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Bentley 87 – WT 86

I’m only guessing the scores, but they would be pretty close.

Anybody see Uno win the Westminster Dog Show? Not only does he look like Bentley, he also has that same reserved nature that beagles are renowned for. Not. That’s just a brief glimpse into life with a Beagle, they are utterly irrepressible, but a hell of a lot of fun.

We’re all familiar with Bentley’s great escapes, but he’s gone crazy the past few days as the foxes and rabbits have been very active. I’ve had to patch the fence three times in the past week.

This is escape number 87…

But wait, I’m not out of the game yet…
Me and the crew got that baby patched right up! The scores are tied…for now.

Belle can’t understand why Bentley goes to all the trouble of making a hole in the fence when all you have to do is jump over it. She doesn’t know that Beagles don’t jump. Funny thing is, she won’t jump the fence unless Bentley has gone under it.


16 Responses

  1. Bentley will have to learn to make the ‘great escape’ some other way!

  2. Ha! He just keeps trying different spots until he finds a weakness, then he works on it until it separates. There’s over 250 metres of fence for the house yard and I’ve patched about 220m so far! But I’m getting there.

  3. the whole world now loves beagles. i was amused by one of the dog experts quoted in the story i read–“Get a fence.”

    perhaps he should have added, “and lots of extra chicken wire.”

  4. Clever boy, Bentley, trying out different sections of fence until he finds a weak point. I can just imagine the look on his face when Belle takes a flying leap over something he’s worked so hard to disassemble. Perhaps you could give him something else to take apart besides fencing? And I thought of you when I saw that a beagle had won at Westminster.

  5. Beagles don’t jump, but border collies do. Isn’t she part border collie?

  6. Beagles don’t jump, but border collies do. Isn’t she part border collie?

  7. Your yard is gonna be aMAZE-ing when all is said and done.

    Clearly, you will be victorious.

    Maybe ;).

  8. We are in a constant battle to block Buddy’s escape hatches. He’s finally putting on enough weight to not squeeze through some of his old hidey-holes.

    You could always market Belle as the amazing jumping Beagle.

  9. I know whereof you speak. We had a beagle once – well, I thinks she was a Beagle-Dalmatian mix, with all the stubborness that comes with that, plus a smidge of dimwittedness thrown in for good measure. But yes, a lot of fun. Loved watching/listening to her bark – there’d be 2-3 barks and then she’d get carried away with emotion, throw her head back and HOWL. So funny. Not sure the neighbours enjoyer her as much as we did, though. 😉

  10. Yes, I saw the show and was rooting for Uno. I can’t believe that it’s the first time a Beagle has won Best in Show at Westminister! I was thinking of what I know about Bentley while watching and whatta ya know the lore came to life. The irrepressible, optimistic, big-hearted nature was just right there. GREAT DOGS!! Cheers to Bentley and his tribe.

  11. 250m of fence for Bentley to search and for you to patch up? That’s enough to keep you both busy for a while.

  12. Gosh, never a dull moment chez WT, eh? Had you known in advance, you could have named him “Houdini” instead … though I suppose “Boudini” would have fit better with the rest of the Posse.

  13. Time to run an electric current with low ohms thru it! muwahahahaaa [kidding]
    Mal 🙂

  14. I was going to say you have to dig that fence down into the ground more but by the looks of the one picture, you’ve already done that. Which makes me more impressed with Bentley then ever before!

  15. My Mom’s dogs will not enter/exit an open door. They wait for the door to close and then use their dog door.

  16. Regarding the Westminster Dog Show, I thought of your Bentley right away, and Belle. Their value just went up, and you are SO ahead of the curve! But then, you knew that 😉

    (Shh, yes, I’m at work, but I’ve missed you and had to come by to catch up.)

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