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Consolation prize.

While I was having a pee this morning I got an idea for possibly the best post of my life. Unfortunately,  I forgot what it was. So all I can do is give you this lame consolation prize…


Look on the bright side, at least now you can catch up on your unread posts! (Yes I know there’s a spelling error!)


23 Responses

  1. I am saddened that it took me a good few minutes to work out the typo.

  2. Damn, that first comment should have read “FIRST!”

  3. ToB – Don’t worry about it, most people wouldn’t have noticed it, but there is a certain percentage of Dingo readers who are like me in their need to point out errors, mistakes, misinformation or general sloppiness. So I saved them the trouble.

  4. Hmm. The one on the left is a bit saucy, and the other probably feels quite empty inside. Shame.

    So, if you go have another pee, perhaps your bright idea will come back to you? Have a big glass of water, then wait 10 minutes (cause and effect), but for goodness’ sake take a pen and paper with this time!

  5. Or you could just do the eewwwwww thing and take your laptop in the toilet with you.

  6. I wanna know what the significance of the red hats are in these posts!

    I’d also like to know what’s so eewwww about the idea of a laptop in the toilet in these “productivity is paramount” times. Does TLG have issues with the idea of a bloke peeing sitting down?

  7. Melissa – There’s already paper, so I just need a pen.

    TLG – I don’t have a laptop.

    Evenstar – You obviously have no fashion sense, and btw, they’re not all red.

  8. Guess your great idea went down the drain. Shame.

    I’ve mentally written my best posts EVAH when waking up from a lucid dream, only to forget it the next day. One day I should sleep w/my laptop.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, WT!

  9. Oh god, that’s terrible! But made me laff all the same… thanks!
    Mal 🙂

  10. I’m hoping the tabasco had nothing to do with taking a pee. That might be a bit painful. Or exciting, depending on who you are. And you made them part of “The Red Hat Society”? I had no idea they had red-hatters in Australia.

  11. On the other hand, perhaps you meant the misspelling as part of the pun. You know… you(reself)meaning to be filled again. Okay, I made that up and that might be stretching the pun way too far.

    Maybe the red hats are festive Valentine’s hats. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Peter and your jovial commenters.

  12. i’ve often wondered why the verb is “having” a pee. or “taking” a pee.

    shouldn’t it be more like “doing” a pee, or “expelling” a pee?

  13. Not bad for a consolation prize~ well OK quite good really!
    Remember the eye reads what it thinks should be there, so we might not have noticed the spelling error if you hadn’t drawn attention to it. On the other hand someone would have been quite snarky about it just because it’s you!!

  14. I always thought it was just peeing! I love the cartoon – very seasonal. I always like my Valentine’s hot and spicy!

    And you’re right – we would have snarked.

  15. Happy Valentines WillowTree!

  16. Very good, I had to look closer for the typo too, would never make an editor! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. You could have photoshopped… err… painted them into designer dresses and the empty one says, “Paris, you’re still Hot,” and the full one says, “I know, but you’re not anymore, Nicole.” *

    * this does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the commenter.

  18. Happy Day!! don’t you just hate it when you go to all that trouble to photo edit something and then you get it uploaded on the blog and then you see an error. Errr. The hat on the left is worn my the ladies in the Red Hat Society around here.

  19. I love the pic. Red Hats are too cute. I am a red hatter…well pink since I am not of age to wear the red.

    Happy VD.

  20. Well look at that, your own little Red Hat club. Who knew.

  21. I heart you.

  22. I always dream great posts and then wake up and realize they’re shit.

  23. This cracked me up!

    And I’m like you – I come up with a million great post ideas and by the time I get to the computer they are gone…vanished…as if they were never there to begin with! Must be old age!

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