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Fun Monday – mastheads and menus

There’s no mystery to the name of my blog, I like barbies, dingoes and puns. There is however, a raging debate as to the quote used for the mondegreen I created for my blog name (ie. whether it’s ‘took’, ‘got’ or ‘ate’), and the argument is not just limited to my blog [1].

The question (which will not be debated here) is whether you choose to go with the pop culture reference and cite the words of Meryl Streep, who in a stunning display of phonetic ignorance and filmstar arrogance [2], managed somehow to combine South African and New Zealand accents, call it Australian and utter the phrase "aye deengo tuck moiy baaayyybee" in the film "Evil Something-or-other"; or whether you go with the actual quote. The "ate" option isn’t really considered here, as it’s used very rarely, most notably as Ozzie’s band’s name in Buffy.

Being Australian, I see this whole sad, but very interesting story as part of our history, and just another some third rate move [3]. So I chose to go with what Lindy C actually said to a reporter outside the courthouse in Darwin [4] which was, in part, "…a dingo’s got my baby", rather than use a line from a script that some whiny, overpaid, money grabbing, no talent writer came up with. Hence the name of the blog is A Dingo’s got my Barbie. The photo of Sorority Slut B@rbie being eaten by a dingo was made by Dirty Uncle Mark.

As for part two, this is  my favourite dish. But my favourite meal is Sushi…


Strictly speaking, this is a photo of Nigiri, which is fish on balls of rice and wasabi. Sushi is actually the generic term for this type of finger food. Maki are the rolls wrapped in nori, Sashimi is just the fish by itself, and Unari (my wife’s favourite) is rice in a fried tofu pouch (yuck!)

But none of this is why I came out of FunMon retirement to join the Fun Monday festivities this week, the reason I signed up was to right (what I perceive to be) a wrong that has been bothering me for a while. You may recall that we celebrated FunMon’s first anniversary not long ago, where accolades were given to Vicki (and rightly so) for coming up with the idea, and to a lesser extent myself for working with Vicki on the details, and to Erik for coming up with the name. However, overlooked at the time were the efforts of two long time Fun Monday participants who have put in significant effort over the past year.

I’m talking about ChrisB, who for as long as I can remember has posted a link to the current FunMon host on her sidebar (something that has helped innumerable folks) and Robin, who has produced not only the story behind Fun Monday, but also a list of past topics to help those who have taken on the task. So if you haven’t visited them yet, don’t forget to acknowledge them when you do. UPDATE..talk about an oversight! ChrisB just reminded me that her Grandson (Beccy’s son) Dillon made the first FunMon logo that we used for almost a year. I had forgotten about that, oops.

[1] When I was looking for references for this post, I came across quite a few sites debating this very issue. At the time of my orginial post, some bonehead from South Africa with a creepy obsession (not so much with the actual events, but rather for the film about it), mistook my blog for a place that actually gave a shit about the whole thing, and proceeded to engage in an endless and relentless debate, thereby becoming the first and only person ever to be banned from the Dingo.

[2] Did she really thing she fooled anyone when she played on old Rabbi in Angels in America? (another total wankfest, designed solely to stroke the actors’ egos).

[3] It wasn’t really a third rate movie, it got a bunch of nominations, but only one Oscar nomination – for Streep (who put in a pretty ordinary performace), despite Fred Schepisi (the Australian director) getting 5 nominations from various bodies (what else is new). Same thing happened with Driving Miss Daisy.

[4] I tried to find the news clip that I have seen hundreds of times since 1980, but unfortunately the only place I found it was in the National Film Archives, and they wanted money for it. Bizarrely, it was on TV just a few nights ago (I should have taped it then). But here’s some stuff about The Trial and background. And here’s a  few more references if you’re interested.


47 Responses

  1. phonetic ignorance and filmstar arrogance, managed somehow to combine South African and New Zealand accents, call it Australian and utter the phrase “aye deengo tuck moiy baaayyybee” AHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless! That WAS fun!

    Seriously though, I think the Oz accent is truly difficult for American actors to emulate. I travelled with a Canadian/American Broadway actor who was a specialist in – um, voice acting(?) – and he could never nail it. The test word was “stone”. He reckoned he had it, but it sounded like Cockney to me. Beats me why it should be so hard for ’em. I’m constantly running into motorbike touts in Hanoi who bust out with a perfectly intonated “G’day mate – how’s it goin’?” when they discover I’ve from Australia – and most of them don’t even speak English!

    As for part two, all I can say is I’m gonna spend the rest of the evening looking for a Japanese restaurant – I better find one!

  2. I remember that comment debate~ I think I was just lurking back then and probably too frightened to say anything!!
    I wish I really liked sushi. Sam loves it and has tried to convert me but it’s probably my least favourite food even though it looks so appealing.

    Thank you for giving Robin and me a mention~ I of course cannot resist also mentioning my grandson (Dillon) who designed the original Fun Monday logo. I know since then there have been some excellent new designs doing the rounds.

  3. I enjoyed the history lesson.
    So very sweet of you to come out to give them props, much deserved props.
    Are you only playing along on this one or will you be back for more?

  4. heh heh – oh you know us Americans – can’t distinguish b/n a British, Australian, Cockney, OR New Zealand accent. It sounds all the same to me. The only way we know is if the person puts in a “mate” in his speech.

    and I LOVE Unari. The biologist in me has a real hard time getting past the raw fish side of sushi (which Dave adores and wishes he could eat more of). I like to eat any of the rice rolls – especially those with smoked fish in the middle. When I was in Japan I politely took a bite of everything given to me – and some things I really had to choke down.

  5. I was just watching Crocodile Dundee, which, of course, ruined your culture forever!
    Love sushi, sashimi, any of it. I just don’t get why they serve a wedge of iceberg lettuce with 1000 Island dressing in every Japanese restaurant here as an appetizer.
    Yum, the polyester of vegetables drowning in ‘special sauce.’
    Yeah, it’s special all right.

  6. Yum yum yum! If it wasn’t Sunday here I’d want to go out for Sushi! (No boats go out Sunday or Monday, so best to wait until Wednesday for raw fish!)

    I didn’t catch the pun – thanks for explaining it. Duhhh! Or, I probably did, but in a whole subconscious-this-is-part-of-the-general-cultural-goo and OMG! a dingo gnawing on a barbie doll, how strange and funny is that! kind of way…

  7. Your explanation is quite fascinating. I knew none of the history about the origen of your blog’s name. I only noticed recently that the Barbie in photo is losing her underpants.

    Th Sushi looks beautiful…almost good enough to eat.

  8. Evenstar – Exactly! I’m sure they all think they’ve got it down, but I’ve never heard and American do an Aussie accent that didn’t sound like a Cockney. And believe me. I’ve heard a million.

    ChrisB – Fixed.

    Kaytabug – Probably just his one, but you never know.

    Lisa – We’re lucky, they don’t do that here, mind you, I am partial to the old 1000 Island Dressing.

    Hayden and Molly – Really? I though it was so obvious.

  9. sushi–ick.

    it seemed pointless for me to do this fun monday because i would rather have the origins of “three dog blog” remain a mystery.

    i’m not a big fan of meryl streep either. we watched “out of africa” a few months ago and i thought i was going to go insane from her accent. the whole movie became about her accent, as far as i was concerned. oh, and the overly glorious lighting of the overly glorious face of the overly glorious robert redford.

    and, just because i have way too much time on my hands, i figured out the origin of the name of your blog a long time ago. but it was fun to read your version. it pretty much matched mine. except for the part about dirty uncle mark.

  10. I wish to debate. The word was ate, ate, ATE! :oP

    You should hear my mother-in-law try to do a Scottish accent. It would make you feel better about Meryl Streep.

    Was anyone else afraid to click on the “my favorite dish” link? I still haven’t recovered from clicking a picture of your favorite sandwich or some such thing.

  11. My boys were watching Crocodile Dundee last night, LOL. They want to move to “the bush”, to learn how to throw knives. 😉

    We’ve been watching Steve Irwin for years, so his speech (and his daughter’s, what a cutie) is what comes to mind when I imagine an Australian accent.

    What IS THAT is the photo of your favorite dish? Is there really something (resembling a snake) in it, or is it a design on the dish?

    Never have been brave enough to eat raw fish. Don’t think I’d like the texture.

    Cheers to ChrisB, her grandson Dillon, and Robin!!!

  12. Oh my God, I’m having such flashbacks from this post.

    Blog Nostalgia. It’s a weird thing.

  13. I really like your favorite dish. Your favorite meal…..I’ll stick to the veggies.

    I am new to the world of blogging and fell onto the FM in cruising blogs. For me, it has been a great way to meet a diverse group of people. Thanks to all!

  14. Hi WT, good to see a cameo appearance on Fun Monday, I’m sure the Lindy Chamberlain story was new to a lot of overseas readers before you named your blog.

  15. “Such is life”

  16. I’m so glad you elaborated cuz I was totally in the dark..
    I think I might still be in the dark being newer to Fun Monday. I do appreciate everyones efforts in keeping the fun in Monday, thought!

  17. Thanks for the explanation about your title…BTW I just noticed the quotes you have in your header – are they new? – anyway, I like them!!

    sushi – yuck…sorry, I have to have my fish cooked!!

  18. Thanks for the explanations….I will admit it was the photo of that dingo that charmed me the first time I came here..I do love to laugh and you don’t disappoint. I will admit that although I recall the original story, I skipped the movie as Streep is totally not my cuppa tea.

  19. Will there be a Cliff Notes edition coming out for this post?

  20. I used to eat fish… fishsticks with lots of ketchup. I’ve watched people eat sushi, but never have. Great picture of it, though.

  21. The food looks just lovely. I have tried Sushi and don’t mind it, however I really am not keen on the raw fish idea either. Having said that it tastes ok with the sauce. A friend of mine made it with avacado in the middle instead of fish. It was very tasty.

  22. This is SO funny – I have always thought Meryl Streep was brilliant – I suppose if you don’t know the various accents that well, it’s easy enough to think she’s doing a good job! I hadn’t realised others don’t agree! ha ha ha …

    Sushi … hmm … I struggled the first time I ate it but it has grown on me now.

  23. Could I tell you when I first started blog reading I thought that Willowtree was a woman? I was so niave I didn’t even think about men blogging. I know, I’m looney but I just realized when I read a comment of yours perhaps about a penis or some such that you were male. Forgive me! 😀

  24. Laurie – Ah okay, your blog name is a real mystery, especially with that sub-header.

    Jenni – Och lassie! Dinna be such a scairdie cat!

    Kila – It doesn’t really taste like fish (but it doesn’t taste like chicken either).

    Jenny – No, that’s not nostalgia, it’s just your meds.

    Celeste – The people here aren’t diverse, they’re perverse.

    Peter – Was that a Chevy cameo?

    Paul – Ah….ok Ned.

    Ellen – Hmmm, I’ll get back to you (when I figure out exacatly what you said)

    Alison – It changes irregularly.

    Rudee – You’ll fit right in here then.

    Swampy – No.

    NLL – Strictly speaking, I don’t think fish sticks are actually fish. In fact I’m not even sure they’re organic material.

    Karisma – That’s a California Roll.

    Melissa – You need to be careful when you say ‘sushi’ and ‘grown on me’ in the same sentence. It has been known to actually do just that!

    Junebug – What are you talking about? I am a woman! You must have been confused by the post about my penis transplant.

  25. Streuth! Fair dinkum! Stone the flamin’ crows, ya flamin’ galah! That weren’t no dingo… that was some damn Yank! [giggles]

    Sushi? Pass – definitely 😉

  26. I think I’ll pass on the sushi, I’m not even brave enough to try it!

  27. Well darn it, I thought there was going to be a really great adventure on how the Dingo got that B@rbie and started chewing on it. As for Sushi? I tried it once and it wasn’t a big hit, but I’m thinking of trying it again to see if I’ve changed my mind over the years.

  28. Love how you presented your name…and how you annotate them! 😀

    Yehey, another sushi fan! Happy Fun Monday!

  29. Forgive me, I’ve gotta enumerate :/:

    1) Ahhh, Peter, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I was NOT expecting that. Thanks, sincerely for your kind words here.

    2) I’m trying to remember (that fuzzy, blog nostalgia thing Jenny mentioned), but didn’t you also have some kind of explanation when your blog was called “Once Upon a Blog”? I think it was a post, and I remember being “sad” (not really sad, but something) when you changed your name.

    3) Why do I keep using the name fuzzy?

    4) Sushi…I soooo wanna like it ’cause my friends who do, LOVE it, but I can’t get passed “raw fish”! And I know it’s not always raw, but it’s a mental block.

    5) Plus, I don’t like cucumbers (blech!)….

    6) Your pictures make it look appetizing, though. Do you ever roll it yourself?

    7) I’m still talkin’ about sushi.

    8) OOoo, btw, I used to call it “su-chee” for fun, and I can’t seem to unsay it that way.

    9) While I thought DUM’s photo was clever, I never liked the panties around her ankles part…I’m not a fan of “violating” children’s toys and I thought it might scare people away from your blog (and it’s too entertaining for that to happen).

    10) I think I was wrong on the second part of that last sentence ;).

  30. OOOooo, I meant to say I like your post title today, too!


  31. Well, thanks for clearing all that up.

  32. Not a sushi fan, but I think it’s beautiful when prepared.

  33. I wrote my last three posts three days ago which is why I haven’t been on the computer to check in. Or was it four days ago. Whatever. Every now and then I have more than one thought run through my head and I take advantage of that by writing and postdating them. It saves me time and that saying, “use or lose it” applies to me in all of its meanings.


  34. Oh and I think I am caught up on your blogs. Just so you know. I find your photo edited posts to be very amusing, but they leave me speechless…so no comment for you.

  35. For sure no one else will be stealing your blog name! Very sly.

    As for Fun Monday, I’m very appreciative to the pioneers for getting it started. What a great way to set up a blogging community.

  36. I LOVE unari! What’s wrong with you;0?

  37. I’m glad to see Sushi here! And your blogname…brilliant! 🙂

  38. Your dingo (with the hapless barbie in the mawl) looks a lot like my Shiba Inu – named Kyrie. Personally, barbies around our house while growing up met many timeless accidents, as GI Joe would storm here penthouse and toss her down the rickety elevator shaft. My sister hated our mandatory “bonding” time.
    As for your sushi, I have always marveled at those who would have no trouble surviving in the open seas without flames. Again, my preferences in preparing fish and seafood would leave my raft in a smoldering pile of rubberized goo – but my fish would be cooked…. Glad you came out of hiding for a while. NLM

  39. Great post!!

  40. You didn’t answer my question. What was in the dish? I thought it looked like a snake or eel, haha.

  41. WOW! Heavy duty history lesson along with a whole lot of research…you deserve an A+ for this FM Assignment!! I absolutely love your favourite dish…pottery…I’m addicted to it!! But, I can’t do the whole sushi thing…we went to a sushi bar and basically I just drank and watched my husband eat! Happy FM! I’m not playing this week due to other…er…responsibilities…

  42. I’d eat the tofu wrapped rice. And raw veggies.
    But the other raw stuff? ….Go fish…. ha ha.

    I remember when the whole thing about that baby snatched by a dingo was playing out in the news. I was horrified.

    I just saw something about chimps snatching babies in one of the coastal African countries.

  43. I’ve always loved the name of your blog. Not sure the exact reasoon just funny to me.
    I love shushi.
    Good for you coming back to make sure that everyone got there notice for what Fun Monday has become! I still use Dillons version of the Fun Monday logo. I consider Beccy a friend and just couldn’t bring myself to change it.

  44. Rice… fried… inside… tofu…

    who the heck invented THAT? is that even considered real food?

    Ahh. A friend of mine used to make homemade Maki for me… that was good stuff!

  45. LMAO! That was me up there! I had no idea it could be done! I was like “oops!” and hurried to fix it before it bounced back, but it didn’t bounce back!

  46. ohh wow i remember when you first started talking about your blog name.. hmmm dude that means im like *gasp* a long time reader.. if a bit irrgular but thats just the woman in me;P

  47. I’m glad you came out of retirement! I’ll definitely be sure to check out their links!

    The sushi looks divine!

    Thanks for sharing!

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