.

  15. Hey there WT, I can’t even watch the clip because I don’t want to see it. But I decided to hold compliment instead of comment day today and I wanted you to know that you were my first commenter and you gave me advice that has kept me going for over a year. Plus I love your sense of humor. Keep it up. (Sorry about not watching your clip)

  16. Oy. Just… oy.

    (but pretty funny, though)

  17. What is this? Idiot day?

    Yeh. Must be;).

  18. yes, it will take time to restore the chaos…i’m certainly hopefuler for it!!

  19. Hmmm. Yes, I voted for him twice too. I would never have wanted a new face in the middle of a war. I think these are taken out of context and like Jenni said, I wouldn’t have done any better.

    That doesn’t mean I like him. He was just a better (?) choice in the polls. My hubby likes to vote for the 3rd party choices just to snare votes from the R and Ds. I’ll be following suit this year. Besides I like Ron Paul.

  20. I’m hoping that in future Americans will not vote, as they have twice in recent history, for a candidate who clearly says they do not believe in government. It’s too important a job to leave in the hands of someone who philosophically believes he/she can’t succeed.

  21. I can’t (and won’t) watch him. He’s just an embarrassment, no matter what he’s saying or doing.
    We only have to wait until 1/20/09 for someone new(according to my bumper sticker!)

  22. Jenni – Just because you voted for him twice for President, doesn’t mean he’s not a knucklead, which I all I’m saying. However, even to this day, his 2004 election victory is suspect. If anyone has the time, you should read this article (obviously it’s biased, but it does cite references).

  23. WT, it is my personal opinion that he lost that election to Al Gore. I try not to think about it though. It’s pointless.

  24. The article is interesting. Unfortunately, I am at the point where I would believe almost anything of the powers that be.

  25. Too funny. I feel much better about our last few leaders after watching this. 😉

  26. I sent in an absentee ballot in 2004, I always wondered if they even bothered to count all of the absentee ballots. I still feel that there was a huge cover-up in ’04, that article just adds fuel to the fire, but what’s done is done. I do not think I will ever have faith in our election process again. I pretty much feel like my vote does not make a difference.

  27. You’ve been tagged. Go visit my blog if you want to play along. Thanks!

    And like Kaytabug, I’m not sure my vote’s going to make a difference.

  28. kaycie, no, you’re wrong. he lost the 2000 election to al gore.

    he lost the 2004 election to john kerry.

  29. I’m glad cameras aren’t following me around daily! I’d probably make him look good.

    He’s very smart, but not a gifted communicator. He did pretty well at delivering his speech Monday night, though. Overall I still like him. I’d probably still pick him over the current candidates.

  30. Ummm . . . isn’t that what I said, Laurie? I’m confused.

  31. Sooo funny. What a guy…

  32. Eeeek!

  33. Its a good thing you live so far away from that guy. He is our neighbour, and being good Canadians, we are polite to him…but we didn’t believe his WMD story 🙂

  34. im not touching that with a ten foot pole or lighting rod;P

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