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Fun Monday – mastheads and menus

There’s no mystery to the name of my blog, I like barbies, dingoes and puns. There is however, a raging debate as to the quote used for the mondegreen I created for my blog name (ie. whether it’s ‘took’, ‘got’ or ‘ate’), and the argument is not just limited to my blog [1].

The question (which will not be debated here) is whether you choose to go with the pop culture reference and cite the words of Meryl Streep, who in a stunning display of phonetic ignorance and filmstar arrogance [2], managed somehow to combine South African and New Zealand accents, call it Australian and utter the phrase "aye deengo tuck moiy baaayyybee" in the film "Evil Something-or-other"; or whether you go with the actual quote. The "ate" option isn’t really considered here, as it’s used very rarely, most notably as Ozzie’s band’s name in Buffy.

Being Australian, I see this whole sad, but very interesting story as part of our history, and just another some third rate move [3]. So I chose to go with what Lindy C actually said to a reporter outside the courthouse in Darwin [4] which was, in part, "…a dingo’s got my baby", rather than use a line from a script that some whiny, overpaid, money grabbing, no talent writer came up with. Hence the name of the blog is A Dingo’s got my Barbie. The photo of Sorority Slut B@rbie being eaten by a dingo was made by Dirty Uncle Mark.

As for part two, this is  my favourite dish. But my favourite meal is Sushi…


Strictly speaking, this is a photo of Nigiri, which is fish on balls of rice and wasabi. Sushi is actually the generic term for this type of finger food. Maki are the rolls wrapped in nori, Sashimi is just the fish by itself, and Unari (my wife’s favourite) is rice in a fried tofu pouch (yuck!)

But none of this is why I came out of FunMon retirement to join the Fun Monday festivities this week, the reason I signed up was to right (what I perceive to be) a wrong that has been bothering me for a while. You may recall that we celebrated FunMon’s first anniversary not long ago, where accolades were given to Vicki (and rightly so) for coming up with the idea, and to a lesser extent myself for working with Vicki on the details, and to Erik for coming up with the name. However, overlooked at the time were the efforts of two long time Fun Monday participants who have put in significant effort over the past year.

I’m talking about ChrisB, who for as long as I can remember has posted a link to the current FunMon host on her sidebar (something that has helped innumerable folks) and Robin, who has produced not only the story behind Fun Monday, but also a list of past topics to help those who have taken on the task. So if you haven’t visited them yet, don’t forget to acknowledge them when you do. UPDATE..talk about an oversight! ChrisB just reminded me that her Grandson (Beccy’s son) Dillon made the first FunMon logo that we used for almost a year. I had forgotten about that, oops.

[1] When I was looking for references for this post, I came across quite a few sites debating this very issue. At the time of my orginial post, some bonehead from South Africa with a creepy obsession (not so much with the actual events, but rather for the film about it), mistook my blog for a place that actually gave a shit about the whole thing, and proceeded to engage in an endless and relentless debate, thereby becoming the first and only person ever to be banned from the Dingo.

[2] Did she really thing she fooled anyone when she played on old Rabbi in Angels in America? (another total wankfest, designed solely to stroke the actors’ egos).

[3] It wasn’t really a third rate movie, it got a bunch of nominations, but only one Oscar nomination – for Streep (who put in a pretty ordinary performace), despite Fred Schepisi (the Australian director) getting 5 nominations from various bodies (what else is new). Same thing happened with Driving Miss Daisy.

[4] I tried to find the news clip that I have seen hundreds of times since 1980, but unfortunately the only place I found it was in the National Film Archives, and they wanted money for it. Bizarrely, it was on TV just a few nights ago (I should have taped it then). But here’s some stuff about The Trial and background. And here’s a  few more references if you’re interested.