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Beau could be famous

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


19 Responses

  1. FIRST!

    So did you submit this to icanhascheezburger?

  2. My what big teeth you have!

  3. yeeeoooowzer.
    Have you ever stuck your finger in the mouth of a yawning cat?

  4. that was a yawn, right? not really an “i am going to bite you and claw you to shreds”?

    i have a picture of riley in mid-yawn, too, that is so ferocious i used it to scare my nephew.

  5. Damn.

    Has that cat hat its shots?

  6. Way cool!

  7. Houked on fonics wurked 4 me.
    Cute cat.

  8. My gosh, Beau has grown since the little kitty picture in your sidebar! Great job.

  9. That cat wants cheeseburger! And no walrus in sight heh heh

    Mal 🙂

  10. you appear to have rendered us speechless, WT

  11. That is one ferocious looking kitty. I hope YOU have had your shots.

  12. Hi WT, cute kitty! and which one of your pets would this be? I would not mess with this kitty – ever! She’s the boss.

  13. could be famous? I thought he already was famous??

  14. I’m with Claudia ~ he’s already got fame by virtue of being part of the Posse. But can a cat ever be too famous?

  15. It is as good as any on that cheezeburger site.

  16. OK, OK…I’m tired of lookin’ at this cat. It scares me. Let’s see my buddy, Buddy.

  17. Dang – now I have to go check out LOLCATS, and I have laundry that won’t get done b/c of my addiction.

    You’re an ENABLER!

  18. It never ceases to amaze me that people don’t even read photo posts…!


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