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Silent Saturday.


36 Responses

  1. Are you in Narnia?

  2. Or Washington, D.C.?

    Either way, beware of beautiful ladies!

  3. Ah, watch out!! there’s a giant lion behind you!!

  4. Have you gone to London to visit the Queen?

  5. I can’t even guess….I’ll just wait til you tell us where you are! Great Shot!!

  6. How long ago was that taken?

  7. I don’t know why you’re whinging about hair loss – there’s plenty on your face alone … that’s the mane thing.

  8. Kila & Melissa are very puny!!
    I’m thinking I’ve seen a similar photo here before with an explanation.

  9. Pamela – Close, this picture used to be in the sidebar of the old Blogger blog (Once Upon a Blog).

  10. Trafalgar Square, London? I was there once. You’re looking very regal there.

  11. SEXY!!!!

  12. Taking notes from the guru on how to do lazy posts.
    Thanks for the lesson.

  13. Ewwww…

    Did my mother just call you sexy??

    Damn, I can’t take that woman anywhere.

  14. Kila – One of your guesses was right…I’m in Narnia

    Altaglow – blush….

    Kaytabug – You’re welcome, anything I can do to help.

    RC – Back off sister! Your mother and I get each other.

  15. Where is the whip Indiana?

  16. I was going to say that I’m a Leo and I have a thing for lions but I didn’t know how you would take that.

  17. But you beat me to it. Hee hee.

  18. How come you are in London and you haven’t hopped down to see me in Bristol!!!!!!

  19. Mum has a picture of me aged six sitting on that Lion.

    You’re not allowed on them now.

  20. Nice hat,

  21. Beccy – I’m not 100% sure you were allowed on them when this picture was taken. But there were no barriers.

  22. well, clearly the “silent” part of silent saturday doen’t extend to your commenters…

    i think that’s London, but i can’t remember exactly where.

    one old travel picture like that can unlock a multitude of stories. so have at it. as soon as we get to Loquacious Monday. or wordy wednesday. or travelogue tuesday…

  23. Funny comments, I got nothin’ after that.

    ‘Cept a) I’m w/Pamela, I thought there was some kind of deja vu goin’ on, and 2) it IS a great shot of you.

    What was it, 50 years ago?

  24. How cute are you!! What a lovely shot Peter! You look like you’re smiling! That’s fairly shocking in itself…lol.. I love this picture! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Best Feature Ever.

  26. My husband is lusting after your hat. Thanks a lot. (Although, I have to agree with Katie, the smile is nice, not bad for an old man *grin*)

  27. You look positively pleasant.

  28. Wow, WT! I didn’t realize you were so small!

    You should have your very own “Where in the World is Willowtree?” contest.

  29. Nice photo. I think everything else has been said already.

  30. Wonderful picture, I was going to say have a great Saturday, but your Saturday is over.

    I wonder if your Sunday will silent. Although you usually do not blog on Sundays, I think some of your best posts come from the Sunday pulpit. Either way, I hope that your day is grand.

  31. Oh where, oh where have I seen this photo before?

    Lazy Days of Blogging.

  32. That’s pretty hot, dude.

  33. ditto all of the above. well, almost all. you can pick and choose as it amuses.

  34. Maybe you weren’t allowed on them then either but as you say there were no barriers then.

  35. I think I’ll suggest DC for our family vacation this year. Take a little break from Disney!

  36. A well travled man.. im totally jelous…

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