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And you guys think I’m nuts.

I was dorking off when I came across this. Now these guys are really strange (I like the second clip best)…

Other Business…

Karisma tagged me today, and while I don’t do memes now, I used to. And as it happens I’ve done this one.

20 Responses

  1. Damn Willow…that was good!! wubube..whubuhbuwe…woo
    [WT – I’m trying to get the comment republished]

  2. hey…my first comment disappeared?
    [WT. TP is having a hissy fit]

  3. WTF??? the comments are broken!

  4. Me thinks Typepad is smokin’ pencil shavings as JulieBug would say.

  5. Well, at least it was easy for you 🙂 Thanks. I have never done them before this week either.

  6. Wow, considering the videos and the meme, WT, you certainly have a varied selection of literary taste, Herman Hesse and Star Trek, whatever version. You are right; those guys in the videos are strange.

  7. Those were funny. I think my favorite was when the 50 cent music came on! That was the schizze!

  8. New to your writings and I have to say each time I read something here, I pretty much leave laughing. Thanks for that. Loved the videos.

  9. And I still do. ;o)

  10. LOL, they ARE more whacked than you. Congratulations to them 😉

    I never could get into Star Trek, though my mom watched it regularly. She’s closer to your age than I am; it must be that I’m just too young 😉

  11. Ruth – Welcome and thank you for your comment, without you I wouldn’t have made it to double figures!

  12. This will make it a dozen.

  13. I have never been a Star Trek fan. Maybe this is why. It attracts people like this. FREAKS! (no offense)

  14. Funny ! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you come up with next time you’re “dorking off” !!

  15. I used to watch Star Trek religiously….not as religiously as some…I do have some dignity.

  16. I’m new here too…kind of.

  17. Okay. I’m commenting. Here’s the comment love.

    Better now?

  18. whew! amazing what bored, adolescent males can do with a few old clips, isn’t it?

  19. whew! amazing what bored, adolescent males can do with a few old clips, isn’t it?

  20. I do not like Star Trek. This I could watch. *LOL*

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