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I don’t even have a title.

WT awoke with feelings of anxiety so palpable that his chest was being crushed…hang on a tick…sorry, that was just one of the dogs trying to wake him up, never mind. Alas and alack, even though he wasn’t having an anxiety attack as he first thought, he was still engulfed in a sense of dread. The relationship had been on shaky grounds for some time now, and the atmosphere was not healthy, in fact it was downright toxic…nope, that would be the dogs again. Anyway, things just weren’t right.

To try to get a sense of where it all went wrong, we need to go back to the beginning. It started out much like any relationship, with much uncertainty and a few tentative attempts at finding out what each other was about, followed by a bit of story telling and some photo sharing. As they became more confident with each other they began making new friends as a pair. And make no mistake, WT was thrilled to be part of such a dynamic couple, he revelled in the new activities he could join in now that he finally fit in, not to mention all the new friends he was making.

Like most new romances it was all excitement and anticipation in the beginning; WT constantly thought about TD when they weren’t together and he couldn’t wait until they hooked up and immersed themselves in the scene. Things escalated rapidly from there, to the point where they were the toast of the town, and WT (normally a loner) was constantly high on the adrenaline buzz that he got from all the new-found friendships they had made.

Everything rolled along brilliantly for about a year and a half, when without any warning whatsoever, things seemed to change. There was no longer the high anticipation of the encounter, and WT found it hard to even come up with anything to say. They just seemed to drift apart. And just as in the wild, when the pack  senses that one of them is wounded and leaves it behind, their friends began to visit less frequently until in the end all that was left was a few long term loyal supporters (and some close friends who never visit, cough Marnie, Melissa, Mark cough).

WT and TD did their best to keep up appearances fro a few months, but despite their best efforts they seemed unable to inject any life into the relationship. And so it was that after much soul searching WT and the Dingo finally decided it was time to seek blog counselling.

Feel free to offer advice.


35 Responses

  1. Although you may have been having problems, TD is looking particularly snazzy with the new makeover.

    Advice? I think you[re overthinking it. Relationships ebb and flow – sometimes, you’re on fire, sometimes you coast a little. And if you think too much about it during the latter, you can persuade yourself that all is lost. If things have changed, maybe it’s the comfortable settling in that comes after the intensity of a new relationship. Or maybe you’re done like dinner, ready to dump TD’s arse and move on – what the hell do I know.

    From a completely selfish place, I hope you stick around, even if it’s not the throes of new love.

  2. Love your new look! (Reminds me of an old look.) Did you and Ree plan to come out with new looks on the same day? 😉

    Hey, the only reason I visited less frequently lately is because of computer problems. But I think you knew that.

    You’re my favorite blog, the one I always check first when I go online.

    You don’t have to be brilliant all the time (though I know it usually comes effortlessly), or post every day. I’ve enjoyed most everything you’ve ever posted. Even a simple doggy photo is fine with me. I hope you remain part of the blogosphere. I think you’re pretty special, and I’m not even your mother!

  3. Oh, good grief. That last one was from me.

  4. It’s your blog, it’s your life. You don’t ever need to feel you need to explain the whys and wherefores of your blogging yay or nay, matey. We still love you, no matter what you say or don’t say.

    Of course we’re gonna miss seeing you online. But life is a journey, and life goes on for all of us.

    Oh, buggar all this philosophical bull$#it! So long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing, matey, that’s all that counts.

    If I’m up that way again, I may drop you an email and see if I can drop in for a cuppa, perhaps? No worries.

    Mal 🙂

  5. you could watch more tv. that’ll give you plenty to bitch about!! 🙂
    Seriously, though, I have no clue, although it’s got to be pretty hard to write with a dog laying on you-especially if the dog farts.

  6. You want advice? Suck it up sissy-boy and quit whining.

  7. The excitement waned when Marnie left you for Dakota…(I think I spelled that wrong).

    Or maybe things tanked when you left OUAB…;)

    Things look very vintage, btw….

  8. You sound kind of like you’re in the dumps….we all get there sometimes…have yourself some Margaritas or just go away for a quick vaca…whatever floats your boat! You have many fans…doesn’t even matter what you post about…we all love you!

  9. I like the new colors and the little saying at the top. I love reading your blog, but I’m not going to beg people to blog any more. I figure people have their reasons when they aren’t posting regularly. I hope it’s because they’re too busy having fun in the real world. However, if you *want* to blog and just can’t come up with what to write, I like your travel stories best. Maybe you need to take a little trip for more blog material?

    Totally off topic, but I saw a commercial the other night that reminded me of you. It looked like something you would think of and it made me laugh. Two sandwiches are sitting on the beach. A bottle of French’s spicy mustard walks by looking all buff and the girl sandwich is checking him out and making some comment about how hot and spicy he is or something. Are you in the ad biz?

  10. I think everyone feels like that sometimes.

    I visit everyday. Most days. I mean when I don’t visit you – I haven’t visited any blog, but that’s because I got busy.

    Just blog when you feel like it. It’ll show up on the feeds. We won’t miss it! But if you totally stop blogging? We will miss you!!

  11. Try a good night’s sleep–without the possibility that the dog will be sitting on your chest to awaken you with the holy s&!t I think I’m dying moment. It may help.

    I’ll miss the last banner but like your new one very much. It made me laugh. It seems you’re trying to keep it fresh and thats half the battle. The trying. New paint. It’s like pretty lingerie as a spark.

  12. A big thanks to everyone for your kind words (except Mark, he’s an asshole, but damn funny one!), I wasn’t really looking for sympathy, as a few of you have pointed out that this situation just a fact of blogging life, and I agree. I just felt like writing it down.

    Lene and Kila – Thanks, WT bought me the new outfit [TD].

    Mal – It’s not that I’m unhappy, it’s more like I’m unmotivated and uninspired. Sure just let me know in advance.

    Claudia – The dogs are only a problem on the bed, the cat is the problem at the keyboard, and he farts too.

    Mark – Fuckyou for your kind words.

    Robin – I don’t like to talk about the Daktokan, or his brazen Canuck hussy.

    Jeanne – Hmmmm alcohol, good idea.

    Jenni – Holy shit! I must have caught you in a tender moment. I agree with you about the whole ‘begging people to blog’ thing, it’s pointless.

    TLG – I know that you have been up to your arse in problems, I don’t expect to see much of you until things sort themselves out.

    Rudee – Hmmm women’s lingerie, that’s not a bad idea either….

  13. I love the header with the dingo actually part of the picture!!
    I agree with the whole “blog when you feel like it” thing … don’t force yourself, because then you’ll really hate it!
    I’m also not fussy 🙂 Happy with a Posse Pic or one of your photoshopped kitchen utensils or whatever!

  14. Asking me for advice on this right now is like going to a marriage counselor who is on his fifth wife. I’m going to hang in there a little longer. Hope you do too.

  15. Blog Depression. It’s real. I get it all the time. Then I quit and then a week later I’m back strong. Take a break. We’ll be here when you come back.

    PS. If you quit the terrorists win.

  16. Have you watched King of the Hill before? I don’t know why but I imagine Dale Gribble speaking some of the things you say. I hope that doesn’t offend you. ‘Cause I like you. I hope Snoopy doesn’t burn himself with that cig.

  17. Sounds like “spring fever” but isn’t spring there, is it?

    Altaglow’s SOP is burn some bucks at the book store, the music shop, the chocolate seller and the liquor purveyor. Voila, things are better!!

    Love the new look!

  18. The honeymoon is over – it sucks. I am in the same spot, but not nearly as wildly popular as you are.

    Don’t make any harsh decisions – just keep on blogging when the mood hits.

    That was my two bits.

  19. been there, there now actually. for enidd, it started going bad when real world people read her blog and she couldn’t say all she wanted to say. recently there’s been masses she couldn’t blog about till now – the man losing his job, her suspected cancer – but if you can’t blog about stuff like that, you don’t feel like blogging about creme eggs all the time. same for you? or something else entirely?

  20. I have to say that the way you wrote about this topic was extremely brilliant. It was a new twist to “I don’t know if I want to blog anymore.” I loved it and I LOVE reading what you type, or watching videos, or just looking at photos.

    Do what you need to do for you. I will miss you terribly if you shut it down.I will understand, and love you anyway! I have been going through some of the same things, just like Beckie the honeymoon is over for me, I am slowing down, trying to find more balance…but I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I have “met” a ton of fantastic people, I love learning new things, the support and sense of family is something I don’t want to loose.

    BTW, I LOVE what you have done with the place!!

  21. I love the new look. I enjoy reading your blog, and I usually comment. I hope you keep writing. I’d miss you if you were gone.

  22. Peter – Piss off, you old hag.

    Just remember, you complained about my not visiting.

  23. Of course I don’t want you to quit – because if you quit then it gives me permission to do so, too.
    (Let that be your guilt trip for today bwah!)

    I believe it is the cycle of blogging.
    Like everything else it has its highs and lows. I’m trying very much not to let the lows get the higher ground.

  24. I am just happy to sit at the feet of the master and read any crumbs you you care to splutter out.
    I would starve if you gave up!! Actually that might be a good thing I might loose weight!

    Just blog when you feel like it~ better a little than never~ quality not quantity~ I think you get my message!

  25. That was a nice piece of writing, albeit a little sad. It seems to be in the air though…lots of people feeling the same way. You have more stay power than me, I felt that way after about six months. I think we all need to get outside more….you know in the fresh air.

    So how is the weather up your way? After a long stretch of heat it has been quite cold the last few days on the coast. I heard in passing the TV (not that I take much notice of it) that it has been snowing in places. Last I heard it was only the beginning of Autumn!

  26. Do what I did and completely disappear. It makes everyone crazy and you feel so loved for about a week while they email you in hysterics. Then they totally forget about you, but you get more things done around the house. Like organizing your photos! My photos are organized! What fun.


  28. I’ve been on vacation.

    How can I give advice when I need counseling of my own?

  29. I hope you don’t disappear. I would miss you and all of your commenters. Having said that, I agree with everyone else. Just post something when you feel like it. We’ll know it from our feeds and we will return just like the swallows to Capistrano.

    Love your new look and your new witticism? made my hubby laugh out loud!

  30. Peter haz cheeseburger?

  31. I want to hear more about your travels as a tourist so get cracking on The dingo’s guide to bumming yor way around the world on two bucks’, or summat like that.

    You’d be missed if you left town.

  32. it’s odd, isn’t it? the same thing has happened to me, especially long term visitors (cough, WT) stopped showing up.

    my visitors have dropped from more than 200 a day to about 80, in the last two weeks.

    i think it’s the season. and the realization that there’s a lot of stuff to do out there that doesn’t involve the computer.

    i would not like you to stop posting because i think you’re hilarious and smart. but posting only occasionally, when you have a good story to tell, would be fine with me.

    that’s what i’m trying to do, myself.

  33. WT my own blog has been dragging. I rarely post (uninspired) and lately have little time to read. That’s life. It’ll come back around. Or it won’t. Whatever. I miss everyone though.

  34. I had something all written out and just erased it because I suck at stuff like this. But I hope you’re feeling better about the whole thing and keep on blogging. I for one love coming over here and visiting all the time.

  35. Um, checking in, here…

    Yeah, I’m absolutely reading your mail (so to speak). A lot of “relationships” go through stages like that.

    So, I’m drinking to your health and the health of your “relationships”.

    I so dig you, man.

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