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Depends on your point of view

Some of you may think my dogs are pretty cool, Dirty Uncle Mark in particular seems to think Bentley is somewhat of a Superdog. When he mentioned this to me, I scoffed at the notion, as I see a totally different dog. So, in an effort to show me just how wrong I was, he sent me this photo which, he swears on a stack of bibles, has not been modified in any way whatsoever.

While I’m not about to call him a liar, I can’t help but think this at odds with the truth. But you can decide for yourself…

Okay, I accept that this paints an impressive picture of Bentley the Superdog. However, having just gone through a night of severe thunderstorms, and trying to get him to come out from under the bed, I’m afraid all I see is Bark Bent


34 Responses

  1. Superdog is adorable but Bark Bent just melted my heart!!!

  2. Well … even if he’s not Superdog … I do think he’s a super dog. He’s all squidgy round the edges.

  3. Wow, he can sure fly a long way.

  4. Well, I for one, totally believe it. Bentley ROCKS!

  5. Mark has got mad photoshopping skills, no doubts about that.

    But Bark Bent? Ooooo, I love those nerdy newspaper types!

    Stinkin’ adorably cute!

  6. Bark Bent rocks! Oh, Superdog is very impressive but you can just tell that he is full of himself. Bark Bent? sincere and loyal. Yep, that’s how I see it.

  7. I think I saw Bentley flying around and fighting Stewie from The Family Guy over a Diet Coke. (No, not during the Super Bowl, the morning after on You Tube!)

    We had severe thunderstorms here last night, too. We were supposed to get snow. I think I like rain better.

  8. Awesomeness. I love how his little eyes are all squinty from the bugs that are probably flying into them.

    He needs goggles.

  9. Maybe it is time to get a “dog cam” to find out the real truth – attach it to Bentley’s collar and then watch the final results.

  10. Every super hero has his kryptonite.

  11. Dude…you’ve outdone yourself with Bark Bent. That’s hysterical!

  12. I think I like Bark Bent better as well. I’d take him home anyday. If it weren’t for my cats, and stuff.

  13. Bark Bent! Hilarious.

  14. Bark Bent rocks!

  15. Difficult to choose, both are brilliant. Keep them coming!

  16. This is just plain awesome.

  17. Thank God you didn’t post this on Sunday. My brain might have exploded!

  18. Sorry I have been absent! (This last Fun Monday liked to have been the death of me…) Glad I came back in time to see Super-Bentley! And I glanced at your previous posts…the sores on the pup were too much to handle. That kinda stuff makes me cry.

  19. Yaayyy, Bentley!

  20. A geeky dog! The perfect combo.

  21. Bark Bent is pretty funny!

    I put up a pet picture today too – I mentioned you in the post.
    Thanks for the photo switching lesson.

  22. what I want to know is how Dirty Uncle Mark was able to take the picture? Does he secretly have a cape of his own?

  23. Vicki, I’m not sure if Mark has a cape, but he definitely has an overcoat, I’ve seen him wear it while he waits outside his old elementary school.

  24. Mark has got mad skills with the photoshop. At first glance I thought it was a still from the movie Underdog.

    I love your Bark Bent, but he is laying in the Superdog pose. He is giving himself away!!

  25. What is a “full post feed?” And how did I do it? And what have I done differently to accomplish it?
    I expect a full explanation ?

  26. Oh, I get it, Bark Bent and Bentley, the Superdog…very funny.

  27. Well since owr last name is Bentley it seems pretty coincidental that we just popped over now to check out your blog. Bark Bent is just way too cool.

  28. Vicki asked what I was going to ask: How did Mark get that photo? There are definately things about him we don’t yet know.

    Now you’re picking on Marnie by picking on her boyfriend? Even more fun.

    Is Superdog on his way to Lost?

    Can we call Bentley the Superdog BS for short?

    I like Bark Bent better, but only if he doesn’t bark.

  29. God Peter, everyone knows that all Super Heroes have their weaknesses. But maybe he is only afraid of Thunder in his Mild Mannered guise.
    As for his fearless side kick? “Buddy” is a dead give away.

  30. Doesn’t look fake to me….mind you I don’t have my glasses on…..

    What city is that?

  31. Sirdar – According to someone who used to come here a long time ago, but doesn’t seem to anymore, that’s Vancouver. And she should know.

    There’s someone else who should have known too, but I won’t mention Mark’s name.

  32. Bentley’s been riding the astral plane by the looks of where he’s been.

    I’m so glad to read this more elevated post after reading about Buddy’s bum thing. 10/10 for gross Willowtree.

  33. I think I am more of a Buddy fan myself. He has the different factor going for him!

  34. I do believe that is a most excellant pic of him;)

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