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Public Service Announcement(s)

As you know I don’t blog on Sundays (my Sunday, I don’t care what day you’ve got), some folks think it’s because I’m lazy, while others believe I’m part of some weird religious cult (like catholicism), but neither of those are correct. The reason I don’t post on Sundays is that as my posts are so rich in content, so utterly thought provoking, so side splittingly funny, that I’m afraid I could cause permanent brain damage to my loyal readers if I subjected them to it everyday. I have therefore taken it upon myself to ensure that you all have at least one day’s rest in order for your brains to recuperrate.

However…Seeing as how Lost is coming back (okay, I know it’s already back on in the States, but it’s not on here yet), I thought I might make you aware of this little gem. This is essential viewing if you have never seen a single episode but would like to start watching in the third season, or if you are like me, and have watched from the beginning but still have no fucking clue what’s going on…

Now, as for the little pseudo competition; I did say, and I quote "If anyone can tell me exactly why they are called Percy and Marge
there may be a prize in (sic) for you. But I stress, you have to tell me
…you really have to earn it!

No-one got the answer I was after, so here is the why:

I live in near a very small town (I don’t actually live in it), where everyone knows everyone (except me, they don’t want to know me, and I don’t want to know them), and Bobby’s owners are both 4th generation locals so they are obviously quite well known (that, and they are the local quirky identities). I knew I would be writing some less than charitable things about them so I decided to use false names, akas, handles, nicknames, fake IDs, noms de plume, aliases (I have left anything out?).

Molly correctly figured out the ‘where‘ their names came from, it was a reference to Ma and Pa Kettle (played by Percy Kilbride and Marjorie Main) which, if you had been paying attention, is what I initially called them in the same post that I actually used their real names (part iii in case you are wondering). So that’s why I made it a bit more difficult, after all there was an all expense paid, trip to Australia up for grabs!

But just to prove I’m a good sport Molly, if you give me your details, I’ll send you some really tacky, chinese made Australian souvenir.


30 Responses

  1. never seen lost. never gonna see lost. the only reality tv that interested me was the goths on amazing race, and they lost.

    molly was very very smart. she probably didn’t really want to go to australia, and so very carefully made sure she didn’t win the grand prize, but just the consolation prize.

    she’s that smart.

  2. I’m lost. What?

  3. You totally had me stumped with your quiz last post. I’m making myself feel better by telling myself the only reason I didn’t get it right was because I must be too young to know of ma and pa kettle. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the Lost update….I watched 2 episodes of Season 1 and about 6 episodes of when they let the number count down to zero – and never knew what happened after that.

    I still won’t watch it, though. Too confusing. Miss an episode and you are screwed.

  5. I quit watching lost when the polar bear appeared on that tropical island.

    No great loss.

    I knew I knew the answer to your ma and pa quiz but I just kept getting hung up on Marge Simpson. Too much TV for me!

  6. You watch Lost?


  7. don’t. won’t.
    I’m on strike.
    PaMa Kettle. Of course.

  8. I’ve never seen lost, but after that 8 minutes, i might reconsider. Damn you.

  9. You’re welcome.

  10. BRILLIANT my dear WT!!! I’m a Lost freak too, but I did have to laugh at that clip! Let’s hope that we figure out wtf is going on…you have to admit it is frustrating.

  11. I only ever watched a few episodes but having viewed that clip I’m now curious to see more or maybe not it’s all rather confusing!

  12. damn you WT. i stayed up half the night playing zork!
    only to be killed by the troll in the basement.

    go check the photos on my blog today (US sunday). see if rileys face doesn’t echo belle.

  13. I love Lost. And I don’t know why. It’s kinda like a bad itch, that when scratched yields intense pleasure/relief, but rears up again sometime later. Much to my annoyance.

    We’re dying to see Season 4 (it’s not on here, yet, unless you subscribe to Sky…so we’re waiting for it to be aired on freeview channels).

    Loved the clip. Hilarious and cleverly put together. It even answered a couple of things that hadn’t clicked for me.

    Your contest had me stumped too. But of course….ma and pa kettle.

    *yawns* (hey I’m tired and I just ate 4 chewy oatmeal raisin biscuits/cookies and that always makes me feel like I wanna lay down and yawn. So there you have it.)

  14. Appreciate the rest from the thinking and laughing. It’s just too, too much for me. I mean, even your PSAs had me howling…

    As for Lost. I wasn’t going to watch, had had enough of getting 5 questions for each answer and then the writer’s strike happened and there I was, watching. And am as confused as ever, but so far, sorta enjoying the confusion.

  15. I’ve never watched Lost but I’ve heard it was pretty good. Now I see it just might be. Now….to get control of one of the TVs…..

  16. I am so glad you watch LOST! I LOVE LOST!
    Can we speculate together?
    Let me just tell you that the first episode of season 4 leaves you more confused and LOST than the season 3 finale…but it is still so GOOD!!

  17. Ahem, well, I really do not need a prize. I just like to win. But then again as you say (and it was your contest, Peter, so you get to say), I really did not win. When you referred to Bob and Julie as Percy and Marge, I was bewildered. At that point, I thought that Percy and Marge were their real names. I am glad that you clarified in your epilogue that Percy and Marge are nice people.

    Since my all expense paid trip to Australia for two is out, I do have another suggestion. I am e-mailing two other options.

    As for Lost, I do watch from time to time, but it does seem so confusing. I save my television watching for an unamed doctor program on Thursday.

  18. I can’t get enough of that Lost clip it is brilliant!

  19. I think that clip just about sums up the whole show. They pretty much dragged it out in each episode and didnt tell you much at all. I think I gave up early on in season 2.

  20. Whew.

    Now I’m lost as well.

    I’ve never watched an episode of it, so thanks for the CliffNotes. I’m all caught up now!

    Not sure I could watch the show. The scenery reminds me of certain islands, which makes me depressed since I’m not there. Maybe I could watch it in July, when it’s warm and green around here 😉

    Was a treat to find a Sunday post here!

    OT, I almost never remember my dreams, but last night seems like it was one long dream, in which you visited me, but I was living at a place similar to yours, and then for some reason I flew along with you back to Australia, to “see you home”, as if you couldn’t have done it yourself. Odd. I think I woke up with me still over there, driving in the middle of nowhere… We’ll just leave it at that…

  21. Kila – LOL, if you were driving in the middle of nowhere, you really may have been here!

    Now when you saw we flew back together, was than in a plane or not? and if it was in a plane was it Flight 815?

  22. WT–sorry to do this to you, but i had no choice.

    award for you at my place.

  23. ah. riley never smiles.

  24. I feel as if I’ve just come home from a nice vacation after the finale of Percy and Marge.

    “Lost?” Is that one of those shows on the television? I’ll have to get me one of those contraptions.

  25. I have no idea who Pa and Ma Kettle are??
    But erm, well done Molly.
    And thanks for the lost update. We watched series one, then couldn’t be arsed with series two. I might watch series three now that I’ve seen that. Very funny.

  26. Lost is my second favorite show! I don’t know what’s going on either!

    Percy? Marge? Ma and Pa Kettle?

    How long have I been away?

  27. LOL, it wasn’t Flight 815. (Great, now that’s what I’ll dream of tonight, landing on an island with Willowtree.) It was a large airliner, though. Perhaps Air Force One 😉

    We made pretty good time, so maybe it was the Concorde. Always wanted to fly on one of those. (I did actually see one, and saw it take off and land, during an air show.) Do you have any Concorde flights to write a serial about?

  28. I’ve never watched a single episode of Lost. I wear this like a badge of honor.

    Percy and Marge…. Hmmm… my guess would have been that they are called that because their real names are Percival and Margaret and those are too long to say all of the time so they got shortened. ;^P

  29. That video was special! It definitely made me recall how little I do know and gave me quite a laugh. I haven’t seen the new stuff yet. Now I feel too exhausted by that to watch it. It’s not like I will figure anything out.

  30. Thanks for that – the Lost update – watched the new ep on Sunday and was …lost! Now I’m found.

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