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To answer your question

A few people asked if Beau and Belle still play with each other now that they’re grown up. The short answer is "Yes, every day", the longer answer can be seen by viewing more recent footage of them…

I think I got the names right this time


25 Responses

  1. The tragic love story of Beaumeo and Belliet!! LOL!! And uh, “directed” by Willowtree?? How much direction did you give (and you call Buddy the perv!!haha…)

  2. Buddy looks like he was presiding over the filming and dying to get in on the act maybe~ a perv never!!

  3. BRILLIANT! I’m very impressed with the nouveau-style pet clips, complete with audio and subtitles and stuff.

  4. Words escape me…I wonder what happens when you leave? You may need a doggie cam.

  5. ok, that’s adorable. i love belle. but you knew that.

    is buddy a montague, or a capulet?

    and i’m pretty sure shakespeare never wrote the line, “what are you looking at, asshole?” but it’s been a few years since i read that play, so i could be wrong.

  6. Perfect timing with the “families disapprove”. Bentley was shaking his head. ha ha

    I can hear Belle now – “Thous art like tuna in the morning”.

    What happens in you give Beau some catnip? Will Belle be able to handle that?

  7. Fantastic clip! And was that ecstasy I saw at the end there?

  8. Hilarious!I enjoyed the commentary during the clip. I wouldn’t even know how to get all those fancy words on a video clip.

  9. Oh God I love them. Please give us a video every day, please, please, please :-). Also I love that song and I met Steve too many years ago to say, but I was in my late teens :-).

  10. what was with bentley on the floor and buddy on the bed… were they there because of you? Or do they both enjoy just being on the sidelines of the two playful kids?

    And adding to Karmyn’s quotes
    Belliette: “Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.”
    Beaumeo: “Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.”
    Bentleyvolio: “No that was my toenails, cuz WT hasn’t trimmed ’em recenlty.”

  11. Very cute! Enjoyed it!

    Until seeing your pets, I didn’t know cats would wrestle around with dogs like that.

  12. Yes, the shaking of the head and the subtitle was no coincidence.

    Kila – Chewie and Bentley used to wrestle all the time too. Sadly, Chewie died mysteriously when he was just over a year old.

  13. “What are you looking at, asshole?” OMG I just about died laughing…and woke up the dog under my desk….at the look Beau was giving Buddy. LOVE these videos!!

  14. OMG…I love it!!! that is too cute! I especially love the look on Buddy’s face – priceless!!

  15. I can’t wait for the tragic ending in the next version. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud and wake Mr. Pi. We’re thinking of getting a dog, but were afraid they wouldn’t get along. Apparently that’s not the case! Loved the whole thing!

  16. This is totally soft-core animal porn.

  17. That just might be cuter than when they were babies.

  18. I wonder if my dad would have like your pet porn? hmm…

  19. I think they are cute Peter! Thank you!

  20. Chewie? I don’t recall hearing about Chewie. (Bentley must have been pretty sad when his pal died, poor guy.) I hope you’ll introduce us to Chewie.

    Since you’re on B’s now, did you work your way backwards through the alphabet?

  21. So cute! and I like the migration of the dingo in your header!

  22. That was very creative film work WT. I laughed so loud at the asshole bit that Gameboy came running to see what was so funny! I told him and he just shook his head in disgust! Oh well I thought it was funny! (Apparently blogging is a big waste of time, I should be playing Runescape or Starcraft and making better use of my computer!)

  23. Priceless. Lookie at what I have been missing. Love that song.

  24. Great video! I especially like the “what are you looking at a-hole” part. Hilarious!

  25. Made me smile…

    I needed that…


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