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Not another pet clip?!

I’m beginning to notice a trend here…a) they dogs have already done all the really good stuff by the time I finally get the camera, b) my filming technique holds little chance of winning an Oscar for cinematography, and c) I don’t have a video camera or any editing software so it’s pretty rough. That last point wasn’t a trend, it was a fact.

I was trying to show you how much faster Belle is than the other guys, she just toys with them. Normally she just bounces along like Pepe Le Peu* until they get within a foot or so, then she starts running. She could probably lap them them if they didn’t take a shortcut under the house to try and head her off!

So here it is, the quality is lousy, the action has mostly already passed and it might make you dizzy, but if you don’t have dogs of your own you may find it amusing…


* that is the most searched phrase on my blog, I have never checked the google searches and not found at least 3 searches for Pepe le Peu!