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And a few Gratuitous pet pics….

So let’s wrap things up shall we?  A few points that should be made:

Percy and Marge are very nice people, in addition to being quite clean. It’s just a shame that they are a bit cavalier in their approach to keeping pets. However, having said that, all of their pets seem very affectionate towards them and none are the slightest bit afraid of them, that would indicate no mistreatment other than not having enough to eat.

Laddie has come back a few times since I brought Belle home, and he gives every indication of wanting to stay, but that’s more to do with the fact that I feed him. Now that I know he has a home, I no longer feed him, and whenever he shows up I take him back home. Because I don’t want them to know he’s been out and about, I usually just drop him off at the front gate as I don’t want to see him tied up. Unfortunately Marge caught me the last time, and she tied him up immediately.  I don’t think he’s been off the chain since, as I haven’t seen him.

Yes I would have liked to take the other pups too, I strongly suggested they give them to the vet to find homes, and even offered to take them in for them, but they declined. Last time I was there they were running around happily enough, but they did look a tad skinny.

If anyone can tell me exactly why they are called Percy and Marge there may be a prize in for you. But I stress, you have to tell me exactly (postage is brutal, so you really have to earn it!).

And now for the gratuitous pet pics, (lots of gratuitous pet pics, my apologies to those with dialup)…





and finally, the last time Bobby was here…

I just looked at the photo info and this was taken 6 months ago.

If you look at the first photo, you’ll see how long  Belle as been dragging stuff around, she dragged that thing all the way from the other side to the room. Oh, those photos are in chronological order (except for the last one).


32 Responses

  1. This makes Pet Pic Post #532 and counting. It’s just like the good ol’ days when you used to blog. I don’t know why you’re apologizing to the dial-up people, you should really be apologizing to me, you crotchety animal hater.


  2. I love the picture of Belle and the empty coke bottle. Bug, my used-to-be-at-work dog, played with empty coke bottles ALL the time!

  3. it’s weird of me to love a dog i’ve never met, but i sure do love that little belle.

    what a face.

  4. Well, she is pretty cute. Only problem is, since she’s gotten bigger, her ears don’t look as good as when she was a pup, they’re a bit small now.

  5. Great pics..Belle is adorable.

    I can’t figure out Marge and Percy. I thought at first they were from one of the shows, but I don’t see them in the cast…then I thought and thought…and I don’t know…DAMN..I really wanted to win something!!

  6. I don’t ever complain about the gratuitous pet pictures because they’re almost always your dogs. As long as you leave the cats out we’re cool.

    I’m thinking about Percy and Marge and know that I’ll go down in flames trying…oh well.

  7. Cute pictures. I love the way she is trying to take up ownership in the first picture. You have to give her an A for effort.

    Well Im not sure about the names, but for some reason I thought of the Sullivans, now that takes me back.

    My grandfather was called Percy and my mums name is Marge.

  8. Cuteness overload!!

    Thanks for the update/wrapping up. So important.

    I sure love your wood floors.

    If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I hope to be your pet. (Oops, never mind, I can imagine where a male mind will go with that…)

  9. Funny you should say that, there’s a likelihood that a post about that very thing may appear next week. And now your comment my even be included.

  10. Great pics of the family!! They sure look comfortable.

  11. That’s nice and tidy, all the loose ends sorted. You’d make a good knitter.

    And Belle has lived up to her name – she’s gorgeous. Her coat looks so soft!

  12. Percy (I know Percy in Harry Potter books and in Thomas the Train)
    and Marge as in Marge Simpson???

    Sorry I assumed she lacked grooming habits because she drank too much. My apologies to Marge.

    Belle has a long tongue!! I guess that is the one that she’s getting friendly with now days?

  13. I have tried to figure out the percy and marge thing and I am coming up blank. Can you send me something anyway?

  14. just keep the gratuitous pet pics coming. 🙂

  15. I LOVE all these pics….they are so precious! Very cute!! I can’t figure out the Percy and Marge thing….but I’ll keep trying…

  16. I even tried to cheat but I’m coming up blank on the old Percy and Marge thing.

    Belle is just adorable and I’m glad the other dogs are ok, it’s a shame they don’t get fed more.

  17. Doesn’t Belle have the most expressive face?! I LOVE HER!! The 2nd and 3rd photos killed me. Just slayed me, I tell you.

  18. My first thought was there has to be a Simpson connection as in Marge- because Bart had a dog called Laddie but Percy- don’t know- there was a Percy Simpson(1789 – 1877) in Australia; grasping at straws really!!

    All gratuitous pet pictures gratefully received!

  19. Once again you have shown your kind and generous nature. Some of us were having Marge and Percy hauled off to the hoosegow, and you quickly tell of their kindness.

    Although this is probably not the answer, feminist author, Marge Piercy, wrote a poem titled Barbie Doll. You like the connection to your blog name,

  20. Belle is such a doll.

    What, Percy and Marge aren’t their real names?

  21. You told us initially that Marge and Percy were like Ma and Pa Kettle. In the Ma and Pa Kettle movies, Pa was played by Percy Kilbride and Ma was played by Marjorie Main.

  22. Molly is a brilliant person. I don’t think I would have thought of that. But I’m not thinking of much, anyway, dazzled by puppy cuteness.

  23. I give up I really think that Molly got this one. I absolutely adore Bella. The 2nd pic is my fave. Thanks for the wrap up and Bella photos!!

    Looking fwd to more posts!! 😉

  24. Belle’s face is so darn cute, her expressions are priceless! Too funny how she drags things around. Maybe from having to fend for herself and dragging food back to eat so young? Can you tell I always wanted to be a psychiatrist growing up :o)

  25. I think you nailed it, Molly!

  26. I love that second photo. She sure is photogenic. Dim, but photogenic.

  27. Sweet baby Belle.

  28. no such thing as gratuitous pet photos. just makes me want to hug ’em all!

  29. Belle is just adorable. I can’t wait till we have another dog. I miss having muts about.

  30. see that is what i get for not keeping up on my blogs.. i miss a contest… not that i’d have won but that is so not the point

  31. SO adorable!

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