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It’s your turn.

Here’s your chance to show the world (well, at least the handful that read the Dingo at least) just how clever you really are. Here’s a cartoon just waiting for your amazingly brilliant input…

Fuck you

You may need to look closely at the picture to get inspiration, I have something in mind, and if anybody gets exactly the same as me, I’ll give you a prize beyond your wildest dreams (providing of course, that your dreams come in at under ten bucks).

So come on and put your thinking caps on, or to put it another way, put in a thinking caption. Dialogue actually, but that didn’t rhyme.

Update…I think the picture disguises the characters too much and therefore my intent, so here’s the original

to inspire you.

Update 2…My thoughts go out to all those affected by the tornadoes, especially those who lost loved ones. They may not get the headlines and ad nauseum updates, or the elaborate memorial services complete with the wailing and gnashing of teeth that they would have got if they were an actor that throws down a handful of extremely strong drugs and expires, but that doesn’t mean they’re worth any less.


16 Responses

  1. I think I tried to read deeper than I should have. Trying to think red hat? Fedora? Linux?

    I know the red hat is saying “Dear, you exhaust me”

  2. He says: “You mood seems a little black. Bored? Let’s paint the town red!”

    She says: “Not tonight, dear. I feel a liitle flat.”

  3. Him, “Wanna go for a roll?”

    Her, “Sure…drinks on me!”

    The song “Roller Coaster” is playing in the background ;).

    (btw, kind sentiments you added. While there was nothing of substance going on here despite warnings, plenty was going on just a few miles up the road–THREE of my relatives called to make sure we weren’t blown away!)

  4. I really think that Evenstar does have a winner, but you know it is a contest. How about?

    He says, “Oh my beautiful darling, how about a little roll in the hay.”

    She coyly responds, “Oh you big stud, shall we go to your place, or do you want to come to my flat?

  5. “Hi, I’m a paint roller.”

    “I’m a coaster.”

    Sorry. I’m not very creative.

  6. I am racking my brain and I’m getting tired. I see Robin’s comment and I feel there is no way I can beat that!

    She is a coaster,you know from the west coast.
    He is a roller with a bowler.
    See, I got nothin’, except what I gave you at my place!! Ohhh what a naughty way to tell you I gave you an award!!

  7. Him: “You’re what?”
    Her: “Yes, dear, in about 9 months, there will be a little roller coaster.”

    and, WT, dittos on the condolences. Very nicely put.

  8. That blew my head off!! And you look like a plank!

  9. Him: Here’s to me rolling all over your coaster.
    Her: Right on! Right on!

    WTF WT? I tried to participate butI’d rather just hear what’s in your head.

  10. I just can’t compete!

    Well said re: update no.2.

  11. I liked Robin’s…when do you give us your version?

  12. Well I even slept on it and I have nothing! I like Evenstar’s and definitely Sandy’s!! Hilarious!

  13. Him – A toast to the coast.
    Her – Baby, don’t paint me in a corner.

  14. Why does the coaster have clips on it??
    See, I wouldn’t have been able to do this because I didn’t realise it was a coaster till I read the comments.

  15. I am linking to you tomorrow.

    I come to say that

    and now I have to say that my heart is broken that I’m not a blog buddy.

    I will survive. No worries.

  16. Oh, I read you. I’m just not a blog anymore. Marnie doesn’t read you at all, though. I know that. She’s horrible that way. All that Canadian weather makes you cold-hearted eventually.

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