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Sometimes when I’m dorking off, I think of something that strikes me as funny, then for my own amusement I find objects to make a cartoon. That’s not the case here. I took this photo for a completely different reason, it was only when I saw it that it turned into a cartoon.

Last week I needed dishwashing detergent, but when I went into town to get some I spent five minutes going up and down the aisle trying to find it without success, until I eventually realised that the bastards had changed the shape of the bottle…after 20 years!! I was shattered. But the top on the new model is much better, so I’m over it now. I took the photo so that I had a record of the old bottle, I don’t think I’ll see it again.


31 Responses

  1. Isn’t it funny how the little everyday things just kind of GET to us??? They just changed the top of my dish soap bottle and I’m having quite the time adjusting to it!

  2. I guess that’s what clean living does for you … such muscles …

    I can’t cope when They change the packaging. I can’t see the point! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is my philosophy.

    Interestingly I have found that a lot of products from SA are the same here in NZ, just in different boxes/bottles and with different names. But their ad slogans are the same and so are their smells!

  3. More than hating when they change the bottles, I hate it when the supermarket change the aisles around so I no longer know exactly where the things I want are and I have to traipse up and down every single aisle.

  4. Ditto! Its so darned frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry!

    Having said that, and just to contradict myself. I live for the day when Nescafe sell their coffee in jar just like Moccona! I love the jars for keeping my herbs in but cannot stand the bloody awful taste of the coffee (Besides Nescafe comes in much larger cans)

  5. I do feel that LIME fresh is much superior to LEMON fresh.

  6. Argh – I hate when manufacturers change a product’s packaging. It confounds me when shopping. And I hate shopping.

  7. it’s pretty damned sentimental of you to record the now-defunct packaging for a cleaning product.

    you must have quite an interesting photo collection, WT.

  8. WT you should do what I do and buy a 5 litre container and then refill the bottle so you can keep the old design!

  9. Now I think I’d miss the Lemom Fresh sent!
    I have a hard time thinking the smell of lime as clean smell.
    Funny cartoon!

  10. It’s nice to have photos to remember old friends by. So sad that for you those photos are of dishwashing detergent.

    I’m sorry. I’m feeling snarky this morning and I just need someone to lash out at. Looks like you’re it. Wow, I feel so much better now! Thanks:o)

  11. Hmmm, indeed. That’s not exactly the kind of reaction I would have expected of you.

  12. What I find funny that no one commented on is that DISHwashing soap is named MORNINGfresh. WTF? You only use it for the morning dishes?

    *P.S. the left arm of Mr. Limefresh’s hand is holding a dragon puppet?

  13. Yeah – Mr Limefresh is making hand puppets.

    Usually when the bottle is redesigned they sneak the same price on less volume.

    Change always shakes me – especially when it seems unnecessary. Is that old age?

  14. Lemon Fresh – Lime Fresh, Super Strength – Super Concentrate, yellow – green AND a different shaped bottle. The bastards.

  15. I hate when they do that! They “new and improved” my dishwashing soap last year. I still can’t get used to it. I am actually going to try a different brand as soon as this crap runs out.

    Old and crotchety, that’s me!

  16. I hate it when companies do that kind of thing to us!

  17. Limey! You’re funny.

  18. LOL. I like the muscular fellow a lot-and he packaged in my favorite color too. He just looks like he’d do a better job than the scrawny one.

  19. Well, here I am reading your comments this morning since there is no post. Sheesh! People who post inconsistently really piss me off.

    I don’t know why I didn’t notice it yesterday, but “Morning Fresh” does seem more appropriate for some product other than dish detergent. You decide what.

  20. Um, I can’t help but be a bit concerned that you’re memorializing a cleanser container. Surely your world is bigger and more complex than that, Peter!

    (I guess I just set myself up for the next Willowtree rant, huh?)

  21. dude, they changed everything but the name! Looks like Fred’s the new alpha male of cleaning….

  22. Argh! New and improved, right?

    Maybe since the bottle is green, it’s now a “green” formula, safer for the planet. 😉

    Do you see the shape of a growling head in the green guy’s left hand that he’s holding up? The top white circle is the eye, and the bottom circle is the corner of his growling mouth.

  23. Now I see that the green is because it switched from lemon to lime. They messed with the scent! How do you like its new scent?

  24. I just have to wonder what else you have photos of.

    If it has been the same for twenty years and now it has changed, you have to assume someone in charge of bottle shapes retired and the new kid is trying to make a name for him/herself.

    It is always me, me, me with those people. I doubt they ever thought about you and how much you enjoyed that yellow bottle. :o)

  25. Ahhh… gotta love us creatures of habit, don’t we? [winks playfully]

    Hope this current cold snap isn’t affecting you all negatively too much. Enjoy that fireplace.

    Mal 🙂

  26. too funny Peter! 😉

  27. Silly, I guess, but it’s interesting to me when you post Aussie products. Since your products are so unfamiliar, I always wonder if you have our products there or if everything is just completely different. For instance, do you have my beloved “Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs With the Power of Dawn” for your dishwasher? Hahaha. I amuse myself.

  28. The retail habit of switching products around to different locations and different aisles drives me nuts. Having worked in retail, I know why resetting occurs, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  29. You use the same kind of dishwashing liquid that I use. Oh my god I am so bloody exciting.

  30. I hate it when the dirty rotten bastards do that to me cause it screws the entire shopping trip up…

  31. Can I ask you a question?

    What does “dorking off” mean?

    Because it sounds a little…suspicious.

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