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Not another pet clip?!

I’m beginning to notice a trend here…a) they dogs have already done all the really good stuff by the time I finally get the camera, b) my filming technique holds little chance of winning an Oscar for cinematography, and c) I don’t have a video camera or any editing software so it’s pretty rough. That last point wasn’t a trend, it was a fact.

I was trying to show you how much faster Belle is than the other guys, she just toys with them. Normally she just bounces along like Pepe Le Peu* until they get within a foot or so, then she starts running. She could probably lap them them if they didn’t take a shortcut under the house to try and head her off!

So here it is, the quality is lousy, the action has mostly already passed and it might make you dizzy, but if you don’t have dogs of your own you may find it amusing…


* that is the most searched phrase on my blog, I have never checked the google searches and not found at least 3 searches for Pepe le Peu!


33 Responses

  1. I love it! I wish I could let my dog out to run like that. She would just love it. And I don’t see a thing wrong with your filming prowess. I especially liked the sound of the birds and crickets in the background.

  2. hahah!! She is such a girl, driving the boys mad.

  3. 1. Your dogs are adorable.

    2. You are dead to me.

    3. But also very funny.

  4. this made me laugh. buddy’s not much of an athlete, is he?

  5. Gawilli – How come you can’t let your dog out?

    Claudia – Yep she sure is, or was.

    Jenny – 1. Yes they are. 2. No I’m not, I simply refuse to wear deodorant, that may be what’s confusing you. 3. Agreed.

    Laurie – He used to keep up with Bentley (or rather Bentley would let him keep up), but since Belle got old enough to run, Buddy gets left behind. Now he’s at the ‘why bother?’ stage.
    Belle and Bentley go adventuring for hours at a time, Buddy is back within 10 minutes.

  6. LOL, that cheered me right up! What fun they are having!

    (Wish my guys played that nicely with each other outside! I sent them all to bed at 7pm after their damn fighting and screaming out in the yard.)

    Sunshine and green grass! What a lucky bloke you are!

    Enjoyed listening to the Australian accent in the background, too.

  7. P.S. I don’t wear deodorant, either.

  8. Very cute. Reminds me of my guys. The poor old girl gets left behind but she just lays in wait and nails the other two as they come past.

  9. Well…the other two dogs a just a little bit porkier than Belle. Shorter legs don’t help. But, having three dogs around here too…I appreciate the playfulness of your three.

  10. The quality was just fine…..the dogs were havin’ a blast!! I love your pet clips!! And yeah, the sounds in the background really made the clip!

  11. Ah now that was fun … they must love that bit of space under the house to fossick in and take shortcuts and stuff.

    I think that was a “Home and Away” episode that I missed, playing in the background. I’m caught up now.

  12. Your dogs are great- they look like they could have kept up this game for a while. My Duke has a track he made up and down our fence line where he runs barking ferociously at the squirrel on the lines above his head. The squirrel always stops to scold and tease him. One day he’ll catch that furry rat. I can’t imagine a life without such an entertaining character (duke, not the squirrel).

  13. That clip made me smile broadly:) – thanks:)!

    I’m living how Bentley came out from under the house and waited for Belle, lol…then Buddy…and Belle is already in the yard behind them. he he he

    I guess you don’t have to walk your dogs since they keep themselves exercised in your yard!

    The quality of the video wasn’t bad.

  14. That’s funny about Pepe Le Peu because your blog did not come up in the first 30 pages of search results. I only found it when I typed in Pepe Le Peu/Willowtree. I did, however, learn that Johnny Depp modeled his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow after Pepe Le Peu and Keith Richards. (Reeeaaallly? I do not like to think about Johnny Depp and Keith Richards in the same sentence. Ever. Shudder.)

    Maybe I will go to videoing the animals. I tried to video Danny the other day and then post the video to my blog, but he forbade me to use it. He wasn’t even doing anything embarrassing, just walking outside. He finally said I could post it–in such a way that I would feel truly guilty if I did. Bah!

  15. Loved that bit at the end where Bentley comes out from under the house and goes “wha? Where’d she go??”. Well, actually, I loved the whole thing.

    And it looks like you’re having a nice summer there. Pardon me if I hate you for a while.

  16. I learned more from that clip than you imagined.
    Besides the dog fun I became aware that:
    1. Your house doesn’t have a solid foundation.
    Is there a preference for that and why? I’m just curious.

    2. The accents on the TV (radio?) are not nearly as pronounced as I expected.
    I know that the national news hosts really all try to sound alike – and drop any nuances that would identify them as southern, northern, texan etc. Is that the same in AU?

    4. The grass is much greener this year.

    (what happened to #3)

  17. 1. I would have an allergy attack with all those trees around me.

    2. I want another dog.

    3. Pamela, I found number three. It’s right here.

  18. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice, so that I could enjoy the summer sunshine as well as gang!

  19. oops missed out a word ‘the gang’

  20. I love the look on Bently’s face when they come out from underneath the house: “Like… where did everyone go…?!?” hahahahaa.

    Hope you’re all going OK with this warmer weather this week.

    Mal 🙂

  21. Cali has to be on a leash. We don’t have a fence and she loves to run. We have a cop across the street who downed a dog last summer because he felt threatened. I won’t take that chance. Sad.

  22. Cali has to be on a leash. We don’t have a fence and she loves to run. We have a cop across the street who downed a dog last summer because he felt threatened. I won’t take that chance. Sad.

  23. Very cute! Bella would love to join in on that game. Our yard is not big enough for her to run like that.

  24. willow, just because she doesn’t her her girlie dog parts anymore doesn’t mean she’s still not a she!! 🙂

  25. hmm, some people spend multi-millions on HDV .. and nobody takes much notice, curious. Must have something to do with care and content .. heh.

  26. hmm, some people spend multi-millions on HDV .. and nobody takes much notice, curious. Must have something to do with care and content .. heh.

  27. hmm, keep that up and might get paranoid about stuttering.

  28. Of all the accents on earth, Australian sounds the best to me.

  29. WT, I haven’t visited your blog in quite a while (I miss your Fun Monday posts), but I wanted to let you know that I was trying to do that photo-switcheroo trick thing, and remembered you had posted a tutorial a while back, so I came back for it and I think I managed to pull it off (though, I’m not entirely sure yet). But anyway, wanted to say thanks. 😉

  30. wish Jake had someone to romp with here at home. Not enough to get another dog, mind, but still…

    his specialty is a combination of speed and agility – he’s pretty fast given how short his legs are, but when a dog is about to outrun him he just doubles back leaving the other guy flailing to re-orient himself.

  31. I just love how Belle is so much BIGGER than the other two!

    As for editing software… I never acquired any on purpose, but somehow, Windows Movie Maker is just part of my PC. It’s not the most stellar, but it works for me. DH somehow acquired an editing program by Adobe- I haven’t tried it yet, looks too intimidating.

    Ulead.com might still have a free trial download of one of their many programs- they come highly recommended by an idiot non-friend I used to know.

  32. Another great video! But I did a double take on the dogs running under the house like that. I don’t want to be nosey but is there a reason for having the house up like that. And I thought I heard a bird. Do you own birds in amongst all those dogs and cats? Ok nevermind. These definitely make me sound like I’m nosey.

  33. Now that was just too awesome for your first attempt!

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