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Effective cause

The seat covers were the instrument for meeting the future Mrs Willowtree, but none of that would have been possible were it not for a seemingly insignificant event that happened when I was around ten years old. Like most early childhood memories, this one is crystal clear for the thirty or so seconds surrounding it, but blurry on much of the periphery. For instance I don’t remember the lady’s name, nor do I remember how often I walked to the bus stop with her, though I don’t think it was very many times.

What we were talking about is a mystery, why we were talking about it, ditto. But one sentence, more of a phrase than a sentence really, shone like a beacon then as it does now. For some reason this middle aged woman remarked "I’ve been around the world" to a ten year old boy, and it had a profound effect on my life.

Prior to this I had no interest in Geography, as a matter of fact, my interested the subject remained exactly the same after she uttered those momentous words. When it came time to choose my elective subjects, I chose French and Art and therefore didn’t study Geography at all. Somehow there was a disconnect between what she said and the fact that it had to do with countries. Nevertheless, at ten years old, I decided that one day, I too would go around the world.

All of which, I guess, means that Molly wins a prize, and a good thing too if you ask me; as far as I’m concerned you just can’t own too many Aussie flags!

Here’s the strange part, this was entirely unplanned. I hadn’t made an appearance in words for a while, and frankly didn’t have the motivation, so I wrote a paragraph hoping no-one would notice what a slacker I’ve been. But just like in the story, small events can have significant outcomes, and I’ve decided to write about my first trip around the world (yes, I ended up doing it more than once).

So stay tuned for Willows Big Circumcision, I think that should be Circumnavigation.

PS. I’m not sure how many parts there will be (as you know I don’t outline, I just write), so if you can’t be bothered waiting and reading and waiting, just checkout Molly’s comment in the previous post for the Cliff Notes.


15 Responses

  1. I guess I’ll be more careful about what I say to small children now!

    I look forward to reading your story, sir.

  2. “Willows Big Circumcision”
    Can’t wait for that story 😉

  3. Waiting with baited breath.

  4. I’m glad that lady didn’t follow up her “I’ve been around the world” with “and I can’t find my baby”

  5. Ahem – I was awfully close, wasn’t I? I mean – I did mention Thailand.

  6. Goodness, that was very sharp of Molly!

    Like everyone, I can’t wait for the first installment of Wround the World With Willowtwee.

  7. Good one Melissa! I was thinking Where in the World is Willowtree? I like your title better!!

    Looking forward to it WT.

    Congrats Molly!!

  8. How lucky were you to have someone light such a fire? I’m looking forward to reading your first installment.

  9. I’ll never be able to fall asleep now! Can’t wait to read Part I!

    My own 10 yr old boy and I have many great trips planned. 😉 We spent our waiting time in the ER tonight watching the Travel Channel together.

  10. Take as long as you need. This should be good…

  11. I hate serial posts….I prefer instant gratification. I want it all right now dammit!!

  12. I bet this will be interesting.

  13. Yay, I win… now, if I could just get more than 2 right on Sunday’s Australia trivia contests. Unlike you, I do not get out much. I am looking forward to the serial about your circumnavigation.

    The rest of us can live vicariously through your adventures.

  14. that’s how the best stories start, you know.

  15. Love it. Still haven’t done the big circumnabulation, but I think my time is coming. Meanwhile, I’ll read about yours and day dream…

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