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Cause and effect.

The smallest of things can have the greatest of impacts. Many years ago one such event set me on a course that ultimately brought me to where I am today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what it was. Anyone want to take a guess? I have mentioned it before, and if anyone gets it, you’ll win  a nice prize worth at least three dollars (not counting postage).

TypePad just shit itself, so I had to rewrite the entire post (the whole paragraph…lucky it wasn’t longer, but even then this one’s nothing like the one I hit ‘Publish’ on)

Update** See, I told you, the other post just showed up (actually there were three when I just checked), but I turned the comments off for the others so you don’t get confused.


20 Responses

  1. Erm… your marriage, perhaps?

    Ohh… way to go to keep us all guessing, you cheeky buggar! hahahaa.

    Mal 🙂

  2. Completely clueless. I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow though since I’m way too much a sloth to read your archives to figure it out. Darn it. I like prizes.

  3. Was it those darned car seat covers?

  4. Racking my brain to remember the small details…since I stalked you so voraciously a thousand years ago.

    Nothing’s coming to mind, but was it one of your trips that turned into this destiny???

    (I like the car seat covers suggestion….).

  5. When you were about 10 years old, a lady spoke about traveling around the world on the way to the bus stop. You were impressed with this conversation. At the age of 24, you began a circumnavigation around the globe. In your travels, you met your best friend, who in turn introduced you to your lovely bride.

  6. Well, I did find another event that did not seem small to me. But there was an event that lead you to quit a high-pressure, high-paying? position and move to the peaceful country-side.

  7. oh boy. i haven’t read all your archives, though i swear i have committed each to memory each one that i have read.

    i’m not sure if by “where i am today” you mean physically–out in the countryside, in australia, whatever.. or if you mean more conditionally–retired early.

    so i’m going to say that there was some incident that made you completely fed up with the corporate bullshit that prompted you to retire early and live the life of landed gentry that you are currently enjoying.

    that might not be the right answer, but you can go ahead and send me the prize anyway, since i tried so hard and i am, technically, a Blog Buddy.

  8. Ma & Pa Kettle?


  9. I’m always to late for these things. I was going to say the seat covers…other that that I don’t have a clue.

  10. abattoir?

  11. My guess is the seat covers.

  12. Well hell, now I’m going to have to spend the whole day reading all your old posts so I can try to figure out what the Hell you are talking about!!

  13. being sent to live with your grandparents?

  14. Was it the day you accidentally staple gunned your finger to your gear shift?

    Or am I thinking of someone else?

  15. As adorable as you and the gang are….. I bet it has something to do with Mrs. Willowtree wantin her “space” back, so she sent you and the boys packin’.

    Or was it that two-timing tramp “M” that sent you into the wilderness?

    Just taking a wild guess. I sometimes envy Mrs. Willowtree……I’d love it if my DH just came for “visits”. He’d do his thing….I’d do mine….yeh…no time to get on each others nerves….happy happy…

  16. Two of my guesses have already been taken – (carseats and grandparents)

    I’m going to suggest when you got electrocuted.

  17. I take that back – since getting almost electrocuted was actually a pretty BIG thing…not a small thing.

    Instead – I’m going to say that one time when you were smoking the weed in Thailand. (which time you ask? Um…any time).

  18. Clever in so many ways!

  19. Nope, no idea … none of the things I’ve read about (falling off ladders and crashing cars etc) qualify as “the smallest of things” where I come from. So I think I’ll just come back tomorrow for enlightenment!

  20. hmmmmmm….weed in Thailand??? Have we met in a prior life?

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