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Hairy Dotter



25 Responses

  1. Harry Potter (remember the three headed dog monster?)

  2. nothing better than worn-out dogs.

    i haven’t read harry potter.

  3. Pig in the middle??

  4. Guard dogs in training? I bet they were just having a rest from you putting them through their paces…right? 🙂

  5. Shades = 😉

    Pamela – Yes I remember Harry Potter (though not many will in a few years when the fad has died down; unlike Tolkien), and the dog’s name was Fluffy, but my reference is to the original three headed dog, Cerberus.

    Laurie – You’re not missing much. Despite all the hype and hysteria, it’s just pulp (and not overly original at that).

    Stu – Don’t you mean Pug in the middle?

    Sirdar – Nah, they’re just lazy bastards.

  6. What have you been doing to those poor dogs??

  7. Siamese dogs.

    They are still cute as ever. Look how much Belle has grown (looking at the picture in the sidebar as comparison.)

  8. I haven’t read Harry Potter either. Now, what did you do to these poor dogs???? They look exhausted!!

  9. Looks like you get the floor!

    (I haven’t read Harry Potter, either.)

  10. I’ll stand with Pamela, and admit to reading HP. They look angelic but I wonder what they are dreaming about!

  11. Chris – Oh I read Harry Potter too, well the first four books at least, which I found very enjoyable (though not all that original), she just milked it after that.

  12. Also haven’t done the great HP read, but they do look rather bewitching. Or bewizarding. Or just plain CUTE!!

  13. For Buddy, the results of all that in-breeding means he can still breathe in that position.

  14. 1) LOVE THE TITLE! Perfect! Bravo, Peter!!

    2) I read the series…BAH to all the naysayers!! It WILL stand the test of time (we’ll discuss in a few decades).

    3) # 2 is verified by my blog name, yes?

    4) Buddy cracks me up in that shot…which is pretty much what he’d be showing if he were as human as he thinks he is ;).

    Cute…REEEAL cute! 🙂

  15. I also read the first 4 but then lost interest. I did think of Cerberus, though, and not Fluffy when I saw the picture.

    Great shot – and Belle is growing up so fast!

  16. Belle is getting huge. And prettier. They all look quite happy.

    I read the first HP. I think at the time #5 or #6 had just come out. I read it, out loud, over many bedtimes, to my little guy. Never read another.

    My daughter has them all. She loves them, but at the tender age of 17, she said, “The last one is pretty good. At least she’s learned to write by the time she got to the end.”

  17. Blimey! I wonder where you find space to sit yourself? The floor, I guess? heh heh
    Mal 🙂

  18. They are just adorable. Hey Pamela and Robin, I’m with you!!
    But I have to say she took a lot of her inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien. Too many damn similarities, that started pissing me off.

  19. Never read the Potter books. Your dogs are so adorable that they almost make me wish I had dogs.

  20. You have a pink polka-dot couch? I love it. Please mail it to me WITH the three-headed dog.

  21. ok does this mean if i take a pic of annie and scooby curled up on there chair (yes they have there own chair) i will get as many comments?) LOL

    they are adorable

  22. Oh so cute!! They look like they’ve earned a big rest.

  23. seriously cute dogs – love their blankies :>

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