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Bentley’s other side

And you thought he just slept all day…


34 Responses

  1. So that’s where he’s been going! 😀

  2. Mad dog!!
    So, what were you watching in the background there before you started filming? Grey’s Anatomy??? Surely not.
    I like your floors.

  3. You know it’s illegal to post video from the copyrighted film Cloverfield. When’s the contest for a box of Dramamine?

  4. Just watching that made me tired. He runs more than my puppy does!

  5. i love it. he does great on those slick wooden floors.

    where were the other two? and all those cats?

  6. Junebug – Yep, he started doing that at the other house (it has a really long hall)…down the hall, up on the bed, back down the hall and a circuit of the living room. He does exactly the same at both houses.

    Melissa – More like Crazy Dog!!

    Mark – Ignoring…

    Beckie – Beagles and Boxers never grow up.

    Laurie – They’re all outside, it’s the only time he gets a chance to play with me. Belle sends him crazy.

  7. Totally tired me out just watching him. Is that Bentley 89/WT 87 or does this not have anything to do with keeping score? Perhaps some of that paspalum goo or another nite out on the town will slow him down.

  8. Ha! Dinoboy just did something similar! He ran, he slipped, and he made a miss!

  9. Rudee – That score is Bentley escaping versus me fixing the fence.

    Karisma – Did you get it on film?

  10. In that case, I’d be tempted not to fix the fence and let his score rise. But thats just me. I’d lose my vocal cords hollerin at that dog to knock it off. He is cute though so perhaps that and a little play bow with his toy would be his saving grace.

  11. too cute..my puppy does the same thing but he always wipes out on the wood floor!!!

  12. I have heard that beagles,in general, “disdain containment”. Bentley’s destructive fence antics and this show of athletic doggie-derring-do points to some possible truth to an otherwise unjust, slanderous view.

  13. Cute. He’ll make sure you get your daily exercise!

    His claws on the wood floors makes me cringe, LOL. I can’t believe they aren’t all scratched up.

    Your sheets are the same color as mine! My bed isn’t made up, either. I never saw the point in making the bed each morning.

  14. what the heck happened to the old man. Fountain of youth. The Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy of Company B!!!

  15. Our dogs love to do this! It is almost as it they go crazy! The more we laugh, the more they run.

  16. Bentley clearly knows the benefit of exercise and he wants you to play!!

  17. Make yourself a mental note re. Bentley: “NO – MORE – COFFEE!!!” hahahahaha.

    Thanks for the clip, matey 🙂

    Mal 🙂

  18. And after all that exercise, small wonder that Bentley likes nap.

  19. i am insane.

    i have watched this video four times.

    i can’t get enough.

  20. My head hurts. That sure was funny though. He is adorable! You did a great job capturing that on film!

  21. So cute We call that the Demon Boogie in my house and your’re right about Beagles and Boxers. Nothing quite like 65 lbs. of dog doiong that as fast as she can!

  22. I still have dial up and it took FOR E V E R to load but MAN O MAN! that was worth it!!!
    Thanks WT! You may mourn the loss of a place to sit down because of too many pets but they sure are FREE entertainment! That must make up for a lot!

  23. I love when they do that MUST BE IN THE OTHER ROM RIGHT NOW!!! run. It’s hysterical.

  24. LOL puppy spazz! Love when they get that spurt of energy and just go. Too funny how Bentley jumps on the bed and then back down and keeps running. Now THAT’s a workout.

  25. I am so dizzy now!

  26. Bently frolicks just like our Larry!!!

    Just a spontaneous run around the house for no other reason than it is fun!!

  27. HAHAHA!! That’s hysterical! What’s funnier is that while I was watching the video, the Inquisitor was pulling Funny Girl around the entire first floor by her ankles…over, and over, and over again.

    Yet another similarity between kids and dogs :/

  28. How are those hardwood floors holding up? Clickety, clickty, click.

  29. There’s been a few comments about the floors. When I first moved up here I was really worried about the floors getting all scratched. But I’ve been here 4 years now and there’s no scratches anywhere, and Bentley does this fairly regularly (kinda weird if you ask me).

  30. Big deal. Hailey does that too AND she has opposable thumbs.

  31. LOL Jenny cracks me up… your bently is funny:) It does kinda remeind me of cookie on a sugar high;P

  32. My dog does that. Hilarious!

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