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Bentley 88 – WT 87

In keeping with my "One way door policy" (that is, if you want to got out during the night, you have to stay out), both Belle and Bentley spent the night outside. That is in itself isn’t a problem, they both like it there. Where the problem lies is being awakened to this (he’s in amongst the trees at the skyline)…

This started at about 5:30 this morning and was constant, that is it was constant until I got up and got the camera to record it! What would have been a really funny video wold have been someone filming me trying to get the howling on video. My camera must have some sort of high pitched signal that stops Bentley from making any noise. He would howl continuously until I hit ‘Record’ then he’d stop. As soon as I hit ‘Stop’ he’d start up again. I’m not talking once or twice, I’m talking a half dozen times. I’ll kill that mutt!

Both dogs came home around 3:30 this arvo, and were in a pretty bad way…tired and dirty. And they were covered with sticky paspalum goo.

Here, see for yourself…


Bentley was worse than he looks, he was pretty sticky, but I he’d been in the creek so he wasn’t as dirty looking as Belle (plus it a lousy picture) He was knackered, but I made him get up and have a bath. Buddy, as usual was with me, but he got a bath too, now he’s pissed at the knuckleheads for getting him involved with soap and water.

Did anyone have a dog in the room when you played the clip? Ha ha ha! Maybe I should have put a warning at the start rather than the end.


33 Responses

  1. LOL~ commandment ‘one must never miss a blogging opportunity’!

  2. Dear God, WT!!!

    All that barking woke up my baby!!!! Can you PULEEZE control your fuzzy babies?!!


  3. Yup, Sydney loved it!

  4. boscoe looked up when i played the video, but he didn’t bark. he’s not a barker.

    i have the same video problem with riley, by the way. he’ll run like sixty around the yard and up the sides of trees until i lift the camera. then he just stands and stares.

  5. My wee dog – a short legged Jack Russelln – sits on my desk in front of the keyboard and the speakers which is up against the study window. He likes a good look out of the study window for pheasants and rabbits and next doors’ cat so he was well placed to cock his head from side to side as he tried to work out where the barking doggy was. Probaby did you a lot of good catching the start of the day – you could probably get a few more comments in here and there!

  6. πŸ™‚ My dogs were checking out the video too. I wonder if Bentley knows his bark is being heard around the world? Hmm, well they do look tired & happy.

  7. The small pleasures of living with dogs.

  8. Awesome job. Holly looked at the TV, Duck ran to the door, and Buddy vaulted over me and landed on the laptop!

    They do look rather played out and not at all repentant.

  9. sadly stalin and fluffy were out the back barking at next door’s cat. cheeky thing has the temerity to sit on its own fence, in full view.

  10. Well, Zeus was in the room with me while I played it – but he was more interested in the fried egg I was eating.

    I would be a freaking nervous wreck if my dogs stayed out all night – I’d be afraid they’d join a band of coyotes and never come back

  11. I’m sorry, did you say something? I was so busy being blinded by your pink couch.

  12. grinning at barking dogs!

    I let the wee dogs ( chihuahuas) out last night and then forgot them! I’m such a bad mum! I did let them in later though! And fortunately the weather took a turn for the warmer! My big dogs choose to stay out most of the time.

  13. It’s probably a good thing you live out in the country or your neighbors would be hating you. I’ll admit though…I kept listening to the video because I haven’t heard crickets and birds singing like that for ages. sigh. here I get the sound of cars. It’s just not the same.

  14. No dog, but my cat took a pee on the table.

  15. Paspalum? Arvo? Knackered? Whew! This post has been a vocabulary lesson for me!

    Maybe you should get a life size cardboard photo of yourself holding a video camera…you could call it a “Scaredog.”

  16. My dogs both perked their ears up! Glad they made it home safe!!

  17. Geesh, kids! Your dogs are as much a handful as my boys, LOL.

    Wish I could leave mine out all night (the dog, not the kids…er, most of the time), but he’d bark for hours.

    Guess I won’t play the video here at work (Shhh). I best get back to work now (instead of constantly minimizing you when someone walks by, which is making this take a while). Was fun to come here and have several posts to read all at once! Not sure when I’ll be online at home again.

    I’m laughing as I picture you trying to record Bentley πŸ™‚

  18. I need an Aussie dictionary. What I really need is to hear you say these words for correct pronunciation. Or did all your time in the states kill the accent?

  19. Learned a new word…arvo. Interesting.

    I can’t let my dog out unless she is on a leash. The cop that lives across the street doesn’t care for unleashed animals and carries a gun. He downed a pit bull two years ago that lived down the way. It had pushed the screen door open and made a dash toward him and his dog as they were walking. Ever since, we keep a close watch on Cali.

  20. I loved the sounds in your clip, even Bentley!
    I enjoyed the new words I learned today. I am going to use knackered tomorrow, somehow!

  21. No pooch, just a 2year-old, who said “Naughty puppy”. Yeah. But they’re cute too – that pic of Belle is just irresistable. Can’t be cross with that face!

  22. Okay, forget the dogs, but did you take that video at 5.30am? Was the sun shining? Its been dark here until 6.30 every morning.

  23. Gotta luv 5.30am wake-ups… NOT!

  24. noisy…but oh so cute. 8)

  25. Was he out drinking beer like my dogs??

  26. I read to the end first before I played the video. And even though I have two lazy ass dogs sound asleep on my bed, neither one of them even looked up. You don’t have the only good for nothing dogs around, you know.

  27. LOL isn’t that the way. But you got enough of Bentley’s bark on there to make Mushu, who was sitting on his chair in the office here, bark back in total confusion because I’m sure he thought “I” was barking. You should hook one of those portable webcam things to them at night just to see where their adventures take them.

  28. zero response from Jake. He’s asleep on the chair behind me after a long day playing at The Hound Lounge.

  29. My dog did a little baroo when I turned up the volume. My husband has the same rule, but I must admit I usually take pity and get out of bed if I hear scratching at the door in the wee hours of the morning.

  30. The description of you trying to video made me giggle. I paused the movie we are watching to show Brian.

    We understand and feel your 5:30 am pain because we have a new Bluetic Coon Dog and he is now howling at our back door (only at 11:30 pm) wanting inside. HOwever his owner, my son is gone to a friends house and I refuse to get up with a puppy in the middle of the night. My puppy sitting days are over. He will find the barn soon.

    Okay, if he’s still out there in 30 minutes bawling at the backdoor I will go let him inside.


    I notice your comments are not as much as they used to be, but my posts are not as often either. I enjoy our little “chats” via email.

  31. where is my post and why does it always dissapear?


  32. Oh, he’s adorable!

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