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Geez! Lighten up!


Yesterday I wrote what I thought was a humorous (well, at least I thought so, I was laughing when I wrote it) introduction to another ‘Close Shave’ story and found myself in the midst of a maelstrom! (when was the last time you used maelstrom in a sentence, seriously..I want to know). So I’m breaking my ‘WT shalt not blog on Sunday‘ commandment to address some of the comments I received (it’s not really a commandment, but I like the way it looks like a bigger version of ‘comment’, or someone with a severe stutter trying to say comment).

The point was not about dwindling comments, my numbers are always fairly consistent, it was about how my ‘Close Shave’ posts usually get a good response and it was time for another one. It was just a set up to the post, that’s all, end of story! The fact that there was such a huge outcry (strangely, a lot of it attacking me! can you believe that? and all I wanted was some sympathy) can mean only one of two things, either you’re like me and only read the first paragraph of the posts you read, or you’re a catholic and therefore wracked with guilt anyway. If I wasn’t so dependent on your comments for my sustenance, I’d insult the lot of ya. Hell, I’ve got a good mind not to even tell you if I survived the crash or not!!

On the plus side, it did bring some ‘non commenting readers‘ (aka lurkers) out of the shadows, including a menopausal old bag, who some of you already know, but if you don’t it’s worth a visit, as she’s a very clever writer (albeit a bit sporadic of late).

And while I’m venting my spleen (what the fuck does that mean? can you really vent your spleen? is there actually a vent somewhere?), there were a couple of comments about my non commenting, and I’ve been meaning to address that for a while, so now’s as good a time as any…

You probably recall that I had a ‘mid-blog crisis’ around New Year, where I decided to stop blogging. The reason was largely due to the amount of time I spent wasted at the computer; the bulk of it spent writing all the comments I left hither and yon (seriously, I’m not using a dictionary here). In order to continue with a hobby that I really do enjoy (attacks on my character notwithstanding), I had to make some changes.

Obviously, reading and commenting was top of the agenda, as it took the most time. So here’s the current situation…

  • I’m ironic by nature (sarcasm generally relates to the spoken word), so I tend not to comment on posts about the day to day goings-on in the lives of children;  I don’t want to incur the wrath of a protective mother for some perceived slight against their child or how they’re raising it.
  • I’m not generally supportive by nature, so I tend not comment on posts that are full of woe, but I’ll always give condolences where appropriate.
  • I try to be positive most of the time (a struggle for someone who suffers from depression), so I tend not to comment on whiny posts (rants are another matter, if done right, they’re ok).
  • I’m a non theist, so I don’t comment on ‘faith based posts’, you have a right to your beliefs, as do I, so what’s the point of commenting? Further, I have no desire to insult anyone by saying something negative about their faith, even if it’s in jest.
  • And finally, as I have made a conscious decision to try to (most people erroneously say ‘try and’) cut down my blogging time, I tend not to comment on posts that only produce and extract feed.

That last point may need some clarification. I read all my blogs through a feed reader and some bloggers only produce an extract which means that I have to go to the site to read the whole post. The thing is, this takes time as I have my browser set to force a refresh at every page load (there’s good reason for this), and I don’t want have to load a page just to get the gist of the post. Ok, I know I said earlier that I only read the first paragraph, but again, that was irony.

I cannot stress strongly enough that these are simply the reasons why I don’t comment as much as I used to, and are in no way to be taken as either criticism of, or suggestions as to how you should blog (it was either cut down on commenting or quit blogging altogether).

How you blog is your business, just as how I comment is mine. However, if you are producing an extract and aren’t doing it on purpose, or if you don’t know if you’re producing an extract or not, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll tell you how to produce a full post feed. And Swampy, the reason I haven’t got back to you is that you now produce a full post feed, so there’s point.


35 Responses

  1. Boy. Blogging is serious business.

    I didn’t realize my feed was an extraction. I have changed it, but it looks as though it won’t take shape until my next post. Whenever that is.

  2. Gawilli – Tell me about it! It’s just as well I’m such a good natured, easy going guy or I might have reacted badly to yesterday’s drama.

  3. the last time I used maelstrom in a sentence was probably about the time I also used hither and yon. yep, that’s right. the first and last time right here (although it did make me think of a tiny ship tossed hither and yon by the sudden maelstrom. Who knew the three hour tour would go so awry?)

  4. Still manufacturing posts (and comments) out of nothing more than thin air I see WT, thats an art form you seem to have perfected.

  5. well, my comment on your lack of comments was meant to be funny, not complaining, which is why i put it in all caps.

    that’s my universal sign of humor. but maybe nobody else in the universe knows that.

  6. I only thought of extractions as something done in the dental office. I’ve got so much to learn and so little time! I want my feed to be full. I don’t like extractions.

  7. Claudia – Well it was all worth it then, if only to give you the opportunity to use not only maelstrom, but also hither and yon in the same sentence.

    Peter – I have no idea what you’re talking about 😉

    Laurie – I took it in the spirit that it was intended, I know you well enough to recognise your humour. However, ALL CAPS is the universal sign for YELLING at someone. The trusty old smiley 🙂 is the one for humour and the winky is the one for sarcasm/irony 😉

    Junebug – I’ll check it out for you.

  8. The last time I used maelstromin a sentence? By some freaky coincidence it was just the other day. Now I’m hoping for an opportunity to use tempest and billows

  9. I can’t even get into this post yet. I’m still caught up in the polysyllabic blood sport idea. You hit me with a two syllable word–I counter with 3 (syllables that it). Lat one standing is a bloody mess.

  10. Evenstar – Well, as far a I’m concerned, that’s nothing more than pre-emptive plagiarism!

  11. What the hell is pre(whatever) plagiarism? Was this the next thing you were going to say?????

  12. Altaglow – Ha ha! I was writing that as you were posting yours, it was meant for Evenstar (I have since addressed it to him so there would be no more confusion).

    If I was replying to you, I would have been enquiring about the lack of esses.

    Sandy – I’m using my prescience to predict you will say something about post-partum abortion. How long are we talking here? 2 weeks? 16 years?

  13. I love pre-emptive plagiarism. Almost as much as postpartum abortion;) Please note the sarcasm/irony snarky little guy there on the end, folks. I really do not advocate murder very often.

  14. I am so glad you clarified the proper time to use the 🙂 and the 😉 I think I need to use that more often.

    I was thinking about your “list” of reasons you do not comment… I realized that lately, your list hasn’t effected me! I was so happy! Now that I said that out loud in the coming weeks my posts will become woeful whining bad rants about my kids. I have no faith to post about.

    Do I make you extract? Or am I making you full? 🙂

  15. So that’s why people use 🙂 and 😉 and I thought they were just trying to pretend they were young, hip and cool ;-).

  16. As a fellow Aussie, I love your sense of humour. never had an issue with it, except positives.

    Whatever and whenever you choose to do online – don’t become a SLAVE to the internet! You don’t need to be a slave to your blog either. Why you blog is different to the next person – but do it because you enjoy it, not because you feel you HAVE to.

    We luv ya, tho. Begorrah and slummerworten! [giggles]

    Mal 🙂

  17. Thanks, WT. I checked it out myself by adding my subscription to my feed and saw a full feed. But I appreciate your telling me that. 😀

  18. Many days I have trouble deciding whether to post or just comment on other blogs. You know I’m not very good at writing short comments. I find that while, the condiments with captions posts are funny, I usually have nothing to say in response. That’s why I haven’t commented much lately. I rarely go a day without clicking over here, though.

    I have no idea what kind of feed I have other than the feed out in the barn.

  19. Oops. Extra comma.

  20. Thank you for this post, WT. I significantly had to reduce the amount of blogging that I was doing last year because it was taking up a LOT of my time. Posting each and every day wasn’t in an of itself time consuming, but keeping up with the lives of all of my new blog friends WAS. And I REALLY liked all of the people I was meeting.

    I started worrying that by commenting on one site and not on another it was seem as if one bluddy was more important than the other. I just don’t have time to read and comment on 20 blogs a day! When someone comments on my site and I don’t go comment on theirs, I’m afraid it will seem like they aren’t important to me. (Sheesh – I really worry about what other people think, don’t I?) And if they don’t come back and comment, has my non-commenting offended them?

    Glad to know you understand.

    I think I’ve just written a post here.

  21. Hey you! I read all my blogs through a reader as well. I also decided I had to cut back on blogging/commenting. My connection isn’t the fastest and I am impatient. (Shocker, huh!) Anyhoo, that is why I haven’t been commenting a lot on anyone’s sites.

    About Swampy producing a full post feed, um, well, I did that. I got really tired of having to go to her site to finish a post (impatience again) so I kind of fixed it. 🙂

  22. best comment (in case there are prizes):

    “I have no idea what kind of feed I have, other than the feed out in the barn.”

    and i just can’t bring myself to use winking things, WT. i just can’t.

  23. dear willowtree. S’okay. At least it’s sunday and you can enjoy the papers! Read the Herald for me.

  24. I have no idea if I have an extract on my feed or not. Guess I need to look into that.

    And I also have no idea if my comment was one of the ones that incurred your wrath or not. Not that it really matters. You’re fun when you’re on a tirade.

    I read every word of your posts. I may only understand half of them, but I read them. I don’t trust you not to sneak in a trick ending just to see who is paying attention.

  25. Amen.

    I’ve learned to only comment when I really feel the need.

  26. Peter the Pirate getting stoned, good one!

  27. Paul – Finally! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who saw the picture.

  28. All I want to know is whether you lived to tell the tale.

    Waiting with bated breath. 😉

  29. He He! Love the stoning! And you look so happy about your fate too!

    Sounds like you had a “relaxing” weekend too. I am totally with you on all that you said here. I don’t always comment as, it does take too much time and I don’t have a lot of it. Sometimes I read the comments and have a laugh but a lot of the time I don’t bother. The last couple of weeks though, I have been lucky to visit everyone once or twice a week.

    Right at this moment, my boys are killing each other, as I dared leave them working for 5 minutes. I think I will leave them to it, while I go and read what all the fuss was about in the first place.

  30. Oh great one I am indeed honoured that after just two posts on your site you have put such a glowing recommendation of me in your post. I am humbled yet at the same time strangely elated!

    I am still laughing at you fabulous dry wit. You are a delight to read and I shall make it my business to come by more often. Yes I was remiss in posting but I was quite ill and couldn’t be arsed to post even when the virus did a runner back to Mars or whatever flipping planet it came from. I am now fully recovered and got my blogging fingers working away again. So I shall endeavor to blog where possible. Toodlepip.

  31. Haven’t been online for two days, so I’m late to the party.

    I think you know me well enough to realize my comment was meant in good, clean, snarky fun.

    My posts don’t even show up on the feed anymore now that I’m private. Does that mean you’re not gonna visit me anymore?

  32. What I have to say about all that…”Everybody must get stoned.” 😉

  33. I still don’t understand. DUH?! I haven’t changed the way I post since I started with Typepad. Does it make a difference if I use my laptop? Full post feed? Half post feed? No post feed? I just don’t get it !
    I am smiling as I type this because I know you sitting there shaking you head in disbelief, saying to yourself, “She is such an idiot!”

  34. OK, whatever Julie said just bounced off my head. I could have said it went in one ear and out the other, but it didn’t even make it in my ear.

  35. You utter bastard how dare you say something about something, I really can’t be arsed with comments on my own blogs just some admiration on occasion and I’m happy.

    Its my opinion that 90% of us bloggers suffer depression. What difference does it makes?

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