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Bentley 88 – WT 87

In keeping with my "One way door policy" (that is, if you want to got out during the night, you have to stay out), both Belle and Bentley spent the night outside. That is in itself isn’t a problem, they both like it there. Where the problem lies is being awakened to this (he’s in amongst the trees at the skyline)…

This started at about 5:30 this morning and was constant, that is it was constant until I got up and got the camera to record it! What would have been a really funny video wold have been someone filming me trying to get the howling on video. My camera must have some sort of high pitched signal that stops Bentley from making any noise. He would howl continuously until I hit ‘Record’ then he’d stop. As soon as I hit ‘Stop’ he’d start up again. I’m not talking once or twice, I’m talking a half dozen times. I’ll kill that mutt!

Both dogs came home around 3:30 this arvo, and were in a pretty bad way…tired and dirty. And they were covered with sticky paspalum goo.

Here, see for yourself…


Bentley was worse than he looks, he was pretty sticky, but I he’d been in the creek so he wasn’t as dirty looking as Belle (plus it a lousy picture) He was knackered, but I made him get up and have a bath. Buddy, as usual was with me, but he got a bath too, now he’s pissed at the knuckleheads for getting him involved with soap and water.

Did anyone have a dog in the room when you played the clip? Ha ha ha! Maybe I should have put a warning at the start rather than the end.