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Something a little more current.

I’m pleased that a few of you have found my old travel stories interesting (the emphasis being on old), however it occurred to me that you may like to read something a little more current. If you think that you’d enjoy reading about exotic travel as it’s actually happening, why not visit my friends Mau and Evenstar at the Dreaming Track, you won’t regret it.

So that this post isn’t a complete disappointment, I offer you this…Please click me.

Update: I just found this, it’s fun!


22 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link(s)! The Dreaming Track looks like something I could get lost in in. And it’s nice to laugh about politics. I chose fangs.

  2. That last link was fun. I don’t think I can eat my breakfast now, but it was fun. I’m going to try the cat and toast thing later. I have enough cats, but I’m not sure I have enough bread. And I’ll be checking that other link, but off to the trivia game first:o)

  3. I went to the Dreaming Track and got homesick. I’d rather just stay at home and play with Hillary.

  4. Do they have room for one more at The Dreaming Track? I want to go…

  5. Willow, thanks for that link-wonderful site-I’ll definitely be visiting and catching up on everything.

  6. 1) The cat spinning made me dizzy.
    2) I can’t read anything with a black background.
    3) The Hillary thing made me spew my “coff-oh”
    ‘oht’ my noshe.
    4) Why am I not one of your blog buddies anymore?
    5) Why am I not on your side bar except to announce to everyone I don’t know how to do a blogroll? I used to have Blogging Chicks up there, but I thought it was causing problems.
    6) Why do I feel so useless and unimportant?
    7) Why…or forget it. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

  7. The cat one was funny, the other one was a bit scary, well the face I made was. Now Im off to check out the Dreaming Track..Have a nice day!

  8. Thank you for that :-).

  9. Nice fun links, thanks! I have to say one can never tell around here, so I was quaking in my boots as I did the “Please click me” one … But I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

  10. Hysterical, on both counts!
    I’d forgotten about that cat thing…

  11. You are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great links!

  12. Yet another fun set of links from the master… oh my master WT! heh heh

    Hope you’re getting some of this longed-for rain at the moment too.

    Mal 🙂

  13. I had great fun playing with HC’s face~ I thought the fangs and piercings rather suited her!

  14. Antigravity cat confirmed my suspicion that cats are little aliens in cat suits.

    I found Hillary the best with the reptile eyes. Good find!

    Will delve into the other site later today. Took a quick peek and it looks wonderful for armchair traveling.

  15. I just came back to say I am going to enjoy ‘the dreaming track’ ~ are you trying to make me spend even more time on the computer!

  16. That hillbilly link was fab. My kids and I just spend the last few minutes constructing hill’s pierced face.

  17. I actually have the same lapel pin that Hillary has.

  18. Thanks, WT. Anti-gravity has now been explained so that I can understand it.

  19. Feeling a little dizzy.

    I’ll go with link #1.

    I missed you while being off-line! Can’t wait to see what you have in store from the last few days…

  20. You are definitely getting better with Photoshop.

  21. Loved the toasty cat! Fun link on the travelers. Ahhh to be able to pack up and roam like that…

  22. Hey WT! A big thank you for that. I hope we can live up to it mate – you’re a hard act to follow 😉 All the best from D’n’A

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