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A tune. (gazunheidt)

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like communicating? And even if you wanted to, the words just wouldn’t come. Oh sure, you’ve got all kinds of thoughts bouncing off the the old synapses like a box of ping pong balls emptied from hot air balloon on to a dance-floor, but they just don’t make enough sense to put on paper, or even to cast them into the great cyberspace beyond. No? Me either.

But if I did, I’d probably just post a clip of some sort. And I was really devoid of ideas, I’d probably just steal an idea from somewhere else, say, like Fun Monday for instance.

Here’s a song that has been one of my favourites since the early 70s. I’d always thought it was written about the end of the relationship she had with Graham Nash, but in researching it to make sure, it turns out that popular belief is that is was about her relationship with Leonard Cohen. Either way, it’s a hauntingly beautiful song…

I can’t say for sure that all the artwork is hers, but I’m assuming it is since not only is she an accomplished artist, but she did all the artwork for her albums. Oh, in case you’ve lived your life in a cave it’s Joni Mitchell.


34 Responses

  1. If I was devoid of ideas, I might just actually particpate in Fun Monday and other round robin activites like memes and Wildflowers in Winter. Luckliy, you and I are fonts of inspirational and entertaining ideas. Thus, people flock to our sites to write clever comments about our brillance.

    I like Joni Mitchell. One of my favorite songs, Suzanne, was written and performed by Leonard Cohen.

  2. Hmmm, it’s not up right now…I’ll check back later.

  3. Robin – Did you try a refresh? When I checked just now it wasn’t there, but I refreshed and it showed up.

  4. I love Joni Mitchell—but then I probably just dated myself, eh? The eh is added to make you wonder if I am canadian. not. But I do live in a city NORTH of canada but still in the states. Time to get out your atlas. I myself like this joni tune: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kdmFi1C8BKo

  5. Ruth – At first thought. I’d say Juneau, Fairbanks or Anchorage would be the likely cities, but then technically, a lot of New England is North of the Canadian border too, so too are most of the border states, seeing as the tip of Southern Ontario is so far south. (Oh, and I didn’t need an atlas for that, I’m not an American).

    So then, as a wild guess I’d say Detroit.

    BTW, I like ‘Help Me’ too, but ‘a Case’ is more in keeping with my mood for today better.

  6. Well, what a fun Tuesday post! I found so many cool songs when I was looking for myself the other day, I may be posting one every other day for a while. Just warning you.

  7. Will you be my internet valentine? Click here ______ for yes. Or here ______ for no. (Please to click the yes. Thank you).

  8. Joni had a relationship with Leonard Cohen? That thought boggles the mind. What would a Mitchell/Cohen composition sound like? I thought that song was about Nash too. Whatever. Doesn’t matter – it’s a great song. Another one that falls into the “hauntingly beautiful” category is “River”. Dammit! Now you’ve made me miss my music library…

  9. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


    Nina, I found him first 😉

  10. I’m not a huge fan of Joni Mitchel but she does have some interesting music. I liked this song.

  11. I love that song WT…glad to see you pseudo playing in on Fun Monday!!

  12. I could drink a case of you darlin’, and I would still be on my feet. What a line.

    For the Roses was my first Joni Mitchell album. Guess I’ll have to go get it out now. Thanks WT!

  13. Did Bentley and Belle toast little Uno for his Westminster win? Sounds like he was a noisy boy!

  14. That was a lovely sad song. And yep, I am having one of those days too.

  15. Ahhhh what a beautiful song. I love Joni’s music. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Aww, I love this song, so does my daughter and she sings along with it too:o)

  17. I was listening to her “Blue” album just yesterday. Brilliant, hauntingly-personal sounds.

    Mal 🙂

  18. Mmmm, I must have lived in a cave! Although I have heard of her, I am not familiar with this song, as lovely as it is…I was however, a toddler in the early seventies.

  19. The song is lovely but I really enjoyed seeing some of her art. I don’t think I realised that she was doubly gifted!

  20. That was a nice way to start the day…

  21. Beautiful. Thank you for this this morning, WT. I love Joni Mitchell, and not just because I grew up listening to her, though that makes for some fond memories. I didn’t know she was such an accomplished painter. Her artwork is as beautiful as her music.

  22. It’s a little nauseating that one person can be that damn talented. I hadn’t heard this song before, so thanks.

  23. or the other way around … it’s harder

    to hold back all the words and create something that leaves space for others to think upon, and project their subjective experience in their own words. Words are seldom open-ended when put into meaningful sentences

    some blogs are like newspapers, articles or books, others opens up new ways to relate to old stuff … ways You never thought of

    and Joni Mitchell are great!

  24. My comment has NOTHING to do with your post – (obviously)

    Last night’s Best of Show winner at the Westminster Dog show was – The Beagle.

    I thought of Bentley when they announced the winner.

  25. that’s a lot of words for someone with nothing to say!! 🙂 I’m always amazed by Joni Mitchell’s voice…there’s something so pure about it.

  26. I thought of Bentley also!

    I like Joni – Nice.

  27. I wasn’t born until ’67, but I can’t imagine not knowing who Joni Mitchell is or being unfamiliar with her music. I love her work.

  28. this brings back a lot of memories for me. mostly good ones, fortunately 😉

  29. Well coming in on the tail end of this…it was a lovely way to end the day. I think I’ll put some of her on my ipod. For whatever reason, nice easy music makes me more motivated that hard rock.

  30. That was beautiful. I have to confess I don’t know her music and only know of her from the Love Actually!

  31. I’ve been living in a cave with my DVD’s for company 🙂

  32. She has a very unique voice….haven’t heard her in quite awhile. We must be around the same age. And yeah…..little Uno was so proud to win! He was going AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo. Thought of your little beagle!

  33. I prefer the tori amos version.

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