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Cause and effect.

The smallest of things can have the greatest of impacts. Many years ago one such event set me on a course that ultimately brought me to where I am today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what it was. Anyone want to take a guess? I have mentioned it before, and if anyone gets it, you’ll win  a nice prize worth at least three dollars (not counting postage).

TypePad just shit itself, so I had to rewrite the entire post (the whole paragraph…lucky it wasn’t longer, but even then this one’s nothing like the one I hit ‘Publish’ on)

Update** See, I told you, the other post just showed up (actually there were three when I just checked), but I turned the comments off for the others so you don’t get confused.


Cause and effect.

It’s funny how the smallest of things can cause you to go in unexpected directions. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about something that had huge impact on mine life. I’ve mentioned it briefly in the past, but I doubt anyone would have remembered it.

But if you do, or if you are just lucky enough to make a wild guess and get it right, I’ll give you a prize. Tune it for a truly riveting story (and no, that’s not a clue!).