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Celebrity Look alikes



19 Responses

  1. I didn’t miss too much while I was away then!!!

  2. Oh my!! 😀

  3. Hey…?!? Where’d you get that photo of ME from…?!? [kidding]

    Mal 🙂

  4. Ummm, does this guy realize he’s being compared to big Pete???

  5. I’ve always wanted to look like Marge from The Simpsons.

  6. You should get Buddy up there and compare him to a celebrity. (Well all your animals, truly)
    I know he looks like Edward G. Robinson – but I doubt any of the younger set would recognize him.

  7. Oh hell, that made me snort!

  8. Buddy Looks like Edward G. Robinson? no – I think he looks a bit more like Peter Lorre.

  9. The cartoon looks familiar…but the other guy? Never seen him.

  10. Peter, Peter, my how we’ve expanded! That’s a very good impression.

  11. Cool, very cool.

  12. I hesitate to admit that I paid that close of attention to this pic, but does the guy who’s not Peter know that he wet himself?

    Just checking.

  13. Oh wow.

    If his wife is as hot as Lois, I’m gonna punch him in his face.

  14. I don’t get that whole Lois thing either, she gets me all hot and bothered.

  15. Um, I don’t recognize either one of them. Is that bad?

    What is that on the real dude’s wrist?

  16. Watch out for Lois…she’s a thief!!

  17. How did you get such a good picture of Mark? He never lets his photo loose on the interwebs. *ducks to hide from a Canadian attack*

  18. I’m getting in my car right now to drive to California. That comment will be avenged. See you in the morning, Melissa.

  19. Yes…sometimes you see exaggerations on comics and then you see someone like it in real life. Scary!!

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