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Well that was a huge success!

To say that the response to my craption contest was underwhelming is putting it mildly.  While the response was small (what it lacked in numbers….it also lacked in brilliance), it was interesting. I now realise that not everyone has the same thought patterns as me, and I guess some might say that’s a good thing, go figure!

Evenstar, Robin and Sandy each deserve an award for excellence, it’s such a shame there aren’t any, so I’ll just give them some linky love instead. A few of you made the Roller-coaster connection, so to put you out of my misery he’s what I had in mind…



27 Responses

  1. A+ for Willowtree for abusing his commenters!

  2. Linky Love is way better than the last thing I got from ya ;).

  3. Ah, no comment!!!

  4. See, I um, thought that was a mouse pad. It is very funny though!

  5. I thought it was a mouse pad too!

  6. Why, thank you, sir. I am indeed honored to be linked to you!

  7. I was much too stupid to think of anything remotely apt so I didn’t even comment yesterday!

  8. Mark – Well d’uh!!!

    Robin – I need that other thing back if you’re finished with it.

    Molly – No reply!!!

    Melissa and ToB – No excuse!!

    Sandy – You’re welcome.

    ChrisB – Might I say, that was a wise move.

  9. Thowwy — I drew a blank – so just didn’t comment yesterday. Not after seeing evenstar’s entry, which I thought was good.

  10. TLG – Please refer to my response to ChrisB.

  11. You have to give us another chance … it’s quite fun playing …

  12. Yup, that’s exactly what I would have said.

    Your photo-making skills are impressive. How fun.

  13. the first commenters were so funny i got paralyzed.

    and i thought that was a mousepad, too. then i realized it was a beer mat.

    i still don’t see the roller coaster. oooooohhhhhh wait i just got it.


  14. my brain just does not work anywhere near the same way as yours.

  15. I keep missing all the fun! I really need to be a more consistent reader.

    Good choices – congrats winners!

  16. I am blind. I was first. I thought it was a mufller (as in part of an exhaust sytem) and so did you know who (the hubby)
    and we agreed it was a mouse pad.

    we are blind I tell ya. blind.

  17. i’m so confuuuuuused….

  18. Laurie, you made a good point, “my brain just does not work anywhere near the same way as yours.” Even WT mentions some of us might think “that’s good thing.”

    At first, I thought that the roller was a mailbox. But the close-up view did seem to be a paint roller. However, the lovely lady looked like a mousepad to me too.

  19. Well, I’m a little worried about myself.

    I swear, the first thing I thought was “roller coaster”. It seemed far too pedestrian to be what you were going for, so I didn’t comment.

  20. Seetheart? you’re pushing it willow…

  21. So glad I wasn’t here to leave a profound comment only to receive verbal abuse from the ‘pantied pirate.’
    Hey, knothead, please get over to my place sometime to explain your last comment. I’ve not a clue…watchutalkinboutWillis?

  22. I’m not participating any more.

  23. Roller…. coaster… oh, ha ha. groan. You kill me, dude! 😉

  24. Uhh….should we be wishing you and yours a Happy Anniversary?

  25. Mary – Come on, don’t be like that.

    Sirdar – No, ours in in November.

  26. At the risk of being annoying. I have tagged you. Play nice and I promise to cook you dinner one day! Thats a biggy for me, I hate cooking!

  27. well i’d say im sorry i missed the contest but in the end i think you lucked out cause i really don’t do well at them;) and you’d have to have felt nothing but pity at the lame things i’d have come up with ;P

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